DAR Sports: 25 Of The Greatest Performances In NBA History

By @TrueGodImmortal

Today, we take a moment to look back at some of the greatest performances in NBA history. While this wasn't a list of the highest scoring performances, many of those are listed here. However, what earns you a spot on this list is your overall performance and what you accomplished within that performance. Let's get into this one.

*John Stockton (1988)
23 Points, 24 Assists, 5 Steals

-I get it. His point total wasn't really that great, but his overall play was amazing. With the Jazz in the Semifinals against the Lakers, Stockton was hellbent on leading his team to victory. This is one of the more underrated performances in history and my favorite Stockton game.

*James Worthy (1988)
36 Points (16 Rebounds, 10 Assists)

-Big Game James. Game 7. Pistons. Lakers. James showed up when it mattered the most and led his team to the championship yet again. It was the official end of the dominant Showtime Lakers era, and what a way to top it off with this classic performance from James.

*Michael Jordan (1997)
38 Points (The Flu Game)

-I didn't want to include it, but it has to be discussed and on this list. Jordan was playing in a league where there was a ton of high caliber competition, and no one was even close to his level. Game 5. Jordan went out and led the Bulls to victory and that would end up being the decisive victory needed to push the Bulls to title no. 5, as they took game 6 after this one.

*Lebron James (2016)
41 Points (16 Rebounds, 7 Assists, 3 Steals, 3 Blocks)

-Game 5 is the best performance of the Finals overall this last year. Bron took over alongside Kyrie and he was truly in the zone. While his block in game 7 was the one that sealed the deal so to speak for the title, when his back was against the wall, Bron showed up 100%.

*Lebron James (2007)
48 Points (18-33 FG, 9 Rebounds)

-Lebron showed out against the Pistons in the Playoffs. With 25 points scored in a row, he led the Cavs to victory at the age of 22. Finishing with 48 points, Bron took over the game in a manner we hadn't seen in years at that point. This might be the greatest Bron performance ever.

*Michael Jordan (1998)
45 Points (Game 6)

-Another performance that I had to include. While Jordan has many other performances that are more spectacular, this was his final masterful performance before his retirement before the Bulls. His field goal percentage in the game wasn't anything to rave about, but Jordan was determined. He pulled up and hit the game winning shot for title no. 6 and with 45 points, he scored over half of the team's points in this game.

*Stephen Curry (2013)
54 Points (18-28 FG, 11-13 3PT)

-Steph has had many great performances over the last few years, but his career high game against the Knicks is something of beauty to watch. He was in a zone we hadn't seen him in before, and with 11 three pointers made in this game, with only two missed, how could you deny this game? It's not a top 10 performance of all time, but once again, these are just 25 picks, none of which are in order. Steph might catch fire this upcoming season and beat this career high. I'm surprised he hasn't yet.

*Charles Barkley (1993)
56 Points (23-31 FG, 14 Rebounds)

-In the first round of the playoffs, Barkley and the Suns were looking to finish off a hungry Warriors team. Barkley showed up and kept his team of destiny on point, with 38 points in the first half to carry the Suns over the Warriors.

*Kobe Bryant (2016)
60 Points (22-50 FG)

-The final game in the career of Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest performances ever seen  in NBA history. While most believed Kobe was not going to be able to give us a show, he turned it on for one last hurrah, and it was a masterful performance to witness. In his 20th season, Kobe showed signs of the old Kobe, scoring at will, exploding in the 4th quarter. When we talk some of the best performances in the NBA, this is certainly on the list.

*Lebron James (2014)
61 Points (22-33 FG, 8-10 3PT)

-Lebron came into this game against the Bobcats on a mission. Wearing his face mask, Lebron caught fire and was shooting threes like it was nothing. It seemed as if Bron couldn't miss at all. The Bobcats seemed like the perfect team to just score on and that's exactly what Bron did this night. He led the Heat to a victory breaking the record for the franchise's record for most points scored.

*Karl Malone (1990)
61 Points (18 Rebounds, 21-26 FG, 19-23 FT)

-The Jazz were in the middle of obliterating the Milwaukee Bucks in a complete blowout. Malone put on an amazing performance, the likes of which we didn't expect. Malone shot 21 of 26 from the field, pulled down 18 rebounds, and was dominant all night in just 33 minutes of playing time. The Jazz would win the game 144-96.

*Shaquille O'Neal (2000)
61 Points (24-35 FG, 13-22 FT)

-Shaq has had some truly dominant performances in his career. This is his highest scoring performance and a clear cut view of the dominance he exhibited. The Clippers couldn't find anything to stop Shaq here. He even had a decent night shooting from the free throw line.

*Kobe Bryant (2009)
61 Points (19-31 FG)

-Kobe has so many great performances, I had to choose between this one and his Portland performance. Kobe went off in the Garden against the Knicks solidifying his legacy with the essential classic game in the Garden. This was an amazing showcase of his ability.

*Michael Jordan (1987)
61 Points (22-39 FG, 17-18 FT)

-Jordan would run into the wall known as the Pistons later on, but in this game he couldn't be stopped. He would have another 61 point performance a few weeks later, but this game the Bulls won, making it a prime top Jordan performance. Jordan during the 80's was something special to watch and this is one of those younger Jordan performances to revisit.

*Carmelo Anthony (2014)
62 Points (23-35 FG)

-The Bobcats really had a rough 2014. Melo went ahead and put up 62 on them just about 2 months before the Lebron 61 point performance. Melo got into a zone, becoming unstoppable offensively. This is still the best Melo performance and I can't see him doing better than this one anytime soon.

*Tracy McGrady (2004)
62 Points (20-37 FG, 10 Rebounds, 5 Assists)

-T-Mac has so many great performances over the years that it's hard to not include his other performances over this one, but this was just something special to watch. He scored 62 points in almost 46 minutes of play, leading his Magic over the Wizards, which was a small bright spot during the horrid season.

*Kobe Bryant (2005)
62 Points (18-31 FG, 8 Rebounds)

-What makes this really special is that it is only 3 quarters if Kobe. He got to sit out the 4th quarter against the Mavericks, but this performance is catapulted by the fact that he also scored 30 alone in the 3rd quarter. Kobe was the heart of the Lakers then and in his scoring prime. He outscored the whole team in 3 quarters by himself. He was the best. This was proof.

*Michael Jordan (1986)
63 Points (22-41 FG, 19-21 FT)

-Jordan in his earlier years was a scoring force. Celtics would be able to stop the Bulls overall in this game, but had no answer for MJ. This is one of the more iconic games in his career and probably my personal favorite Jordan performance.

*George Gervin (1978)
63 Points (23-49 FG, 17-20 FT)

-The Iceman was one of the more efficient scorers and this game against the Jazz saw him try to make anything happen for the Spurs. His shooting % wasn't anything special, but he put up a great performance, even in a losing effort.

*Michael Jordan (1990)
69 Points (23-37 FG, 18 Rebounds)

-Jordan was right on the cusp of 70. He could have very well had 70, but a few of those shots that should have fell, missed. With a solid shooting %, unstoppable flow of offense, and great handling, this is really the greatest performance in Jordan's career and prime.

*Elgin Baylor (1960)
71 Points (28-48 FG, 15-18 FT)

-Though I'm always hesitant to include these older games and performances, this is an amazing showcase. Elgin scores 71 points on a nice shooting % and the Lakers defeat the Knicks here. Elgin is a huge scorer in NBA history and this is his biggest game overall.

*David Robinson (1994)
71 Points (26-41 FG, 14 Rebounds)

-The Clippers have taken some losses, but The Admiral putting up 71 points on them is one of the funniest things to watch. He was in an amazing zone, barely missing and scoring at will. It was a great night for the Spurs and The Admiral.

*David Thompson (1978)
73 Points (28-38 FG, 17-20 FT)

-This is an interesting game. The Denver Nuggets took the Pistons to the limit, and Thompson was just out of control, scoring at will with everything. He was on fire and his field goal percentage would show you exactly how good he was this night, despite a loss to the Pistons that night.

*Kobe Bryant (2006)
81 Points (28-46 FG, 18-20 FT)

-I think this is the greatest performance ever. No one expected Kobe to be the man that night in this manner, but 81 points later, Kobe willed the Lakers to victory over the Raptors, who seemed to have control over most of the game, until Kobe went off.

*Wilt Chamberlain (1962)
100 Points

-You'll only see one Wilt performance on this list and it's all you'll see because of the era. In a much easier era to score and play, Wilt towered over everyone and put up multiple 60 and 70 point games. His most impressive feat and the highest scoring performance ever came in this game. 100 points, enough said.

There are some great performances missing here, but these are only 25 of the greatest. See some performances that are missing? Include it in the comments below.



  1. Clay Thompson, 60 pts. (21-33 FG, 8-14 3PT) in just 3 quarters of play! — 12/5/16

  2. Clay Thompson, 60 pts. (21-33 FG, 8-14 3PT) in just 3 quarters of play! — 12/5/16


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