The Underrated: Gangstarr- Moment of Truth

1. You Know My Steez
2. Robbin Hood Theory 
3. Work
4. Royalty
5. Above The Clouds
6. JFK 2 LAX 
7. Itz A Set Up 
8. Moment of Truth 
9. B.I. vs Friendship 
10. The Militia 
11. The Rep Grows Bigga
12. What I'm Here For
13. She Knowz What She Wantz
14. New York Strait Talk
15. My Advice 2 You
16. Make Em Pay 
17. The Mall 
18. Betrayal 
19. Next Time 
20. In Memory Of....

As we end off DAR Classic Hip Hop Week, we had to throw in a DJ Premier related topic. Premo is one of the greatest producers ever and his legacy is solidified without a doubt. With Gangstarr, Premo connected with the gifted MC Guru to create nothing but amazing music. Today, we reflect on their 1998 classic Moment of Truth. Let's get into it.

This is an unbiased review as I've only heard this album a couple of times, so let's get to it. Gang Starr's Moment of Truth is a great album. Right from the get-go you can just vibe to the shit. I didn't know what I was about to listen to, as I never listened to Guru before and right away I was hooked to the beats, the flow, the production, everything is just fantastic. The sound is extremely diverse, ranging from the spacey feel in "Betrayal", the aggressive sounding in "The Militia" and smooth piano centered "What I'm Here 4". The instrumentals all sound different and Guru does excellent with his flow and delivery on all the different sounds. On just about every song, he gives an excellent performance rapping in a monotone style. The features on this album goes so well with Guru, and "Above the Clouds" has to be one of my favorite songs on the album. Guru and Inspectah Deck worked so well together on this song and it had a dope beat that they flowed just amazing to. "You Know My Steez" is my favorite on the album, because I had no idea what to expect and this set it off perfectly. I recommend this album to anyone who enjoys 90s rap music, I rate this album 10/10. RIP Guru.

Gang Starr. Moment of Truth. One of the most underrated albums of all time. Before I begin, rest in power Guru. Now, let's begin. Gang Starr at the time wasn't extremely popular and didn't receive as much attention as they should. The production received an upgrade on this album, with some of DJ Premier's finest work. Guru spits some of his best verses ever, focusing more on social issues on this album. It has great features, from artists such as Inspectah Deck, etc. Overall, it is the complete album Gang Starr has in their catalog. It did well commercially, going gold. The best tracks on this album IMO are "You Know My Steez" & "Above The Clouds". Great album.

Gang Starr's Moment of Truth is truly one of my favorite albums, not only for the greatness that is the title track, but for the lyricism and the excellent production. While I feel as a jazz hip-hop album its reputation is great, I feel it doesn't get the recognition it deserves in general as one of the finest hip-hop releases ever. DJ Premier really switched up the sound on Moment of Truth to a more 'modern' and 'cleaner' sound than their previous releases and, along with Guru's ever-consistent 'King of Monotone' bars, they came up with what is, in my opinion, their best project. Tracks like "Moment of Truth", "You Know My Steez", "She Knowz What She Wantz" and "Above the Clouds" (which Inspectah Deck truly killed) are truly classic and underappreciated by too many.
Rest in peace to Guru, my favorite rapper.

Gangstarr is one of the most underrated duos in hip hop history to me. Their first string of albums were dope to me, especially Hard to Earn, but it was Moment of Truth that truly solidified their spot as a legendary force in hip hop. This album showcases Premier at his best, providing some of his best tracks since the Group Home days. Guru was never my favorite MC however, or in my top 10, but I've always respected his style and the way he infused jazz into hip hop. As an artist, that influenced me immensely, and as a fan it was greatness to my ears.

My favorite songs here are "You Know My Steez", "Above The Clouds" which Deck murdered, "Betrayal", "The Militia", and the title track. This album is a classic and there aren't any weak tracks in my opinion. It's nothing but dopeness and I still can play this with almost no skips nearly 18 years later.

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