DAR Sports: NFL Super Bowl 50 Predictions

Super Bowl 50: 
Denver Broncos vs Carolina Panthers

We've arrived at the last NFL game of the season. The final chapter in the 2015-2016 NFL saga and this game could not be any bigger. The Denver Broncos, the no. 1 seed in the AFC takes on the no. 1 seed in the NFC, the Carolina Panthers. Peyton Manning, in his possible final NFL season, is back in the Super Bowl for the 4th time, after an up and down regular season that saw him miss most of the 2nd half with an injury. Despite an obvious decline this year, Peyton has remained the leader of the Broncos for most of the season and has managed to look pretty good in the playoffs. While he hasn't looked like the Peyton of old completely, he's shown signs of life after throwing a large number of interceptions and being pretty inaccurate during the regular season. With a renewed vigor in his step, Peyton helped the Broncos get beyond the Big Ben and the Steelers as well as Tom Brady and the Patriots. The Broncos made it here as the best team in the AFC and they deserve to be in the Super Bowl.

For the Carolina Panthers, this has been nothing short of the dream season for them. Finishing the regular season 15-1 to clinch the no. 1 seed in the conference as well as another division title, the Panthers have looked like the best NFL team all season. Dominance and efficient play willed them to the best record in the league this season, but another huge factor for the Panthers was the leadership of QB Cam Newton. Cam and his explosive offense ended up racking up the points and yards all season, and when the Panthers arrived to the playoffs, they'd look the best we had seen them. A dominant first half performance against the Seahawks got them beyond the divisional round, while the murdering of the Cardinals in the NFC Conference Championship got them to the Super Bowl. With the obvious MVP on their team in Cam, the Panthers earned it this year and deserve to be here as well. So, who wins it all in this epic Super Bowl showdown? Let's get into it.

Super Bowl 50 is here folks. Get excited to see Peyton Manning retire a 2x super bowl champion, because it's happening. I don't give a damn about the Panthers 15-1 record. Did you guys not learn from my very own New York Giants that you don't need 15 wins to win a super bowl? Sometimes, all you need is 9. (Super Bowl XLVI), plus, undefeated going into the Super Bowl obviously doesn't matter either. But I'm not here to reminisce over the good days of good Giants football, I'm here to talk about Super Bowl 50.

Yes. Cam Newton is a monster. I'm not gonna lie, at first I thought he was overrated, because early in this season his passing form was horrific, horribly inaccurate, and Colin Kaepernick had better stats at one point. But as I watched him grow, his form and throwing mechanics developed. You could see it late in the season. I truly believe he deserves MVP, especially after that bullshit drunk performance Carson Palmer had in the NFC championship game. Cam is unstoppable. But, here is why I think he will be stopped against Denver and this is simple: #1 defense in the league. Panthers have not faced a great defense like this(no disrespect to LOB, but it's not the same) and it just won't feel right if Peyton doesn't go out a winner. Cam still has years to go. Peyton's time is up.

It's the last game of the season and then 6 months with no football, the greatest sport on earth. On the bright side, baseball is coming up, and basketball will still be in progress.

Final Score:
Denver Broncos over Carolina Panthers 31-24.

Since most of the people I've said would do something have gotten their asses handed to them...I'm picking Peyton Manning and the Broncos for the win in a hope that Cam can actually get it done on some reverse psychology shit. Ideally, I see a back and forth affair between the two and Peyton getting some of his "aw shucks golly gee" on while Cam dabs and then runs up the score at the end to rub it in the face of those who said "this n-word is a 'thug'."

At least he'd be a "thug" with a title.

But, language semantics--and sarcasm--aside (there's a lengthy post over on SpeedontheBeat.com about my feelings regarding the "thug" label on Newton...)it's a toss-up. So, again, I'll go with Denver hoping that Carolina wrecks 'em.

This is game is interesting. I honestly think Denver might have a chance against them. I didn't have faith in them all year and look where they are, the Super Bowl. I was shocked they won against New England last week, and in fact, if they had went to overtime, I know New England would've won. Carolina wants that ring too much, and I don't think that Denver defense will be able to hold them. I have two outcomes for this game however, either another blowout by Carolina or Denver barely wins by 3.

This should be a great matchup. These two teams have elite defenses so I don't expect a high scoring game. Denver is not built like they were in 2014. They are more smash mouth defensively and shouldn't wilt like they did against Seattle. Contrary to what some believe, Peyton Manning should play well in what could be his last game. If you think about it, this Denver defense was built to stop Russell Wilson, so I don't think Cam can run as successful as he has in the regular season. With all that said, Cam Newton is having a tremendous year and I see the Carolina Panthers playing physical every play and making sure they don't blow a lead or the game itself. It could go either way, but I think Cam pulls it out in the end. I see him winning MVP of the season and SuperBowl MVP.

Winner: Panthers

We're finally at the big game and as if it needed anymore reason to be bigger, Peyton Manning has reportedly been telling people close to him that he is retiring after the game. I can only hope he has one more great one in him, because this should be one hell of a game. We have two of the best defenses in the league. The Broncos looked downright scary against the Patriots as Von Miller was eating Tom Brady's lunch at will and the Panthers looked just as good against the Cardinals as they forced Carson Palmer into a vintage Carson Palmer performance (seriously, screw that guy). Carolina's offensive line is better than New England's so I expect them to hold up a little better under that ridiculous Denver rush, but the same can't be said for the Broncos as I fully expect tons of pressure on Peyton, owing more to his lack of mobility and greatly decreased arm strength. I don't expect a repeat of Super Bowl 48 for Peyton, but he still doesn't go out on top. 35-21 Panthers and Cam dabs at the podium.

I'm torn on this game. The Broncos are my team. Peyton is my all time favorite Quarterback. However, Cam Newton has slowly become one of my favorite players over the years with his poise, his offense, and his skill. The Panthers are an amazing team, and after all the nonsense the media has thrown at Cam, I truly hope he dabs on the white media after a victory. There's a part of me that couldn't stand to see the brother come up short and see the media crucify him yet again. Cam has been ridiculed and called everything under the sun and for the Panthers to be in the Super Bowl on his leadership just proves them all wrong. That amount of drama that goes into this particular game is beautiful, as on the flipside, this is likely the last game for Peyton Manning. So, one of the greatest, if not THE greatest is retiring after one last big game and the only thing that stands in his way is the new elite QB, who is a surefire MVP for the season. The older dog having one last stand against the new, faster and aggressive dog. This story essentially writes itself. However, based on what I know these teams are capable of, I'll edge it to Carolina barely on a 17-14 victory capped off by a last minute field goal. Peyton unfortunately won go out on top, but Cam will begin a new road to excellence. A passing of the torch if you will.

What's your predictions? Post them below in the comments section.



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