DAR Sports: Top 5 NFL Rivalries Of All Time

In the NFL, one thing that always makes the sport so intense is a good rivalry. It makes the games bigger, makes it must see TV, and it allows the league to garner bigger ratings and more revenue. Over the years, we've seen a ton of brutal rivalries and some that helped shape an era of football. Today, we all sit down and rank our top 5 NFL rivalries of all time. Let's get into it.

My list is quite simple and full of some amazing rivalries. Let's go.

1. 49ers vs Cowboys

-Through the 80’s and 90’s, these two teams dominated and brought some great games through the years. While during the regular season they didn’t meet as much, the playoff meetings were always historic. Most of the time, the winner of these match ups would win the Super Bowl. Let’s not forget the players that played in these meetings through the years. Jerry Rice, Deion Sanders (On Both Dallas and SF), Emmitt Smith, Steve Young, Joe Montana, Michael Irving, Troy Aikman, the list goes on and on. Although both teams have fallen off a bit since the 90’s, Dallas/San Francisco was always a treat to watch.

2. Brady vs Manning

-While this doesn’t involve two teams, every time these two all time greats meet, the world stops to see what performance these two guys put on. Through the first few meetings between the two, Tom Brady’s Patriots always got the best of Peyton Manning’s Colts until the 2007 AFC Championship where Manning led the Colts over the hump to defeat the Patriots en route to their first Super Bowl appearance. As Peyton signed with Denver, the match ups would see Manning get the best of Brady more often than not.

3. Ravens vs Steelers

-Two of the hardest hitting teams in the NFL and when they clash, It’s always heated! Pittsburgh and Baltimore bring back the old school, hard hitting, I don’t like you football that the NFL lacks today. In postseason play, the Steelers are 3-0 against the Ravens, but in each meeting the margin of victories tend to trim. We get the pleasure to see these teams meet twice a season and that will continue as years come.

4. Cowboys vs Redskins

-Cowboy fans will agree, but when Dallas runs into Washington with the division on the line, it never ends well for Dallas. These two teams historically are top of the NFC, but recently the both teams have trended downhill. However, between the Thanksgiving matchups and multiple Super Bowl wins between the two teams, it’s always interesting to watch.

5. Packers vs Bears

-One of the oldest rivalries in the NFL. The fan bases don’t like each other, and this featured some NFL greats that have changed the game. During the Aaron Rodgers era, the rivalry has trended towards the Packers by a landslide, but that doesn’t take away from the luster. I have this rivalry at 5 due to the lack of competitive balance right now, but when we talk traditional, it’s easily top 3 and there’s no argument there. From the coaches in Lombardi for Green Bay and Ditka for Chicago to the players in Brett Farve, Bart Starr, Reggie White, Walter Payton, Jim McMahon, Dick Butkis and more. The tradition will always be there and maybe down the line the Bears can live up to their end by being competitively better to challenge the Packers

There have been many interesting and fierce rivalries over the years in the NFL, but sometimes it lasts for a very long time. Here are the five greatest NFL rivalries of all time.

5. Steelers vs Ravens

-Yeah, this one is obviously a pretty new rivalry due to the Ravens being only 20 years old. But a lot of things have already happened between these two teams. They hate each other. And so do the fans.

4. Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning

-Brady always found a way to beat Peyton in the regular season. However, Peyton always found a way, most of the times, to win the games that count. The Playoffs. This rivalry is easily the greatest QB rivalry of all time, and we all got to witness it happen.

3. San Francisco 49ers vs. Dallas Cowboys (1980's-1990's)

-Is this a debate? Really? They ALWAYS met up in the NFC Championship. With "The Catch" also taking place between these two rivals, that solidified it as one of the greatest rivalries ever.

2. New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles

-The most important NFC East rivalry. So much history has happened between these two teams. Some bad, some good. It's arguably the greatest rivalry ever, but it just can't beat this one.

1. Bears vs Packers

-Yes. The greatest rivalry of all time. Really. Not a debate either.

To close out this article, I have my top 5. Now, the no. 1 should be mostly obvious, but I have one or two that the others haven't listed. Let's get into my top 5.

5. Oakland Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs

-I think this rivalry was very slept on, but since the early days of the NFL, this was a brutal rivalry that spawned much hatred over the years and deserves to be top 5.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens

-I mean, this is probably the biggest rivalry of this era between teams. No rivalry has as much hatred and anger amongst players and fans as this one. Every game between the two is something special and the intensity is the greatest thing to witness.

3. Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning 

-The two greatest QBs in this era. Peyton just retired and Brady isn't too far behind in that regard, but whether it was the Patriots vs Colts or Patriots vs Broncos, this rivalry spawned amazing games and is certainly the greatest QB rivalry of all time.

2. San Francisco 49ers vs Dallas Cowboys 

-This is my personal favorite and I love going back and watching the games between the two. Though neither team is a serious contender now, this rivalry definitely gave us classic games and battles and moments. This could very well have been no. 1.

1. Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers

-The greatest rivalry ever. I can't argue against the history and the heated intensity between the two. When you think of the Bears, you think of the Packers and vice versa. That's the mark of a great rivalry.

See any rivalries that are missing? Post your choices below in the comments.



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