DAR Sports: Where Does Kobe Bryant Rank All Time?

Intro By @TrueGodImmortal
-About 7 months ago, we took a look at Kobe Bryant, his career, and some of his best moments. What we didn't do in that article, was compare him to the legends and where he stands as an all time ranking. Is Kobe top 5 Dead or Alive all time? Is he better than Jordan as some have said? Is he the best Lakers player ever? Where does Kobe rank? What's his final legacy? We gather the team to discuss this. Let's get into it.

Kobe Bryant will go down as the second best shooting guard of all-time in the NBA. His demeanor and calm playing style on the court should be closely observed for basketball players of all levels. He always was an aggressive scorer in the post and was depended on for the last shot in close games. Known for his offense, his signature fluid fadeaway, cold-blooded late game heroics, and heartwarming passion to be elite in the league, he will always be compared to Michael Jordan. However, do not count out his defense because he’s always been a great defender.

Bryant also gains criticism for being “un-coachable” by Phil Jackson and others. He will always be deemed “selfish and a ballhog”, but he always knew how to make his teammates better, no matter the players around him. His effort to incorporate his teammates earned the Lakers 5 NBA titles because he shines bright when on the grand stage. He will always be a villain to some teams, but I believe he’s the NBA’s strongest villain, in a great way. From his dynasty years with Shaq and a dominant 2008 MVP season, his work ethic on the court and off the court was consistent before the injuries started to pile up on him in recent years. It will be tough to see Kobe leave the league this year as he will never tie Jordan on the championship column, but Kobe has to stay in the top ten players to ever play the game. Where does he rank all time? Top 10. Point blank.

A LEGEND. Easily my generation's best player. Forget about LeBron. This man right here is a great, great scorer. I mean, look at this man's accomplishments... 5x NBA Finals champion. 2x NBA Finals MVP. A 2008 MVP Award (should've won in 2006 as well). 18 TIME ALL-STAR. 4x All-Star MVP. Made the All-NBA First Team 11 times. 2x scoring champion. Lakers all time leading scorer. 1997 Slam Dunk champion. Made the NBA's All-Defensive First Team 9 times. And let's not forget his 81 point game, making 60% of his shots that game. WHAT. A. CAREER. One of the most passionate players we've all ever witnessed in our lifetime. He's the second greatest shooting guard ever, behind of course the GOAT MJ. 30,000 points, 6,000 assists. 3rd all time scoring leader. There's no way you're gonna tell me he doesn't deserve Hall Of Fame. It makes me sad that my Michael Jordan will be retiring after this season. Congratulations on a fantastic career, Kobe Bryant. This is coming from a Celtics fan.

To me, Kobe Bryant ranks in the top 5 all time in Basketball. I’ll go as far as maybe 2 in the All-Time list. The things he’s done in modern basketball has been amazing and it could be something that we may not see again. His impact on the game is amazing and the fact that today’s current stars like Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Steph Curry, and such all looked up to him is amazing. Let’s not mention the stats he put up and records he broke/set in the league. Kobe is an all time great for what he has done in the sport of basketball. Through his long and legendary career he’s had a lot of moments that really stuck out to us. There’s that streak of 50-60 point games, winning the NBA Championships, Game winning shots, and of course the night he scored 81 points. In my view, one of the greatest moments in his career was his 81 point game. Kobe bringing the Lakers back to win that game was one thing, but for him to rattle off 81 points alone was simply amazing. You don’t see anyone in pro basketball coming close to matching that performance and I don’t think we ever will. Another great moment to me was his game winning shot against Miami in 2009. In what he said was his “Luckiest shot ever”, no one can tell me (Unless you’re a Heat fan) that you didn’t jump out of your seat in amazement over that shot. Fading away from damn near half court and banking the shot in for the win? Yeah that sounds like Kobe alright. Moments like that are what makes him one of the all time greats. In my view, he’s top 5 for sure and it’s not even close. Look at the records, the stats, the impact. That alone is enough.

Outro by @TrueGodImmortal
-Where does Kobe rank all time to me? He's top 5 in my personal rankings and his stats also don't lie. One has to wonder how Kobe's stats would have been had injuries not affected him the last few seasons. Kobe is in a class all by himself, and I believe he's carved his own legacy. He won three titles with Shaq and people went on to say that Kobe couldn't have done it without him. Kobe turned around and took the Lakers to the Finals 3 straight times and won 2 more championships in response to that. He also won a MVP award and I feel he was slightly robbed of one in 2006. Kobe has so many highlights over his storied career and despite the last few seasons not being anything to get excited over, he's still managed to show glimpses of his greatness this season. Kobe retiring truly marks the end of an era and we've seen him do amazing things his entire career. I have Kobe in my personal top 5, more like top 3 actually, but I don't think anyone could ever deny that Kobe is at least top 10 of all time. Hands down.

Where do you think Kobe ranks all time in the NBA? Post your comments below.


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