DAR Dating: Unconventional First Date Ideas

Introduction By @TrueGodImmortal and @CurlsAndSports
-First dates. Everyone has been on one, and they are usually always tough to call or plan. You want to make a good impression. I get it. The plan is to show you have a mind beyond the usual date ideas. Now, you've probably seen an article of this nature before, but we're going to attempt to break from the ordinary. Sure, free food sounds like a good plan but dates are supposed to be more than sitting and just talking about yourself. Something captured you about this person. As you're on the quest to find your perfect match, where to go or what to do is the first thought on your head. Where are you going to take him or her? We gathered a few folks together to give out some ideas. Let's take a look.

Now that you’ve found someone who has piqued your interest enough, someone who you want to take it (a tiny step) further with and acquaint yourself one-on-one with, what the heck do you do with them? Sure, there’s always the option to go out and have a nice dinner at a restaurant, to watch a movie, go to a Starbucks location or some other typical first date spot, but why not spin these just a bit. Now as much as I love eating out, watching movies and my entire life is based around coffee, to me these aren’t the most ideal FIRST date ideas. Of course everyone is different, but typically we plan first dates very early on to see if there’s enough of a connection to continue or to know for a certainty if there isn’t. To me personally, first dates are the make or break, so as much as coffee, dinner and movies in the traditional ways are liked I prefer these with twist. Let’s take a look:

*Barnes And Noble Date

-One of the most ideal places in my opinion is Barnes & Noble (Chapters for the Canadians). I know I sound like a total nerd, but this is the easiest, least creepy and most subtle ways of gaining insight into the interests of your date and is a fantastic conversation piece. I’m sure everyone knows that bookstores have every possible category covered, whether it’s books, magazines, merchandise or games, there really is something for everyone. It’s so tough not to initially gravitate to what interests you the most or something that reminds you of your childhood thus the conversation naturally begins and can be sustained with the “why”, “what”, and “when”. There’s no server constantly interrupting, there’s no worrying about running up a 200.00 check for someone you barely know, and there’s definitely no worrying about having to stay quiet throughout a movie. Here’s a bonus, 9 times out of 10 there’s also a Starbucks inside which is not as busy or loud, so yes by all means take the conversation to a table over a couple lattes and chocolate chip cookies.

*Arcade/Dave & Busters 

-Another one is an arcade or a Dave & Busters type place. Come on…games?? Who could complain about this? Not to mention, there’s food and drinks there as well. This definitely brings out the competitive nature of people and/or the feel good fun side. As reserved and shy as people are on first dates, you can never go wrong with a place that forces you to step out of your shell and laugh, be loud and get excited over hitting the 50 point ring in Skeeball (and since both people would do this together, no one would feel silly). The two player games are ideal if things are going well and for people like me who love winning stuffed animals and toys, this is perfect. Another fantastic thing about these type of places is, they open early in the day and stay open late, so you can extend the date longer or cut it short if you need to.

*Escape Rooms

-And last but definitely not least, “Escape Rooms”. Now this is just starting to gain popularity, so it might be difficult to find in every city, but this is such a dope idea and some of them allow 2 people teams! The reason why this is ideal is because it usually lasts about 1-2 hours and it requires teamwork, a ton of communication and sharing perspectives while really testing patience and understanding. Whether you’re successful at completing the entire game or not, the experience and the hindsight makes for fun conversation afterwards as well.

When it comes to first dates, the primary purpose should be getting to know someone while interacting with them and having an enjoyable time. As much as we know the typical places are good, people should be looking to do activities that create communication, laughter and an all around positive environment so you can focus on your date. I know everyone is different, but to me each one of the above places has eliminated the interruption that can hinder great conversation, like a server constantly checking in to see if you need water or dessert or wanting to talk but being forced to stay quiet during a movie. Or even a minimal interruption like going to Starbucks and hearing “Decaf, grande, half sweet, soy, caramel macchiato”, every 2 minutes while struggling to find a place to sit, but for those who want to stick with the traditional route, by all means do that. Whatever works and whatever can provide the necessary experience to either see that person again or move on to the next one.

Breaking the ice is what you should keep in mind when comes to your first date. Which brings me to my first idea.


Now, Karaoke is super unconventional and chances are, your date has never karaoke. 9 times out of 10, one person is brave enough to grab the mic. But your chances of them backing out of singing will be bigger, so you're going to have to go first so they know that they'll live through the embarrassment. Pick an obnoxious song for them to sing. For example, Juvenile's "Back That Azz Up". That's sure to get a laugh.

*Sunrise Watching 

-What's the next idea for a not so typical date? Go watch a sunrise. Sunrises are so beautiful and to share that with someone is truly great. 9 times out of 10, this person hasn't experienced a sunrise, at least a sober one, and out of their own will. The colors you'll see will leave you speechless and the silence alone speaks volumes. It brings a certain peace to the individual. The early bird catches the worm and this way, you have the day ahead of you still. You can always go get breakfast afterwards.

*Cloud Watching 
-Consider cloud watching. Let your imagination run wild as you see an elephant driving a boat or a shark having tea. Cloud porn is there for our enjoyment. It's also interesting to see what the other person sees or says. Pick a great park or even a beautiful spot under a bridge. Clouds are very under appreciated at times. This sort of date will help you connect with the person because you're in a sense going to see how deep they get in terms of creativity. Bring some snacks so you're not seen as cheap because working your imagination works up an appetite.

*Watch A Bad Movie/Have Fun With It
-Rent a bad movie you two can agree on and create the dialogue. There are so many bad movies out there that it's crazy to think that so many productions allow these films to even hit theaters. What's my suggestion? Pick a terrible movie like Sharknado or Dumb and Dumber 2 and add your own twist to it. However, I watched all of the Sharknado films. They're so bad that you're going to want to finish this ridiculousness. In addition, if you want to add a musical twist, certainly do so. Let your inner Mos Def come out and drop bars on these shitty films.

I'm sure there are more ideas that can be added, but first dates or dates in general have got to be much more elaborate rather than typical.

I'll give a brief male perspective on this topic. While many of the date ideas from the ladies make perfect sense, I'll go further and provide some unconventional date ideas for the first date. Some of these might not seem unconventional, but consider the most conventional dates are the movies and dinner, or a bar for drinks, or even just meeting for coffee, let's try to mix it up slightly.

*Museum/Art Gallery Date

-This seems more like something that would be reserved for a later date, but the museum could provide you with a great place to pick someone's brain and get to know them much more while also bouncing your sense of humor off them and seeing their cultural interests via what exhibits in the museum they like or what portraits in the art gallery they gravitate to. Depending on your level of comfort, a simple hand hold or arm around the waist of the lady while you walk and talk creates a bit of intimacy and comfort. It could work or show you that this woman isn't for you. Either or.

*Batting Cage

-Mini Golf is one of the usual dates listed, but how about going to the batting cage? There are plenty of those around and I think this could be a fun way to really get comfortable with the other person and be a bit active.


-I've never been, but this seems like a solid idea for two people to have and be competitive. It's a great way to unwind and get comfortable with the person, as would be something like indoor rock climbing or even something a little more silly like Skyzone could be a fun alternative to the norm.

Whatever your preference is, enjoy that first date and the company with you. There's great things out to explore on a first date. Get to it!



  1. Great ideas. Too bad i dont meet women interested in these lol. They be having the restaurant already picked out smh. Me and my homegirls do these type of things tho


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