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DAR Dating: Keeping Your Relationship Off Social Media

By @CurlsAndSports 

A true creep will know if a person is taken or not. In fact, a true creep will take the creeping to a new level and will find the person you've been seeing for a long time. As a superstitious person, I am a firm believer in the less you show, the better it is for you. Now if you're the type to share your boyfriend or girlfriend on a semi daily basis, there's nothing to creep on because we all know what they look like and if they wore that shirt before in another post. When it comes to compare and contrast, are couples who post less happier than couples who post more on social media? There have been several articles that explore this topic, but I will attempt to go into depth to prove that those who post less or more sporadically, are indeed happier.

By now, I'm sure you thought of at least 5 people who have overshared every single one of their relationships. It's like they don't learn their lesson. Couple selfies are cute, but much like newborn babies, there's no need to overshare this. If you do want to share photos of him or her, go ahead or if you want to be discreet, here's one way you can do it. Start off with showing perhaps dinner or a view topped off with an adorable caption. Keep it moving. The start of the relationship is crucial. Don't overshare photos so then you're not up at 4 am deleting photos a few months later. Someone is always watching and chances are, I probably already caught on to it.

Does it mean anything if your partner doesn't share photos of you on social media? I do understand the suspicion behind it but ultimately, actions speak louder than words. It's a conversation that will occur and when it does, there is no need to look into. It's not that deep. You just have to respect their wishes and you can't force anyone to post photos. Maybe they're just not that type. It doesn't mean they're not proud of you. However, if it's a few years into it and still no photo, that's a little suss perhaps. But since when does posting a photo on social media dictate your relationship status? Our parents survived without any of this nonsense. We can also do the same. Social media should never validate your relationship.

It's been about a good 10 years since we were able to share things such as relationships on social media. It all started with your top 8 people, or whatever it was on MySpace. Now it's gotten much more intricate. It's hashtag and custom Snapchat filters as well as the couple selfies that are now profile pictures. That doesn't mean that those things aren't adorable. In fact, they're immensely cute but have a limit to it. We get that you went with your beau to Miami, but don't forget that we also remember that profile picture in which you went with your ex to the Caribbean. Remember: less is more. The mysterious element about human beings has somewhat dispersed from us. Personally, being mysterious keeps people guessing.

One other thing I've observed is that those people that usually post a lot, 9 times out of 10, they're in a shitty relationship. I know that sounds terrible but think about it. My memory doesn't let me forget how much certain girls or guys complain about their "significant other." If you're too busy complaining behind closed doors, open that door and see your way out. Photos are quite deceiving.

When we do see a random couple shot, you can instantly see the celebration and appreciate the simplicity in the caption. I've always wondered how you show love to your other half during celebratory moments occur and yet, your caption reads that they're your "pain in the ass." Or "I hate you but I love you." Let's not forget about, "You annoy me so much but I love you." That's how I describe my love towards my brother, not my significant other. Post less of that nonsense and more adorable captions instead. As I usually preach, think before you post.

Happy couples also don't post subs towards each other on social media even if they're angry. What do you get by posting Fabolous' Situationship's lyrics or the latest Adele song? But the ironic thing behind subbing is the fact that those people then have the nerve to say that everyone is nosey. If you post it, people will respond to it. That childish nonsense has got to stop. Also, no matter how big the argument, it should ultimately stay between the both of you and maybe, just maybe one best friend. It's good to talk about it but misery loves company so be careful with who you share with too.

Someone actually told me thanks for not flaunting your relationship on Facebook on social media. Things of that nature makes me happy to hear because let's face it, no one needs to see those couple selfies or couple related sentiments constantly. It's boring and we're tired of it.

Couples who post less are most definitely happier. Remember, less is always more so please stop posting constantly about your relationship. I can't keep track of how many times you were "in love with your best friend" and now you can't even be in the same room with that ex.


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