DAR Sports: Lebron/Wade/Carmelo/CP3 Super Team?

Intro By @TrueGodImmortal 
-Lebron James is the most interesting figure in basketball. While he isn't always the most popular, he definitely is the most interesting. He's the greatest player in the world, though the years going by have him at risk of losing that title, and he's made headlines twice by building what was perceived to be a super team. With Miami, he teamed up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh for a big three with a solid supporting cast, and once he got back to Cleveland, he teamed up with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love for another proposed big 3 and a solid bench somewhat. Both of those teams were pretty formidable and the Cavs have stood out as the best team in the East since Bron came back, making the finals last year, while his time in Miami garnered him 2 championships. Bron seems unhappy in Cleveland, so he brought up the idea of wanting to team with Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony and once again with Wade to create yet another a super team. This would be the ultimate super team, right?

Well, not so fast. While chemistry on the court and off the court make for a big proponent here and could be a pivotal factor, these are all players who are 10 plus years in, and some would say out of their primes. Does this affect the power of this super team? One would suspect that Paul would play the 1, Wade plays the 2, Melo plays the 3 and Bron plays the 4, and they would need a solid center to complete the team. Once again, is Bron better suited to have aging players with him for a last hurrah or is he smarter to gather some younger stars who could help grow the team in the future for another possible dynasty? That becomes another issue in this scenario. Would that team be able to handle the power of Golden State or San Antonio at 100%? Would egos eventually start to come in for the Brotherhood? Today, we gathered the team to discuss this concept and what it could mean going forward.

I'm not going to lie. I thought about what LeBron said when he said he wanted to form a team with Wade, Carmelo, and Paul. I mean if you thought what Wade, Bron, and Bosh did was something then imagine those 4 all together. In my opinion I’m not with the buddy buddy thing when it comes to stacking teams in the NBA and I doubt we’ll see those 4 all together in the future, but for fantasy reasons let’s play that out. If those 4 do take a pay cut and were to sign with a team with that type of cap room or something, then you would have to imagine that they would be a pretty hard team to stop. You have Chris Paul, who does a great job for creating shots for everyone and distributes a lot paired with a guy like Wade and LeBron, who have great chemistry together going back to their time in Miami, along with a pretty damn good scorer in Carmelo Anthony. You’re looking at a pretty hard team to stop right then and there. Now there is an issue to all of this. How would the 4 gel together? Chris Paul can pretty much play with anyone and LeBron and Wade can adapt their game with Paul, but Carmelo would be the guy who I see having a hard time adapting. Carmelo is a guy who needs the ball in his hands a lot and I don’t see how having him on a team with Paul, Wade, and LeBron would work. I mean look at Kevin Love right now and how he’s struggling.

As far as if the team would be dominant? I think the potential is there for them to be dominant just by those 4 alone. It can’t just stop there though. Who else is on the team that can help carry things out is a major question. What’s the bench looking like? Who is coaching? Who is going to handle all those egos? Who is at the 5? Stuff like that needs to be answered before we say “Yeah this team will be dominant"! I do think they have the potential and if they all click then no one is stopping them, but until those questions are answered then I have a hard time giving a 100% yes.

Lebron lately has been pretty immature in public. Not quite professional behavior, but we got something good out of that. A possibility of a super team. LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul. 4 star players on the same team. This in fact, wouldn't be a GREAT team. It's not 2012. Every player on this list is washed. Prime days are over. As far as pay cuts go, I think they would all take discounts to be able to play with each other. The ONLY way they even think about a championship run is if they get that one young star to fill up the roster. Miami would be able to afford these players if they would all take pay cuts. The coaching staff would need to be changed. Erik Spoelstra is a terrible coach IMO. And if the players leave their teams, the fans, players, and coaches would all feel betrayed. LeBron's case, I don't even have to explain,  I mean shit, who the hell knows what Cleveland fans will do next if he leaves again! Carmelo Anthony also publicly stated he is committed to the New York Knicks. Yeah. Lol. New York fans are some of the passionate fans in the world, and since they love Melo, they would definitely feel betrayed and would boo him to death next time he played in MSG. CP3, I feel like the fans would honor him somehow, but the teammates would feel betrayed, because he's saying they're not good enough for a championship run by leaving. Let's be honest though. They're not the Clippers.

If the “Brotherhood” does team up, it’s going to be polarizing for basketball. People would be excited and think it’s going to challenge the run and gun Golden State Warriors. Right now, the only team I see that can control the Warriors is the Spurs. The Spurs “fundamental” style is art in motion, but is considered “boring” to the rest of the hypebeast fans. Whichever lucky team that gets to form that team will attain a lot of bandwagon fans, but don’t count out the other teams. The strategy will be mimicked with other star players to challenge the Warriors and Brotherhood, but the thing with super teams is the possibility of it backfiring. That’s because not every organization can do it. You need the right coaches, players, and owners to do something big like that. 76ers, obviously not with their horrendous ownership.  Sometimes, it doesn’t work out or doesn’t gain championships. The goal is to win a championship when forming a super team. Super teams are known for also having their present day “Showtime” style. Like Stephen Curry having no regard for defenders with his out of control, NBA 2K grade “D" shot selection, yet still goes in as he runs back on defense. We would see a fair share of dunks from James, Melo, and Wade here and there and Chris Paul with his finesse. It would be entertaining, but could overshadow other cohesive teams that may thrive but not receive as much spotlight as a super team. That did happen to the Pacers when the Heat was the second seed and Indiana was first and coach Frank Vogel did put his two cents into that.

People think “it ruins the game” and that they should all be on individual respective teams like they are now for Paul, Wade, James, and Anthony. Whichever of the thirty two teams that is fortunate enough to sign all four will now be the spotlight of the NBA. Team chemistry is always important because that’s how teams win championships. If the team can dominate through the quarters on both sides of the ball, no worries. However, if all four players did join, they would have to alter their playing styles if they want to be successful. There would be scrutiny if one player doesn’t thrive on the same level, like the Cavs when it came to Kevin Love barely contributing in their system. There are other variables as well. Imagine LeBron missed the final shot, ESPN is going to drag the man like “He should’ve not taken the shot, he should’ve gave the ball to _______” and that’s just annoying. The expectations would be on the same level on Golden State trying to break that 72-10 record this year. It could drive the players insane as social media is a reliever to some people, but if Twitter and Instagram is constantly applying more pressure than they could handle, they could disconnect from social media. It would be similar to how LeBron disconnects during the playoffs. For the sake of it, let’s see how this unfolds. It’s not going to be a clean departure for whoever leaves, but people still are gonna watch them play. Bring it.

While it would be interesting to see these  athletes on the same team, especially considering that they were in the same draft class, I think the time has passed on that idea. While Lebron James is still one of the best players in the league, Carmelo Anthony has not been quite as consistent, which could probably be a result of over staying his welcome in New York. While Lebron and Wade have worked well in the past with Miami, Carmelo would be considered the wild card in this instance. The time has passed on these three all stars to be on the same team, although it would be interesting to see.

The thought of Melo, LBJ, CP3 and D. Wade on the same team would have been great if it happened a few years ago. It would be a great fit however. They could win plenty of championships as well, as they have won a few gold metals together. Lebron and Melo need a true point guard and a floor general who will distribute first, shoot later. This is where Chris Paul fits in. Chemistry wouldn't be that big of a problem. If they all take significant paycuts then that would allow for some bench depth which would do that team well. While there are many pros to this idea, there is also flaws. This is due to Melo in my opinion, as he seems like he would be the worst fit. By him being a volume scorer, I could see there being an issue with ball sharing. Now this is a great idea and would at least guarantee 1 or 2 rings, but the money and egos involved most likely won't allow this to occur.

Outro By @TrueGodImmortal
-Will this team ever happen? One has to wonder if it would, but I doubt it. I have never really liked the idea of super teams and I personally hate LeBron's strategy of trying to create a super team. The dynasties of the past in the NBA weren't created in that way to me. While the Pistons were a great team, the Bulls were a great team, the Spurs even, it was an organic team that grew together. The Lakers dynasty in the early 2000s was another one. Shaq was the star, Kobe was the young upstart and others contributed and it worked and continued to grow. I have never really liked the idea of a super team and while Paul, Wade, Melo and Bron teaming up would be fun and more than likely successful, it just seems to me like it takes away from the competitive nature of the game. Instead of having your best friends on separate teams and trying to compete and beat them, it becomes "Let's work together and get a championship together instead of competing", and that doesn't work for me in basketball honestly. It works for Lebron however, and maybe he'll get his wish. Maybe he won't. Time will tell. Just make they save J.R. Smith a spot on the bench.



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