DAR Hip Hop: MF Doom's MM...FOOD

By @1natethegreat4 

1. Beef Rapp
2. Hoe Cakes
3. Potholderz 
4. One Beer
5. Deep Fried Frenz
6. Poo-Putt Platter
7. Fillet-O-Rapper 
8. Gumbo 
9. Fig Leaf Bi-Carbonate 
10. Kon Karne
11. Guinnesses 
12. Kon Queso
13. Rapp Snitch Knishes
14. Vomitspit
15. Kookies

Underground rap is not for everyone. There are people who will listen to mainstream rap and only know the chorus of “Panda” by Desiigner. The funny thing is, no one knew him before he broke out with that hit. You’re able to appreciate the artist for their music in the underground and don’t focus on the mainstream value, hype-beast fans, or if the radio plays their music or not. Not every artist has to hit the radio to be great. Daniel Dumile, a.k.a MF DOOM, is a British underground rapper that’s been in the game for years. DOOM spits his lyrics as a story. He can hit you with facts, he can brag about how dominant he is, and he delivers that in various ways. He can present you a slow jam with wavy lyrics or with an upbeat track with technicality. He’s also known for wacky comical skits as interludes in his albums. Today we discuss his ’04 release of Mm..FOOD. The production in Mm…FOOD is full of old-school beats with jazz/rock elements. Once you open your ears to DOOM and his lyrics, you will get hooked to his music. This is my personal favorite album by him, so let’s probe into one of his best albums. Underrated? We will see...

We open the album with “Beef Rapp”. A suspenseful minute and forty-five seconds of what feels like a sixties horror movie until DOOM finally comes to the mic. DOOM doesn’t hold back and opens up challenging the rap game. The way this artist delivers his lyrics to your earbuds is in a monotone, unemotional style. His calm demeanor could sound intimidating as he claims he could kill your favorite rapper and you with his lyrics. This is a dark track with a soft yet haunting beat to support his heat. Lyrically, this is a great song, but then we move into “Hoe Cakes”. This song’s background beat absolutely bangs throughout the whole track. You will love the brash beatbox with a female voice yelling “Super!” at certain lines. It seems as if DOOM enjoyed making this album himself with humorous lyrics like

“Listen here scooter, let her try to bag you/ 
When she’s on the rag never let her fry the ragu/ 
Which’ll have you under some type of spell crying “dag boo”/ Her name on the back in a tattoo"

It’s intelligent wordplay and Doom made it look simple. He talks about how he’s a ladies man and he can separate the good women from the birds. “Potholderz” with Count Bass D is wonderful back and forth two-man track. The beat slows down with gently-strum guitars going back and forth with scratches here and there as the foundation. I believe I heard a Big Daddy Kane reference with the “Aw Shit”. Count Bass D does a great job with his flow and delivery and it benefits Doom’s verse in this track. It was a great feature.

"One Beer” is my favorite song in this album. It has a catchy beat with humorous and technical delivery. In this song, the competition is the beer and he’s the “One Beer” left unopened because no one wants to finish the pack.

“Getting money, DT’s be getting no new leads/ 
It’s like he eating watermelon, stay spitting new seeds/”

That is a genius line. As he talks about his weed and the feds watching him, it's how he lands not exactly on the beat that is very interesting. It shows he’s not playing it safe and will land on that eighth or thirty-second note that sounds wrong with the overall beat. Then there is a wise track like “Deep Fried Frenz” from MF as this track is about friendship. He talks about how he is treated by his family and friends. His family is always asking for his money or his friends asking for his stash . Also, to watch your back with who you hang with because:

“No Feeding the Baboon/ Seein’ as how they got ya back bleeding from the stab wounds/”

The message is that fake friends will stab your back since they aren’t your real friends. Doom threw several cold blooded punchlines throughout this track and the funky beat in the background complete this track and a interesting skit. “Poo-Putt Platter” and “Fillet-O-Rapper" are two intermissions with excerpts of old TV shows here and there. “Gumbo” is another extension of “Poo-Putt Platter” and “Fillet-O-Rapper”. It’s interesting when you interpret the lyrics because it actually indirectly states that MF Doom is eating the rappers and the garbage line is the awful rappers that are making music around this time.

“Fig Leaf Bi-Carbonate” intensifies us for the other half of the album, but pokes fun at our ears as the music crescendoes, and there would be dialogue in one ear. Then the music decrescendos and leaves you puzzled because you thought Doom would provide some heat in this track. Wrong, but let’s continue with “Kon Karne”. This song is another personal favorite on this album. The terrific sample of “Is it a Crime” from Sade and the comical Retro Invaders game in the background. It’s a tribute to DJ Subroc as he exploits numerous themes such as jail, the streets, money, and how dominant he is. It’s raw underground rap and you can’t help, but try to absorb every rhyme he delivers from the speakers to your ears. “Guinnesses” doesn’t involve MF Doom lyrically, but his production. It’s smooth with eerie sounds appearing in spurts over Angelika’s lyrics. The lyrics point to a relationship that has gone south and her overall frustration. Her vocals altogether was solid and a smart move by Doom to let her take the song. 4ize is on the chorus about how the pain of heartbreak is comparable to pain killers to forget the hurt.

“Mentally scarred for life/
Love is war and some chicks are just too hard to wife/” 

Oooh it is such a chilling chorus.

“Kon Queso” brings back Doom with more punchlines as he reloaded the arsenal like the Middle East. His flow is emotionless and monotone and that’s common in Doom’s discography. He likes being the villain and as the villain, he goes through the rappers with his lyricism. He will protect his name and anyone that steps up to Doom must be prepared for the battle as Doom's skill set is no match for the weak. When I heard this line, I couldn't contain my cool:

"If I had a dime for every rhymer that bust guns/I'd have a cool mill for my sons in trust funds/”

Even though I’ve heard this album so many times, this track is a banger altogether and never loses its touch. “Rapp Snitch Kisses” talks about how rapping could send you behind bars. If you continue, you go to the box. Gangsta rap was still going on and rappers wanted to flex about the drugs they had and pulling up and shooting enemies. However, there will be the snitches that will tell the police and bring your favorite rapper down out of envy and it wasn’t Doom. MF and Mr.Fantastik bring the truth with a hypnotic seventies alternative rock beat that is so damn good. That chorus just convinces you to learn it to sing along. However, Mr.Fantastik’s flow and delivery steals the song away from MF Doom. The first verse just slays the mainstream rap game and man if this was released in today’s rap, it’d be the warning shot heard around the world.  “Vomitspit” isn’t my favorite production-wise, but the lyrics are like vomitspit. It’s uncontrollable Doom throwing dark lyrics about the streets and it continues in this track. "The mask is like Jason, they told the place not to let the basket type case” is sheer brilliance from Doom. It still makes me pause the music to take in his words. He throws haymakers of metaphors and before you can fully understand one, he smoothly moves to “Kookies”. In the final track, the way he does this will leave you a bit disgusted. Doom talks about how he whacks off without his woman knowing. He gets into a gist of what he would beat off to and the first part of the last “verse” with this will leave you wondering if Doom is crazy. It’s a humorous way to end the album, but not may be everyone’s liking.

"Don't mess with the Ritz Bits/
Wheat Thins, Saltines, or Triscuits/ (No)
Matzos or Cheez-Its
Catch sugar fits every time that he sees a nice pair of
Chips Ahoy, double chocolate chunk/
Something with the bubble and the junk in the trunk/"

MF Doom is a unique lyricist. He has wonderful production and didn’t have to break into the mainstream rap game. This is a hell of an underrated album with high replay value in the year it dropped. This is his best work to me. It’s bold lyrics, clever wordplay and delivery, soothing production. This is a unique album and I could not compare this album to anything in the past nor present. Also, once you get into his work, you will grasp the replay value of his music without being a huge fan of his music.

Rating: 9.2/10



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