DAR Sports: Top 5 NBA Shooting Guards Of All Time

List Compiled By @TrueGodImmortal, @TrueBlueLowry21, @IUseCondoms, @1natethegreat4,  @ShokusApollo, and @peagle05

Introduction By @TrueGodImmortal
-Today, the team continues with our usual Monday NBA article, this time talking about the top 5 shooting guards of all time. After all the smoke is clear, you'd think it's 100% certain who the no. 1 and no. 2 SGs are, right? Certainly, but what may shock you a bit is the other 3 choices (maybe not). The choices are pretty locked in, but everyone has different opinions. Here's a few honorable mentions that didn't make the final 5 on the overall lists:


*Reggie Miller (Selected By All For Honorable Mention)

-Some pondered putting Reggie on their top 5. He's that good. However, his quick shooting and clutch moments made him an easy choice for honorable mention. There are plenty of great shooting guards in the history of the NBA. Reggie is one.

*Ray Allen (Selected By All For Honorable Mention)

-Clutch. One word to describe Ray Allen. He was always efficient and one of the most entertaining SGs to ever watch play. What made him so great was his ability to dissect a team and kill them with his shot selection, and last minute heroics. Though not a top 5 SG, he would truly be in the running for a top 10 list.

*Joe Dumars (Selected By @ShokusApollo)

-Ranked no. 5 on Apollo's list, Dumars is one of the most solid defenders, a two time NBA Champ, a Finals MVP, and 6 time all star. Sure, Earl Monroe and George Gervin probably belong on the honorable mention, but Dumars was no slouch and Jordan remarked that he's the toughest defender he's ever faced. That counts heavily.

*Clyde Drexler (Selected By @peagle05 and @IUseCondoms)

-Drexler was Peagle's and Melvin's no. 5 and he's hands down a legend. His game was smooth as hell and he was really MJ's only competition back during that era. In his prime with the Portland Trailblazers, he was a dominant force, being able to score, rebound, and defend. His ability to drive to the paint was like no other.


5. Allen Iverson

-I think Iverson is a true legend in this game and his prowess speaks for itself. After all he's been through in the game, his legacy is solidified as one of the all time greatest shooting guards ever. He comes into our rankings at no. 5, though Peagle had him ranked 4th and Melvin had him ranked 3rd, everyone else had him ranked 5th.

Iverson was very exciting to watch with the way he played. All out scorer who went out and left it all on the court just to help his team win a game. The best “pound for pound” guard of that generation. His accomplishments speak for themselves. Rookie of the Year, MVP, multiple time scoring Champion, 11 Time All-Star, All-Star MVP, 7 Time All-NBA selections. Iverson was also a large figure off the court for many. He was very popular to where many wanted to be like him and he backed all of it up on the court. While Iverson didn’t win that ring, it doesn’t take anything away from a Hall of Fame Career by him.

The Answer. One of the best of our generation. He was simply the man. He put up a great amount of points every year for a consistent amount of years. 4x scoring champ, MVP Award, ROTY Award, and a career average of 26 points.

Allen “We talking about practice?” Iverson is a pound for pound player. I also grew up watching him and man, could he score and cross people when he wanted to. His demeanor on the court is aggressive and you can see the amount of dedication and passion he presented on the court. His MVP season was significant to his career as well as the trip in the Finals in 2001 against the Lakers. His crossover of now head coach Tyronn Lue will be one of the best crossovers we have ever seen. His practice rant will be one of the best comebacks any NBA player as ever given a reporter as well. Multiple time scoring champion as well.

Iverson had toughness, scoring ability and was one of the best finishers for his size. His ball handling was second to none even when his shot selection seemed crazy.

4. Dwyane Wade 

-Wade has become a force to be reckoned with over the years. Despite his injuries in recent years, Wade remains one of the greatest to ever play the 2. His performance this year in the playoffs shows he's still able to go and could the distance.

Another player who’s currently very exciting to watch. Wade is that guy who would fly all over the place and could score, dish, and defend. Outside of Kobe, Wade is perhaps my favorite player to watch because no matter what game it is, he’s always giving it his all. His playoff performance has been absolutely amazing to watch. Most of his memorable moments come from the NBA Playoffs. When it’s all said and done, Wade is going to be a first ballot Hall Of Famer.

Yeah, he may not be considered a top 5 player all the time, but you can't deny his accomplishments. 20,000 points, 3 NBA titles, a career 48% FG, and a known all-star. Pretty good career in my eyes for Wade.

Dwyane Wade is one-of-a kind. Not because he is my favorite player on my favorite team. I grew up watching this man since he came into the league. His athleticism is close to Kobe. His signature bank shot and fadeaway still bring excitement to whatever arena he entered. He’s a clutch shooter and an underrated defender. His blocking skills as a guard are phenomenal and he had great success with Shaq, LeBron, Bosh, and etc. 3 Time NBA Champion, his incredible comeback against the Mavericks in ’06, his Kodak moment poster dunks, his disgusting euro-step, and that pump-fake still gets veterans.

Wade is probably the most underrated somehow. I guess playing in Miami does that. Explosive player with a deadly midrange game and a knack for turning it on to carry a team at the most important times.

3. Jerry West

-Though before our time, the ability of Jerry West is undeniable and he made it onto most of the list at the 3rd position, thus here we are. His scoring ability was amazing, his game was fluid, and he excelled at the SG position unlike no other.

The Logo! Many recently remember him for his front office work with the Lakers and Warriors, but during his Laker days he was setting records and lighting up the league. As I mentioned about Wade, West was a known for his historic playoff performances. To this day he is the only player from a losing team to win the Finals MVP. Averaging 40.6 in the 1965 playoffs is something we may never see again.

Jerry West was a monster in the playoffs. For sure estimated average of 40.6 points per game in the 1965 playoffs is insane and no other SG besides Jordan replicated this. He’s an amazing skilled player who wins a Finals MVP even though his team loses the finals. A competitive playmaker as a point, but scorer-esque shooting guard. He also was a lockdown defender in my opinion on the man to man.

2. Kobe Bryant

-The Black Mamba. One of the greatest players to ever play the game. He's recently retired, bringing an end of an era, but his legacy shall live on forever honestly. Easily the no. 2 choice for the best SG ever, and Matt (@TrueBlueLowry21) actually put him over Jordan. Kobe excelled at this position and in the game period. He was simply amazing.

Kobe is a guy who duplicated and possibly surpassed Jordan based on his ability as a basketball player. Kobe adjusted his game to find a way to compete at the highest level and do it while injured. Bryant also was a scoring machine and had that killer instinct where he absolutely wanted to be the greatest. At the end of the day, to me, Kobe Bryant is the best ever but by a small margin.

Kobe is second on the list hands down. Whether you loved him or hated him, he was a dominant player when healthy. He came close to Jordan with titles and will probably be the closest to reach this goal in the shooting guard role. 5 time NBA Champion, a MVP, vicious scorer, and he copied Jordan’s game and made it work for him, also made any tough shot look easy, and possessed a strong work ethic.

Kobe is the best pure scorer at that position ever, nobody could get off like him. Crazy high basketball IQ and attention to detail turned an athletic kid into a basketball weapon.

Black Mamba. Third all time leading scorer, 5 NBA titles, MVP Award, and the closest thing to Michael Jordan. He was amazing and did amazing things that always seemed impossible. Who else can outscore an entire basketball team in 3 quarters?

1. Michael Jordan

-The greatest. More than just a damn crying meme, he is the greatest player of all time. His track record, his ability, and his legacy will forever live on. Simple.

Many say Jordan is GOAT and who can disagree with all the accomplishments. Jordan revolutionized the game and was the ultimate competitor. He mixed IQ with his athleticism, and basketball skill. It’s safe to say there will never be another Jordan.

Michael Jordan is without doubt the greatest player to ever play the game. He was versatile, a cold-blooded shooter, and he could be anything he wanted to be on the court. His legacy will never die for as long as the league sits. He was a fierce competitor and the legacy of the iconic sneakers he wore revolutionized the sneaker game.

MJ was the total package as a guard: scorer, defender, leader. In an era where the big man was still the most valuable asset, he took over the game and made it his. Add to that an unnatural competitive drive and he's the GOAT.

The GOAT. I don't think an explanation is necessary for the face of basketball am I right? 6 NBA titles, a career average of 30 points on 50% FG. That's GREATNESS.

Outro By @TrueGodImmortal
-When looking at the overall list of great shooting guards, the list tends to get slimmer once you break down the first 2 or 3. Regardless, some of the greatest players in our history, and the greatest player of all time was a shooting guard. This position will always hold a special place for me as a basketball fan, as most of my favorite players are playing the 2.



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