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DAR Music: 25 Of The Greatest Stevie Wonder Songs

By @TrueGodImmortal 

There are artists that exceed the genre they started in to become timeless legends. Stevie Wonder is one of those names. Over a nearly 50 year career, Stevie has built up one of the greatest if not THE greatest catalog of all time. He's got hits for days, with some of the greatest songs ever in music under his belt. Today, I'm tasked with the responsibility of picking the 25 best Stevie Wonder songs. Now, with that, you won't see some of his biggest songs here, including "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" and "I Wish", not because they aren't iconic, but because in terms of quality, they just aren't his best songs. Don't get me wrong, they're classics as well, and if I had to make a top 30 or 50 list, they'd certainly be on the list. However, all disclaimers aside, let's get into this list and the best Stevie songs.

*Golden Lady 

-This is without a doubt my all time favorite Stevie song and clearly one of his best. The production is flawless, the vocals are amazing, and the way Stevie combines them is perfection. The hook is so infectious and I can find myself singing it randomly as the sounds of "Golden Lady, Golden Lady, I'd like to go there" never manages to escape my brain. When I think of Stevie songs, this is always at the very top of my list personally with no question.

*Superwoman/Where Were You When I Needed You  

-This is my mother's favorite Stevie song and was my grandmother's favorite Stevie song. One, my grandma was named Mary and that will always make this song special to me. The first part is just really infectious and soulful especially when we arrive at the "very well" part that shows up every so often, but it's when the song changes over that it reaches the apex as the heartbreaking sounds of "where were you when I needed you... last winter" tugs at your soul. This song is the most poignant one in Stevie's catalog IMO.

*My Cherie Amour

-This was probably the first song I ever heard of Stevie, well at least the first one I gravitated to. The smooth rhythm and his signature vocals make this one of his most iconic songs and to do a list without this one is just unfair (and the quality of the song matches the legacy).


-Another upbeat number from Stevie, this song is another one of his great moments, and probably a top 10 in popularity. It's often confused as "Always" or "I'll Be Loving You", but this song is instantly known and iconic. The song shines behind the melody and the accompanying background vocals which truly work well with Stevie here.

*If You Really Love Me

-There's some songs that really captivate you and this was one of those. I'm a big fan of using horn sections in music, especially when they combine for a resounding melody and this is a prime example of that. Stevie and his simple yet effective chorus seals the deal and the breakdown during the verses are amazing.

*Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer

-A sad ballad, this one holds a place for me just because of how emotional the song feels. Stevie was masterful in his execution here and I think that this song tends to go slept on at times, but it is somber, heartfelt, and a gem nonetheless.

*Send One Your Love

-The greatness of this song is sorely underrated by many. The laid back and smooth vibe of the song is honestly one of my favorites from Stevie and I think it's probably his most slept on song yet also one of his more recognizable ones. The production has a coasting vibe, feeling like a song you could just play over and over again on a long commute or just in a relaxing mood at home.

*All In Love Is Fair

-Stevie managed to put together so many great songs in his career that some tend to overlook this one but when speaking on songs that showcase his hurt and pain, this is the ultimate. The way he delivers it and the lyrics behind it are truly top notch.

*I Just Called To Say I Love You

-This song is one of those that doesn't necessary hit you on the first listen, but you'll notice later on that it's stuck in your head and you can't get it out. The production threw me off for a moment when I first heard it, but as the song progresses, it gets better and better, a sign of a true classic.

*Part Time Lover

-I remember my first time hearing this track and I was instantly drawn in due to the upbeat and bouncy production. The lyrics also paint a picture and combined with that bouncy production and the infectious hook, the song is yet another undeniable one in the catalog for Stevie.

*Happy Birthday

-Never in a million years would I imagine that Stevie could make a birthday song one of the best songs in his catalog, but here we are. His dedication to Martin Luther King and his birthday is really the catchiest birthday tune I've ever heard and it's literally the most simple yet infectious song. It's really a great track and there's no way to pay homage to Stevie without mentioning this one.

*Ribbon In The Sky

-I consider this to be a wedding song, probably the ultimate wedding song. No idea if Stevie meant to make it one, or if this is just a lovely ballad, but it just fits perfectly for that occasion. He delivers the song with a sincerity that's unmatched and you can see how much he felt that song in his soul.

*Living For The City

-Stevie had a knack for painting pictures in his music and this is one of those moments. The upbeat rhythm in this track elevated it and the relatable lyrics in it make it an all time classic. I love the way Stevie sings this, as it almost seems he's telling his own struggles, which elevated the song also. It's a classic without a doubt.


-While the Jodeci version of this song is one I prefer slightly, the original version is much more timeless and a true tale of the sadness that a breakup or changes in a relationship can cause. The way Stevie sings this song, you can tell he really felt those lyrics and that he put his heart and soul into this particular track. A true gem.


-This is a top 5 song for me from Stevie personally. The way he structured it, the production, every build up to the very simple hook is truly phenomenal. I can't even begin to describe what makes this song such a blessing to my ears, it's just one of those songs that connected on first listen and never lost me years later.

*That Girl

-I enjoy the balance Stevie has between funky upbeat rhythms and slow ballads, and this one is a perfect example. The production is still upbeat but the instruments give off a softer feel, so it's really right in the middle in terms of tempo and pace, which allows for Stevie to sing about a particular lady who has it all figured out, so to speak. Another classic.

*You Are The Sunshine Of My Life

-Probably one of my favorite Stevie songs because of how laid back and smooth it is. He has so many songs like that, but the way he delivers this is effortless. This song just flows through perfectly and remains an all time gem in his catalog.

*Sir Duke

-When the horn section begins the song, you're instantly drawn in and you never stop listening. The tribute to Duke Ellington is a beautiful blend of soul and jazz and the way Stevie sings each verse and the hook is magnificent. I could listen to this song over and over again.

*Rocket Love

-This is such an underrated gem. Who could deny the sounds of this track? I mean, the way he delivers this is superb. The song lyrics really seem to be leaning more towards sad, but the production feels majestic, with a jazzy yet funky sound to it, which was the basis of the "Hotter Than July" album. Every time I hear "you dropped me back down to this cold, cold world", I can't help but sing along. Especially when it gets to the end, and the pace picks up slightly and Stevie nearly yells out "you dropped my black ass back down to this cold, cold world", which might be my favorite part of the song.

*Isn't She Lovely

-This song really reminds me of my daughter. That's why it'll always be on my list of his greatest songs. Written about his daughter's birth, this song has to be an anthem for any father that's always been proud of his child. It's a song that truly sums up the feeling you get when your child is brought into this world.

*All I Do

-Another classic that is probably well known due to the infectious hook, the song remains a gem in his catalog, and probably would rank top 10. The moment Stevie tells his woman that she's made his soul a burning fire and she's his one desire, it's a wrap. This song takes its place as a classic at that moment.

*Knocks Me Off My Feet

-When it comes to ballads, beautiful ballads at that, not many can do it better than Stevie at all. This is probably his first or second best ballad, as the melody and his vocals combine for something beyond amazing. I could listen to this song over and over again.

*Higher Ground

-Another gem in the catalog, this Innervisions classic is one of my favorites off that album. The call and response feel of the verses and the hook are what make it work so effortlessly, and much like most of the songs on this list, they are infectious in melody and execution.

*Master Blaster (Jammin)

-I placed this here instead of "Boogie On Reggae Woman" because I think this is just a better song and is really one hell of a jam. This song has a kick to it and some flare behind it and every time I listen to it, I instantly sing along to the smooth yet hyped vocals of Stevie. The hook is yet again another infectious win for Stevie.


-With an iconic bassline, some nice drums, and one of the most effortlessly sung songs in his catalog, Stevie created a classic that many recognized as one of his biggest and best songs ever. It is probably his most famous and infamous song in his career and it helps that it's a funky upbeat number that shows Stevie at his absolute best. The title of the track probably also helped with the legacy of it.


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