DAR Politics: Where Are We??

By @TrueGodImmortal 

Usually with our articles here on the DAR site, we talk music, films, games, television, and occasionally relationships. We rarely discuss social matters, unless it begins to get heated, as we did with the police brutality article a year ago. We discuss the effect of technology, the curse that comes with it, and of course we've talked and tackled feminism as well. However, we've never once touched on political issues, presidential elections, or even discussed the middle of the road Black Lives Matter movement. Today, this changes. A brief departure from our usual, but still in DAR fashion. The only way to truly sum this post up is to ask the question, "Where Are We"?

Where are we as a people, as a society, that the upcoming presidential election seems to be the biggest mockery in some years? Now, as far as politics go, I'm not the most ardent follower or big time voter, but I pay attention. I know what's happening, I research, but this election season I didn't have to do that. I didn't have to look back and see the history or follow the record of the two leading presidential candidates. I didn't have to do this. Why? Because the two candidates are two of the more known figures within America in general. One, a former First Lady for 8 years during two presidential terms. The other, a billion dollar mogul, who is known more for a catchphrase of "You're Fired" and a horrible toupee than for political policies or plans. Now, I know, between the two choices, the one who was a former First Lady probably sounds like the better choice. She has experience being around and in the office, she knows the in and out of Congress, could have a good control on the issues, and her husband was seen as a friend to the black community during his tenure as "leader of the free world". So what's the issue?

The truth.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is on paper, an amazing choice for president of the United States. What does that mean? She's not charismatic, she goes with whatever opinion helps her obtain more support and votes, she's essentially a drone, she has a stoner background (don't they all?), and she's been through a national scandal. This all makes for a great president by the standards imposed before, correct? Hillary isn't a chameleon, she doesn't adapt to her surroundings per se, instead she just mimics what she observes or tries to keep up to appeal with the voters. Hilariously enough, in some ways, it worked for her. Not with me or anyone I actually know, but looking at the demographics and voters so far in the primary elections, she's won over the black community.

Pardon me, she's already had the black community. Why? Name recognition. Face recognition. This leads me back to my question of "Where Are We" and opens up the discussion to a bigger problem. I love my black people, no matter your age, shade, or your orientation, I love our people. However, there's always been a growing trend that we welcome white people who are somehow sympathetic or "understanding" of us and our culture. Hillary has utilized the love and respect the Clinton named earned through the black community to push her squarely into the driver seat for the Democratic nomination. The turnout for voters sees Hillary dominating with older blacks and losing with younger/middle age whites. For us, whenever we see Hillary, we see Bill. I think this is where the issue breaks down even more. Bill, a president who went on Arsenio Hall's show and played the saxophone, always had charisma. He could talk, he could crack jokes, he could play the sax, he loved smoking weed, and he became friends/acquaintances with rappers over the years. He befriended and embraced the black community with this. He was a Democrat, positioning himself to be worried about the plight of the less fortunate or those who work a little harder to get their smaller dollars. That's the whole concept anyway. The divide in people is essentially the basis of politics and while you would think this concept would tire out or one side would become the majority, it doesn't work this way.

Politics would seem like an old concept by now. One person set to handle the major responsibility of signing off on policies that affect millions of people, navigating wars, budgets, and so much more. There's a Senate in place and Congress, but those people are out of touch with the true needs of everyday Americans. So where are we? Are we lost? Have we always been lost? One would say yes, especially when considering how much faith we put into politicians, which leads me to my next point about the third candidate who is currently making a splash of sorts.

Bernie Sanders, in theory, is the ideal candidate for president. He's got the people in mind via his speeches and he possesses a certain aura that makes you think his concern is genuine. Starting out as part of the Liberty Union in 1979, before becoming an independent after that, Bernie seems like one of the good guys. Currently running for president as a democratic candidate, Bernie has sparked something within people of all ages and his ideals seem great. He is a self described socialist (which a majority of voters seem to loathe, but they can't explain why), and positions himself as a progressive who believes in the Nordic Social Democracy. Bernie isn't the average politician, but he's still understandably met with criticism and skepticism. He's a career politician, and while he seems genuine, one would be foolish to not question his authenticity. There's been photos of him protesting during the Civil Rights Era and that's one thing I hate about presidential campaigns anyways. When trying to run for president, you're creating an image of yourself. You're purposely looking for things to highlight about yourself to appeal to people. If you have a track record of positive interactions with minorities, this gets highlighted in commercials and ads to make you more appealing to that specific demographic and make them feel like you identify or understand. Politics in itself is a strange game, and this is merely one reason why I feel that way. So where are we?

I think if you most certainly were going to vote, then sure, Bernie Sanders is 100% the best candidate by far. I don't want to turn this into an endorsement for Bernie Sanders, because this is not that. I like what I've seen so far from him and his ideals and beliefs are cool. I have noticed that throughout his career, he has maintained a level of consistency in his policies and beliefs, which I can appreciate. However, the New Deal sensibilities of Bernie doesn't resonate with everyone. Universal health care, reducing student debt, wealth inequality restructure, and raising up minimum wage are all vital and he expresses a need to enforce all these if made president. All of this sounds great and Bernie truly seems like he's out to make a difference. But he's not the leading democratic candidate. So, where are we?

I watched Hillary Clinton sit next to Angela Yee on the Breakfast Club and attempt to appeal to black voters. It was a mess to watch, as she has attempted to twerk, spoke at Black Girls Rock for BET, and now claims she carries hot sauce in her bag, just to hopefully garner black votes. This is where they insult us as black voters. The belief is that "oh, act like you know what's going on in their culture currently, and that will win them over". Not the policies, not consistency with your speeches, not a true tackling of the issues that affect us, but by cracking jokes that make us think you're "down", or forcing your appeal to us. That's what Hillary has essentially done with black voters, and dare I say it's the norm for most presidential candidates. Hillary doesn't have anything relatable about her, her appeal is non existent and her attempts to befriend the black community keep seeming to fall flat. However, she's the leading democratic candidate and continues to win the majority of the black vote. So, where are we??

I didn't want to speak about Donald Trump, the current leading Republican candidate. I know there are a good amount of black republicans out there, though I'd never understand why. Economically, the majority of people in the world shouldn't even be republicans. Morally however, many adhere to a conservative lifestyle or conservative beliefs, when you dig deep into some thoughts on same sex marriage and other issues. However, we never seem to show a true outpouring of support for republican candidates. I'll take our people out of this in general for a moment. Who would have believed that Donald Trump would be the leading candidate for president?

No one.

Note: Look at the video of his rallies. Trump and his supporters are strangely like a cult. It puts things into perspective. 

This isn't his first attempt, but this is his first successful attempt at running and his candidacy for president is what sparked this whole article. Where are we as a society that Donald Trump could actually be voted in by millions of people as president? Where are we as a society that Trump could disrespect different foreign cultures and still get support from people all around the world. His speeches have inspired violence, race baiting and many other problems since he began running. So where are we?

We are in America. This unfortunate and dark truth is that America remains and will always remain a divided and divisive nation. While one side of this nation seeks a bit of peace and a true solution to some issues we face, those same issues don't apply to another sector of the world, thus they could care less about you and your issues. As the rich get richer, and the poor keep struggling, the gap between us gets bigger and bigger. So where are we?

Right now, we aren't in great shape. This election proves that there's been minimal progress and with these choices for president, it's a sad reality of what is to come. Hillary vs Trump in November is likely. What is sure to follow as the election heats up will be a complete movie. It will be a movie. I don't know if I want to watch this movie, or if I just want to fast forward to the end so it can just be over, or skip the movie altogether (Canada is always a non serious option). Regardless, the more I ask "Where Are We", the more I find I might not really want the answer.



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