DAR Music: 25 Of The Best Usher Songs

By @TrueGodImmortal 

For many, R&B artist Usher is a true legend. There's no denying his contributions to music over the years and ever since his arrival in 1994, Usher has put out some great albums and some solid music. Now, today we attempt to narrow his catalog down to his 20 best songs in his career. Just a note for my Confessions fans: there is no "Yeah" or "Burn" on this list, because despite being commercially successful, neither song is really THAT great. However, they are huge hits and vital to his career. With that out of the way (don't throw rocks), let's talk Usher and his greatest songs.

*Think Of You (1994)

-My favorite song off his first album, Usher came with immense flavor with this particular track. Still showcasing his youth, but giving it a grown flare, Usher provides us with one of his smoothest tracks ever.

*My Way (1997)

-This is where Usher found his footing as an artist. The bouncy track and the solid rhythm behind it allowed Usher to talk his shit, and when you add in the video, this song is certainly one of the best Usher tracks ever, and the hook is one of his most catchy and infectious without a doubt.

*Nice and Slow (1997)
-The song is iconic if you're a fan of 90s R&B. I mean, from the opening lines of the song to the hook, to the bridge, Usher created something timeless here. Even his mini rap verse was entertaining. A lot of people have this song on their 90s R&B bedroom playlist and with good reason. It might be the best song period in his catalog.

*Slow Jam featuring Monica (1997)

-This is essentially a cover of a classic song, but man the way these two combine on this track is something special. Monica is a great vocalist and Usher manages to keep up with her and they create magic.

*Bedtime (1997)

-This Babyface written and produced gem is my personal favorite song on My Way. It's exactly what you expect from a Babyface crafted song, and Usher manages to deliver vocally.

*You Make Me Wanna (1997)

-This was tough to leave on the list honestly. I wanted to keep it off, but it's so iconic and actually dope that I wanted to put it on the list. Usher was in rare form during this classic My Way album and this was the single that really caught my attention and changed everything. The song itself is your standard 1997 R&B track, but Usher elevated it himself with his flare.

*U Remind Me (2001)

-The opening sound of this song is my favorite part, but what really elevated the song is the relatable factor. Many of us have had women that remind you of someone in your past. The way Usher tells this story and structures it is underrated. The song is an enjoyable listen and is my favorite song off 8701.

*U Got It Bad (2001)

-The ultimate sappy love song from Usher. He's always had some good love songs, but this is the most sappy, yet it really works. He speaks of a love so strong that you can't deny, and the hook is beyond infectious.

*U Don't Have To Call (2001)

-Usher rarely has those songs that can go in the club. This is one of those exceptions. The Neptunes produced track had a great formula to win. The upbeat production mixed with the layered vocals and infectious hook combined with the cool verses made for one of the best Usher tracks. Especially one to dance to.

*Can U Help Me  (2001)

-Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are infamous for ballads and they would write and produce this one. I think this is the most slept on song from the 8701 album because it's showcasing Usher at his best. This is a simple ballad, but the way the production coasts and Usher vocally carries this song, it elevates to greatness.

*Confessions Part II (2004)

-The title track of the greatest R&B album of the 2000s, Usher tells a story of deceit and cheating to his woman, hoping he can clear his conscience and all that comes with it. The song is also helped by the bouncy yet melodic beat from Jermaine Dupri.

*Superstar (2004)

-The moment the beat starts, this ballad captures your attention. It's the best song on Confessions IMO and it's a top 5 Usher song. He speaks of loving his woman like she was a star, playing the role of a "groupie". The premise aside, the marriage between the vocals and the production is top notch.

*Seduction (2004)
-A special edition track from Confessions, this one is criminally slept on. To keep it short, Usher tells a story of a woman who seduces him, and though the story isn't a new one, the way it is executed is flawless.

*My Boo featuring Alicia Keys (2004)

-This is mostly here for the monumental feel that came with it. Alicia was one of the biggest female artists. Usher was the biggest male artist at the time. For these two to combine was huge, and when add in the catchy production, the cheesy yet infectious hook, and the feel of the song, it takes it to a much higher level.

*Can U Handle It (2004)

-The slow, bedroom sound of this particular track trumps the other three direct sex songs in the trilogy (Do It To Me and That's What's It Made For are the other two) from this album. It's the way the production slowly coasts and the way Usher delivers the lyrics that makes it better than the other two. This is a true classic track.

*Follow Me (2004)
-This is my favorite song on Confessions and the most underrated song on the entire album. It's crazy how slept on this track is, but the upbeat booming production combined with the smooth yet centered vocals from Usher are undeniable.

*Love You Gently (2008)

-His 2008 album Here I Stand didn't have many highlights, but this was one. It's another late night bedroom track from Usher, but this is one of his absolutely best, if not the absolute best. The production is amazing here as well, adding yet another bedroom anthem to Usher's catalog.

*Trading Places (2008)

-I wasn't sold on this song at first. I mean the content is a little.... funny to me, but the song is really good. The Dream writes this and while the song has some sketchy lyrics at times, it sounds amazing. The thought of trading places with your woman sexually doesn't really sound appealing to me, but the song at least is a great listen.

*There Goes My Baby (2010)

-The sound of this song invokes a bit of a 90s R&B feel to it, and rightfully so. Usher delivers here, and the 808s backed by the smooth melody make for one of his best songs on the weak Raymond V Raymond album.

*Mars vs Venus (2010)

-This production is majestic. Usher glides over this production and creates something spectacular. The topic itself has been done to death, but this song is just executed so well that it just works.

*Making Love/Into The Night (2010)
-This song honestly feels like the sequel to "There Goes My Baby", and it's a great song. The sound is not necessarily seductive, but it is very much so smooth and sets the tone for the late night.

*Lay You Down (2010)

-I absolutely love this song. I remember when the Versus album dropped, I had no interest to listen to it. It was when I heard this song that I gave it a listen and I was glad that I did. It's another bedroom anthem, but it's more resounding than his usual late night tracks, and it just works perfectly.

*Dive (2012)

-While I thought "Climax" was cool, I think this is legitimately the best single from the Looking 4 Myself album he released and the only song I really thoroughly enjoyed. Much like the rest of Usher's best songs, this song is once again about sex, which should be no surprise at this point.

*Missin' U (2016)
-No, you won't find the "No Limit" or the Future featured "Rivals" on this list, despite being his recent singles. Those songs are very middle of the road, but this one has a pretty dope sound and is really the only other song on his new album worth checking out. It sticks out above all the other songs not only on this album, but his last one prior also.

*Tell Me (2016)

-His new album doesn't have much on it that I enjoy, but this song got instantly added to my favorites, as Usher hits with yet another bedroom anthem. The song is seductive and slow, with enough resounding vocals and drums to make it the best song on his entire album.

Usher had a lot of songs that could have made this list, but these are the 25 that I thought really deserved the honor. If you haven't heard all of these or if you're not a big Usher fan, take a moment and enjoy these songs.



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