DAR R&B Spotlight: Avant

By @_Oh_Bee 

When I first heard him sing "Separated", I thought R. Kelly was on the radio. But Avant has made his place known in the R&B industry. Since 2000, he's been singing love songs to reassure fans that male singers still exist. I, for one, have been disappointed that many crooners try to merge into the rap lane and vice versa. But Avant has been consistent with his craft.

His debut album, My Thoughts, was widely accepted. "Separated" took on a perspective that every adult has dealt with in regards to a break up. Things often take a turn for the worse when people go their separate ways and Avant wasn't afraid to put that in a song. He also covered René & Angela's hit "My First Love" with newcomer, KeKe Wyatt. There aren't many people who can do a classic song justice but their rendition was perfect.

Avant hit the studio again and released his second album, Ecstasy, in 2002. This time around, he stepped up his grown man game. Ecstasy was exactly that. He focused on sensuality and romanticism. "Makin Good Love" seemed to bring a certain spice back to the bedroom. This was a solid album. "Don't Say No, Just Say Yes" was just as enticing as the title suggests. Avant stayed in his lane and maintained consistency. R&B hasn't completely diminished and he was making sure of that.

Avant kept the love flowing in 2003 with his third album, Private Room. Old school male R&B singers were bold enough to beg for their women back. "Don't Take Your Love Away" was the perfect indication that real singers still cared about the music. Then again on "Read Your Mind", Avant seduced his listeners. Women across the globe were melting at the sound of his voice.

Director has to be my favorite album of his. I have a personal connection with this project. "Lie About Us" featuring Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls was about lovers who've had to keep their relationship a secret. I can't say everyone has been there but a lot of people can relate. Then Avant showed his desperate side on "4 Minutes". Again, he was doing everything in his power to get his girl back in his life. I appreciate him for going in a direction not many other artists go.

Avant's last few albums haven't gotten as much attention as his previous ones have. His song "When It Hurts" pulls on the heartstrings of women. He's asking if the love will still be there when things aren't easy. That's something we all have to face in relationships. Avant's made such an impact that we know his voice on the radio now. He gives me hope for R&B and real singers. Avant doesn't try to follow trends. He thrives on songs about love and intimacy. In my opinion, the game needs more of that.



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