DAR Sports: The Greatest NFL Offenses Of All Time

Over the seasons in the NFL, we have seen some amazing offenses that dominated on the turf. Whether they had a record breaking Quarterback, multiple 1000 yard wide receivers, a solid offensive line, or amazing running backs, each of the elite offenses managed to put points on the board and rack up a bunch of stats. Today, we decide to sit down and look back on the greatest NFL Offenses Of All Time.

Well, my list is pretty straightforward, so let's just get right into it.

1. St. Louis Rams in 1999

-This was the greatest offense I’ve ever seen. They were the Greatest Show on Turf for a good reason too. You had Kurt Warner at the helm, two top receivers in Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt, which made them almost unstoppable through the air. Not to mention, a top 5 running back in Marshall Faulk. We have to give credit to the offensive line led by Hall of Famer Orlando Pace. Many may disagree, but The Greatest Show On Turf was the best. A high scoring offense that gained many yards where defensive coordinators had tough issue figuring out how to stop them.

2. New England Patriots in 2007

-This was a truly unstoppable offense that led the way to 16-0. They were one of the highest scoring offenses to ever play in the NFL and for good reason. Randy Moss on the team along with Wes Welker and Dante Stallworth, who was pretty underrated at the time. Teams had a tough time stopping them, unless you were the New York Giants. This team will be known as the team that lost their chance at history in the Super Bowl, but their offense was pretty unstoppable.

3. Minnesota Vikings in 1998

-What can I say about this Vikings team? Randall Cunningham, Chris Carter, Rookie Randy Moss, and Robert Smith. This was one of the more exciting offenses ever. Randall Cunningham, who came out of retirement to revive his career, showed that he still had it. It also helped that he had two of the top wide receivers of all time in Cris Carter and Randy Moss, who was just in his rookie season at the time. Robert Smith also wasn’t a bad running back at the time either. That Vikings team was high scoring and displayed an air show. You can make an argument for number 2, but here,  three is just right.

4. Dallas Cowboys in 1992

-The greatest offensive line of all time, Troy Aikman, Michael Irving, Emmitt Smith. Do I have to say more? Basically the best offense at the time. Anytime you have a 3,000 yard passing QB, A 1,000 Rushing RB, and a 1,000 Receiving WR on top of an offensive line that made sure you were getting the job done, you better be a great offensive unit. This team was known for their offense if anything. Now why aren’t they number one? You can make a great argument for them actually. This team had it all, but not enough to be high on the list.

5. Denver Broncos in 2013

-As a Raiders fan, I REALLY wanted to leave them off the list but the football fan in me won’t. The 2013 Broncos team were INDEED the highest scoring offense of all time. They had Peyton Manning of course, Wes Welker, who ironically was a part of the almost unbeatable Patriots team, Demaryius Thomas, who was one of the top wideouts in the game at that time, and tight end Julius Thomas, who was playing pretty damn well too. This team also had a plethora of running backs and a solid offensive line. This team when it came to scoring was no joke. They rolled out of bed putting up 30-40-50 points just because they could.  What ruins it for this team is the fact that they were blown out by the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl and their offense could not get going at all. Other than that, this offense was purely a juggernaut led by a pretty smart QB.

There has been numerous great offenses we've witnessed in our lives, but there can only be so many that take the crowns in a top 5. Let's get started.

5. 2004 Indianapolis Colts

-I was pretty young, maybe 7-8 years old when this offense took place. I was still watching football as a young buck with my family, watching Peyton, Harrison, Wayne, & James shatter records.

4. 1998 Minnesota Vikings

-Cunningham, Moss, & Cris Carter all on the same team? They averaged 35 points a game. Thirty fucking five. BLACK EXCELLENCE. Led them to a 15-1 record, and a NFC Championship appearance (should've went to and won the Super Bowl).

3. 2007 New England Patriots

-UNSTOPPABLE offense this team brought us in 2007 (until the Super Bowl of course). Brady, Moss, and Welker all shattered records as this is one of the most explosive, most dangerous offenses ever, and is arguably the greatest offense ever.

2. 1984 Miami Dolphins 

Dan Marino led this offense to average 32 points a game and a Super Bowl appearance. He had 5000 passing yards this year along with 48 passing touchdowns. This offense also had a legendary offensive line, and two great receivers Mark Clayton & Mark "Super" Duper.

1. 2011 New Orleans Saints

Greatest. Offense. Ever. Period.
Drew Brees broke Marino's passing yards record of 5,084 with 5,476 yards. He also threw for 46 touchdowns, a SEVENTY ONE completion percentage, and had 13 games with 300+ passing yards. Incredible. Greatest offense of all time.

If you guys haven't noticed yet, despite these teams being IMO the greatest offenses ever in the history of football, none of them won the Super Bowl. That should tell defense is important too. Defense wins championships. Most of the times.

My list was tough. It's hard to not include the '92 Cowboys or the 2011 Saints, but my list is my list essentially. Let's get into it.

5. Miami Dolphins (1984 Season)

-Marino played like a man possessed this season, and although the Dolphins came up short in the Super Bowl, you would have to admire how amazing the offense was. It's always interesting how many of the best offenses in the NFL seem to not win a championship, and that's the story here as well.

4. New England Patriots (2007 Season)

-This team was unstoppable all season..... RIGHT until they got to the Super Bowl. The Giants just wanted it more. Regardless, the Patriots had an amazing group of players and an unstoppable offense that led them to a perfect regular season. Brady, Welker, Moss, and the whole Patriots gang were one of the most gifted offenses in NFL history. Hands down.

3. Minnesota Vikings (1998 Season)

-The Vikings were a team of destiny. I wanted to see Randall, Moss, and Carter take it all to the Super Bowl. They seemed like they were on the path to a championship and after a 15 win season, who could argue against it. Unfortunately, they would lose in the NFC Championship game to the 14 win Atlanta Falcons. Regardless, their offensive greatness is forever solidified.

2. St. Louis Rams (1999 Season)

-The Greatest Show On Turf. I've never been so entertained in my entire life by an offense. Kurt Warner was magnificent through the season and it led them to a championship to cap off a historic season. Definitely a top 3 offense of all time and possibly the best, BUT.....

1. Denver Broncos (2013 Season)

-I'm a Broncos fan. Simple. I've seen some great things, but nothing compared to the season the Broncos had. They were virtually unstoppable and Peyton had his greatest season ever before he reached a sharp decline in his final year. With almost 5500 yards passing, breaking the season record, and 55 TDs, another record, as the Broncos seemed to get points on the board so easily. This is the greatest offense of all time to me, but I'll admit I'm a little bias. Regardless, you can't deny this offense.

Have a different list? Post yours below in the comments.



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