Retrospective: The Legacy of Pimp C

By @TrueGodImmortal and @TheRealSchitty

Some months ago, we did a DAR Texas week, and while we mentioned UGK, we didn't get a chance to really look at the legacy of Chad Butler, one of the realest in hip hop history. Today, .we talk briefly about the legendary Pimp C and what he meant to this game. Without a doubt, his legacy is one that has stood the test of the time and will likely continue to do so over the years. After his early passing, Pimp became even more of a legend, as his outspoken ways and aggressive delivery of his words made him equal parts menacing and entertaining. Today, we reflect on Pimp C.

I wasn't the hugest fan of Pimp C, but was definitely a huge fan of UGK. I remember getting my first UGK tape in a bag of goodies I won from the local radio station in '95. It simply read "Underground Kings" and I didn't play it for like 2 years. I really started developing an appreciation for Pimp C when I found out he also produced a strong majority of UGK's songs. What made me go back and really start diving in was hearing that he produced "Pocket Full of Stones", a song that first caught my attention on the Menace II Society soundtrack, and in my opinion, was the best song on the soundtrack. I had a whole new level of respect for him going forward. Pimp C had an allure for live instrumentation in his production, which was something you would not have thought given the gloriously slum grimy sounds of UGK. Honored amongst his fans and respected as a legend in the game, my only regret is that I didn't become a fan sooner.

Pimp C is a legend to me. He is one of my all time favorite game spitters and was truly a character to observe. As a producer, he was completely slept on and underrated. As a MC, he was one of the more entertaining rappers, infusing pimp lessons and game into his verses, to provide us with some of his best moments. I think the legacy of Pimp is strongest when looking beyond music. What he stood for. What he represented. What he means to this culture. His historic run with Bun B is always something to remember by, his production skills, his humor and his aggression in his verses. From Super Tight to Ridin Dirty to Dirty Money to Pimpalation, every release from Pimp or UGK featured his unique brand and style. He was never the greatest lyricist, but his music was perfect for his time and the era it was in.

Where Pimp truly became a legend however was in his outspoken nature and honest demeanor. He pulled no punches, spoke from his heart and didn't have time to play these industry politics. His most honest interviews took shots at all the fake in the industry, all the secrets of the industry and for that reason, many feel Pimp was targeted by the powers that be. Regardless, Pimp would shine his brightest in his interviews where he could be no holds barred and his calling out of the underground gay community in hip hop was hilarious. Now, in our current sensitive society, they would likely attack Pimp for being so real, but his message was truly honest and spoke directly to an issue that has plagued the industry for some time. When speaking music again, one would ask what are some Pimp's best verses? Here is a short list of my favorites:

*UGK- Diamonds and Wood
*UGK and Outkast- International Players Anthem 
*UGK- It's Supposed To Bubble 
*UGK- The Game Belong to Me
*Jay-Z featuring UGK- Big Pimpin *UGK- High Life
*UGK- Cocaine In the Back of the Ride
*UGK- Murder
*UGK- One Day 
*Pimp C- Knockin Doors Down

If you wanted to know where to start on getting hip to that good ol Pimp music, these ten songs and his verses on them would be the perfect introduction. Long Live the Pimp.



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