DAR Sports: NFL Week 6 Preview

Here we are. At the point in the season where we are basically one third of the way through it. Today, we have a different style of preview, as we all give predictions, but also talk about our favorite team and their progress so far this season. Let's get into the Week 6 Games and what to expect. Also, Colin Kaepernick is starting this week. Prepare for the media frenzy.

*Week 6 Games 
Thursday, October 13th
-Denver Broncos vs San Diego Chargers

Sunday, October 16th 
-Philadelphia Eagles vs Washington Redskins 
-Pittsburgh Steelers vs Miami Dolphins 
-Jacksonville Jaguars vs Chicago Bears
-Tennessee Titans vs Cleveland Browns 
-New England Patriots vs Cincinnati Bengals
-Buffalo Bills vs San Francisco 49ers
-New York Giants vs Baltimore Ravens 
-Detroit Lions vs Los Angeles Rams 
-Carolina Panthers vs New Orleans Saints 
-Oakland Chiefs vs Kansas City Chiefs 
-Green Bay Packers vs Dallas Cowboys 
-Seattle Seahawks vs Atlanta Falcons 
Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans 

Monday, October 17th
-New York Jets vs Arizona Cardinals 

Week 6. We are 6 weeks in and my New York Giants are 2-3. We look lost right now. We looked fine in the first two games, winning both, and then the Washington game happened. We had a perfect opportunity to demolish the Redskins' season, and we blew it, because of how our QB played. Eli's been missing throws, over-throwing, under-throwing receivers, hasn't been taking deep shots with our three deeply talented receivers, and we look terrible. Other than lack of pass rush and health, I don't have many complaints about the defense. Janoris Jenkins has been playing lights out, and despite lack of pass rush and breaks thanks to our stupid coaches, JPP/OV54 have done a decent job getting pressure on the QB. Sometimes. Hopefully we get it back on track against Baltimore this Sunday.

Broncos > Chargers
Eagles > Redskins
Steelers > Dolphins
Jaguars > Bears
Titans > Browns
Patriots > Bengals
Bills > 49ers
Giants > Ravens
Lions > Rams
Panthers > Saints
Raiders > Chiefs
Packers > Cowboys
Seahawks > Falcons
Colts > Texans
Cardinals > Jets

First, I'll start this with I like and dislike about my Carolina Panthers in detail. Then I'll predict in detail also what I feel are marquee matchups along with my regular predictions.

First....my Carolina Panthers, you suck and that's okay. What's wrong with us? We suck. We went 17-2 including the playoffs the season before. Why are we so horrible? Our biggest issue is our pass rush. How is that possibly our biggest issue when Matt Ryan and Julio Jones turned our secondary into a freaking Kabob?! The answer to that lies within our ability to rush the passer or lack thereof. We have 11 total sacks. Only 1 from our Defensive Ends going into our Week 5 loss to Tampa Bay. We have been unable to touch the Quarterback or at least force him into tough throwing situations. Let's look at the QBs we've faced at this point. Trevor Siemian, Blaine Gabbert, Sam Bradford, Matt Ryan and Jameis Winston. I've watched each of these games personally and the only one we forced consistent pressure onto was Sam Bradford, who came into the game missing Adrian Peterson and his starting left tackle Matt Kalil. The pressure we applied to Bradford lasted only one half. Kony Ealy, who was expected to do big things this year after his historical Super Bowl 50 performance (3 Sacks- tied for a SB record, an interception and a forced fumble), has been a huge disappointment this season. Kawann Short, who has never been a great pass rusher, but had a great year rushing the passer last year, has been unable to push the pocket. Our pass rush was also a problem last season, which is why we made a midseason trade for Jared Allen (who I miss dearly).

Our secondary has been terrible. Kurt Coleman has been the only serviceable player in the secondary. Sean McDermott and Ron Rivera have done a poor job helping the corners (3 Rookies currently on the roster) with a safety over the top. Our biggest plays given up in the passing game have been in one on one situations (Torrey Smith's 28 yard touchdown on James Bradberry in broken coverage). People wonder why we didn't resign Josh Norman. He turns 29 in December. He wanted long term, big money based on one and a half seasons of work. Gettleman believed he was a system corner, like just about everyone on Twitter. I've always looked at the cornerback position as a luxury for us. I mean have you seen what we've been trotting out in the secondary the last 4 years and we were still in the top 15? Josh Norman is the first ever elite corner we've had. Chris Gamble was an above average guy for us for a while and I loved him when he was here, but he didn't take guys out of the game the way Josh did for us in 2015. Our system isn't reliant on excellent play in the secondary because our front seven throughout franchise history has been stoudt and it hasn't been that at all this season. If we're consistently pressuring the passer and shutting down the running lanes then our secondary doesn't get roasted like marshmellows over a campfire.

What about the offense? Two Words: Fire Shula. His play calling has been terrible. Nothing more needs to be said. Our run offense without Cam Newton awful. Our leading rusher is Fozzy Whitaker at 186 Yards through 5 games. Cam is second at 147 yards on 29 totes himself. Our offensive line has regressed. Our tackles (Who I have affectionately named Mike and Ike) Oher and Remmers have continued their subpar play. Trai Turner, the Pro Bowl guard, and his running mate Andrew Norwell have regressed and committed a lot of stupid penalties (another thing killing us). Ryan Kalil, the Patriarch of the O-Line, is showing his age. The end is near for one of the best players we've ever had. Cam Newton? He's also taken a step back. He's been hesitant to run at times this season when we've needed it (especially against Minnesota where he was hit quite a lot). He also hasn't been showing great pocket awareness, an issue I thought he had finally conquered in 2015. He's thrown 6 touchdowns to 5 interceptions. He also has 2 touchdowns on the ground, but he hasn't played anywhere close to an MVP Level except against San Francisco.

What are we doing well?? Pretty much nothing. Kelvin Benjamin has looked good when he has passes thrown in his direction (Another issue was getting him targets against Atlanta and Minnesota). Greg Olsen continues to be fantastic. That's literally the only good thing I can find to say about this team. We're 3rd in total yards per game, 10th in passing yards and 6th in rushing. We're gaining yards, but we aren't finishing drives.

Can we be fixed? This season? Maybe not. We'd basically have to start a hot streak and hope Atlanta has their usual late season breakdown but as of now, a probable Falcons choke job looks like it's going to be reserved for the Playoffs. The issues we have could have been fixed in this year's offseason. In Gettleman We Trust, right? David Gettleman has helped us escape salary cap hell and found us some pretty productive players however, his penny pinching has caught up to us this season. In the draft, he opted to not go for the best player available, selecting Louisiana Tech Defensive Tackle Vernon Butler. Butler wasn't even the best player available and a better player, Texas A&M Tackle Germain Ifedi, was taken with the very next pick, which could have helped solve our OT problem and at the same time have the best player available on the board at that time. What about other need positions? Like I said earlier our running game has been awful with Cam Newton off the field. With plenty of free agent options available at RB like Chris Ivory, Lamar Miller, Alfred Morris or the cheaper Lance Dunbar and Robert Turbin, Gettleman saw fit to go ahead with our current core with Jonathan Stewart only playing in 1 1/2 games this year. Cornerback? Pass. What about the pass rusher? With an Olivier Vernon and Mo Wilkerson available, Gettleman stood pat and gave Charles Johnson a one year extension. If we're gonna rebound from this awful season thus far, Gettleman is going to have to use that $5 bill that's been sitting in his wallet since the 3rd grade and get us some help. His stubborn approach has benefitted and hurt us.

But who knows? Maybe we'll break off 11 straight wins? Or maybe we're headed to the lottery. For now we have to accept the fact that we suck and that's okay. At least this guy isn't starting!

Now onto the predictions.

*Broncos @ Chargers
-Philip Rivers and Chargers OC Ken Wisenhut have reunited for another great year. Chargers are ranked 8th in total offense but they haven't been able to close out games. I'm going Broncos 24-17

*Eagles @ Redskins:
-Tough to call. Eagles had a bad week against Detroit, but their defense has a favorable match up against the Redskins' poor run defense. Carson Wentz must avoid making any mistakes with Josh Norman who has played very well this season in a new home. I'll go Skins 24-21.

*Panthers @ Saints
-The Panthers have been flat our horrible this season with issues all across the defense (Surprisingly 12th in total defense). The offense has looked good but they have a hard time finishing drives. Drew Brees comes to town (1,269 Yards, 10-3 TD/INT) this week and if the Panthers can't get their stalled pass rush going, its going to be a long day. Shootout. Panthers 35-31

Bengals @ Patriots:
-The Bengals offense was flat out mediocre against Dallas last week. Look for that to continue against an even better Patriots defense. Tom Brady is still Tom Brady. Patriots 29-17

*Falcons @ Seahawks:
-The Falcons are off to a 4-1 start and so far they've beaten both of the Super Bowl 50 teams. I'm very impressed with this team. However they face the top ranked defense. A rare matchup of The #1 offense vs the #1 defense. The Broncos locked up Julio Jones last week (2 catches, 29 yards), but the Run Game was still effective and Vic Beasley got to Paxton Lynch multiple times. The Seahawks defense will fare better at slowing down the Falcons rush attack and if Julio Jones is taken out again I think the Seahawks take this one. Seahawks 23-17

Cardinals over Jets
Texans over Colts
Raiders over Chiefs
Steelers blow out Dolphins
Bills over 49ers
Titans over Browns
Bears over Jaguars
Lions over Rams
Giants over Ravens
Cowboys over Packers

DEN vs SD - SD
SF vs BUF - SF
LA vs DET - LA
CIN vs NE - NE

Dallas is looking better than ever, and they're looking like the 2014 Cowboys that would've won the Super Bowl if it wasn't for that bullshit call. I'm excited for this weekend so we can get our revenge on GB. I'm predicting a 12-4 or a 13-3 season now, I believe Dallas will definitely be Super Bowl contenders and our run game is unstoppable.

My team, the Panthers are coming off the height of a 15-1 season, NFC Championship and a Superbowl loss still being our best season ever. However, they have started this season off terrible. Our star QB Cam Newton is out due to a concussion, our star RB Jonathan Stewart is injured and our secondary is lacking heavily. The Panthers organization really are missing Josh Norman. They really fucked up by not paying him. We are now 1-4 and it doesn't seem to be looking good for us, but I hope we can turn this around.

Now here are my predictions for week 6.

Broncos over Chargers
Redskins over Eagles
Steelers over Dolphins
Jaguars over Bears
Browns over Titans
Patriots over Bengals
49ers over Bills
Giants over Ravens
Rams over Lions
Panthers over Saints
Raiders over Chiefs
Packers over Cowboys
Seahawks over Falcons
Colts over Texans
Cardinals over Jets

The Giants are 2-3 through the first quarter of the season. They lost two games against Washington and Green Bay, both that they should have won. In the offseason, the Giants were a favorite in the NFC East. But in typical Giants fashion however, the G-Men are starting to reel a little bit. The expensive defensive line isn’t getting much pressure on opposing QB’s, the receiver’s are having a hard time separating from defenders and Eli is playing poorly as of now. You can attribute Eli’s struggles to the porous play of the offensive line, but if you look at the numbers he is still on par with the numbers he had last year. He is completing 63% of his passes, but the difference this year is the lack of touchdowns. I expect the Giants defense to play better once the secondary gets healthier. Now they have a tough second quarter against tough defenses, like the Ravens, Rams and Bengals, but those teams have struggling offenses. The Giants should be able to pull out at least 2 of those games.

CLE WIN      

Denver over San Diego
Buffalo over San Francisco
Jacksonville over Chicago
Los Angeles over Detroit
Tennessee over Cleveland
Pittsburgh over Miami
New England over Cincinnati
New Orleans over Carolina
Washington over Philly
Baltimore over New York Giants
Kansas City over Oakland
Green Bay over Dallas
Seattle over Atlanta
Indianapolis over Houston
Arizona over New York

Oh man, you want to talk about change. The Oakland Raiders are currently tied for first in the AFC West at 4-1. Now while we look at the record and go WOW the Raiders are playing ball, they haven't hit their full potential quite yet. Oakland's offense has shown that they can indeed score and at any given moment, but their defense has still been shaky. All of the Raiders games have been very close and down to the last second, but what matters is that they're winning games they'd typically lose. Oakland needs to put together a full 60 minutes of football because I don't know how many close games I can really take. The Raiders are 4-1, but work needs to be done especially with Kansas City coming to Oakland and apparently they're once again bringing the rain with them.


I can't say the Eagles have done a whole lot wrong, outside of the coach running a toss play in a 2 minute drill on 3rd and 2 that resulted in a Ryan Mathews fumble that lost the game last week. However, a rookie coach, rookie QB and outside of that mistake, some stellar playcalling have led to a 3-1 start. Can't complain.

The Broncos are 4-1. Considering we have two rookie QBs in Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch, I fully expected us to be 1-4 at this point in the season. Our rush game is a bit weaker this year, but we still have managed to make it to where we are tied with the Raiders (who I expected to win the division) for first in the AFC West. I see we have a long road ahead for the next 11 weeks, but regardless, the Broncos will be alright. I predict a win against the Chargers, as our defense will dominate and give Rivers hell. Hopefully we take the AFC West yet again, and can make it back to back titles.

Broncos beat the Chargers
Eagles beat the Redskins
Bills beat the 49ers
Jaguars beat the Bears
Rams beat the Lions
Cowboys beat the Packers
Titans beat the Browns
Patriots beat the Bengals
Panthers beat the Saints
Steelers beat the Dolphins
Falcons beat the Seahawks
Chiefs beat the Raiders
Colts beat the Texans
Ravens beat the Giants
Jets beat the Cardinals

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