DAR Sports: AFC Conference Season Predictions

The NFL preseason is almost over and the regular season is about to start. With the clock winding down on the preseason and the regular season almost here, we take a look at the AFC and what it could look like. Let's get into our AFC regular season predictions.

AFC predictions by division. Let's get to it.

AFC East:
1. New England Patriots 12-4 
2. Buffalo Bills 10-6
3. New York Jets 7-9
4. Miami Dolphins 5-11
-I don't see the Patriots having a worse record than 12-4 despite missing Tom Brady for 4 games. They're just too good of a team overall to lose. I see the Buffalo Bills having a special year this year, as Tyrod Taylor & Sammy Watkins will provide a special QB/WR run for us this season. The defense will do their job. New York Jets & Miami Dolphins will miss out on the playoffs because the Jets won't have their run like last year despite most pieces returning, and the Dolphins suck.

AFC North: 
1. Pittsburgh Steelers 11-5
2. Cincinnati Bengals 9-7 
3. Baltimore Ravens 8-8
4. Cleveland Browns 5-11
-The Steelers have one of the best offenses in football with Big Ben Antonio Brown & Le'veon Bell all on the same offense. With DeAngelo Williams being a solid backup for Bell, they will do just fine. Bengals might do better than 9-7 but they're not winning a thing in the playoffs. The Ravens, I'm not high on them as Joe Flacco is their starting quarterback and their best wide receiver is 37 years old. And the Browns... are the Browns.

AFC South: 
1. Jacksonville Jaguars 11-5
2. Indianapolis Colts 11-5 
3. Houston Texans 8-8
4. Tennessee Titans 4-12
-The Jaguars are gonna be great this season. They have one of the best WR core's in football with Chris Ivory and Yeldon making up their RB core & Malik Jackson and Prince Amukamora being added to the defense, this should be a very fun team to watch. I've always been high on Allen Robinson (AR15) & Allen Hurns and I think they'll ball out even more this season. The Colts will bounce back under Luck's lead, as he is their heart and soul and can make anything happen. The Texans aren't that great of a team. Their defense is good, but the offense.. not so much. They do have one of the best receivers in football, but I don't think Brock Osweiler will get it done. In Denevr he got it done because he had much more weapons there compared to Houston. And the Titans are the Titans.

AFC West:
1. Denver Broncos 10-6
2. Oakland Raiders 10-6
3. Kansas City Chiefs 7-9
4. San Diego Chargers 3-13
-The Broncos and Raiders will both have 10-6 records. They're both teams with good defenses and a solid offense. If they want to, the Broncos can go back to the Super Bowl. The Chiefs are boring and I won't ever watch them play due to Alex Smith being QB, and the Chargers suck.
AFC Championship game will most likely be Patriots vs. Broncos, due to the AFC being so predictable.

I'm going to keep my predictions short and sweet, just listing the divisions and team records. Let's go.

AFC East
Patriots 12-4
Dolphins 9-7
Jets 8-8
Bills 7-9

AFC South 
Titans 5-11
Jaguars 9-7
Colts 10-6
Texans 9-7

AFC West
Broncos 10-6
Chiefs 9-7
Oakland 10-6
Chargers 4-12

AFC North
Steelers 11-5
Ravens 8-8
Bengals 10-6
Browns 6-10

This season will be interesting. The AFC is always the conference to watch in my opinion, and I'm interested to see how it turns out.

AFC East
New England Patriots 11-5
Miami Dolphins 6-10
New York Jets 8-8
Buffalo Bills 10-6

-Simply put, the Patriots will be dominant once Brady is back. The Jets will be middle of the road and the Bills should be able to compete throughout the season. I don't see the Dolphins doing anything this year.

AFC North
Pittsburgh Steelers 12-4 
Baltimore Ravens 8-8
Cincinnati Bengals 9-7
Cleveland Browns 5-11

I don't see the Browns doing anything special. The Bengals will be tough competitors and the Ravens will be in the middle of course, but the Steelers are going to be on top of the division. There's no doubt about this in my mind.

AFC South 
Jacksonville Jaguars 11-5
Indianapolis Colts 8-8
Tennessee Titans 5-11
Houston Texans 7-9

I think this is one of the more interesting things. The Colts aren't going to dominate this year, but the Jaguars will be a force to be reckoned with. The Texans will be middle of the road as usual, and the Titans will be bottom of the barrel.

AFC West
Denver Broncos 10-6
Kansas City Chiefs 6-10
Oakland Raiders 11-5 
San Diego Chargers 5-11

This division will be a two team race. The Broncos don't have the same fire power to me, and I think the Raiders are considerably better than we expected and will efficiently compete and likely take the division. Chiefs were good last season, but they won't be as good this year I believe. The Chargers have been in a down period for a while now so I don't expect much there.

With the season almost here, only time will tell if any of us have accurate predictions, but one has to be excited for this upcoming season. Who will be the leading team in the AFC? Only time will tell.



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