DAR Sports: 10 Of The Best Young Players In The NBA

By @TrueGodImmortal

Over the last 3 years or so, it's been said the NBA draft has been slightly disappointing. There are a few gems hidden in every draft class as is, but the last few years have seen some guys fall to the wayside or never live up to that early potential. In this game now, there are some key players that have been in the NBA since the 2014 draft. Today, we look at 10 of the players that have come into the NBA since the 2014 draft and made an impact and shown potential beyond the norm. Let's get into it.

*Andrew Wiggins 

-He's coming of age, but it's clear he still has some work left to do to improve and get better. However, we've seen flashes of brilliance of him alongside 3 other extremely promising players on the Timberwolves. One has to wonder what Wiggins could have accomplished had he stayed in Cleveland where he was drafted, but I think him learning the hard way through experience in Minnesota alongside other young budding players will make him grow in his own unique way.

*Karl Anthony Towns

-Speaking of Minnesota, you'd have to give some credit to this amazing Center for the Timberwolves who is growing at a rapid pace. A future All Star and possibly the best Center in the game that's not named Demarcus Cousins, KAT has continued to improve his game since arriving last year to the NBA. He's pulled down rebounds, shot threes, dished out assists, and blocked shots at a crazy pace, and one could honestly say that the moment Minnesota figures it out, they will become a very real contender in the West.

*Aaron Gordon 

-The man who many felt was robbed of the Dunk Contest title is very talented and seems poised to become the man on the Orlando Magic. He's still growing his game and I'd like to think he has more of an upside than Hejonza or a Mudiay, which is why neither man is on this list. Gordon has to continue to develop his game, but if he keeps growing and improving as a player, he could be a force in the next few years. His minutes per game keep increasing with every season and his points per game total will as well. Keep an eye on him in the coming seasons.

*Zach Lavine 

-The two time Dunk Contest champion has honestly developed his game and improved in a number of ways. Minnesota was seen as a team with a dynamic duo of Wiggins and KAT previously, but now they are a potential big 3, with Kris Dunn in the wings with the ability to make it a big 4. Lavine has shown he can dunk, but his ability to score and drive is underrated and if the Timberwolves can figure things out, the NBA could be in trouble.

*Joel Embiid 

-I would have chosen Nerlens or Okafor, but both have been disappointing this season, and I think Joel is the better of these 3 big men. Embiid has had health issues that caused him not to play, but now that he's healthy, he's currently the no. 1 pick for Rookie Of The Year so far, and I'm not surprised. He's gifted and can dominate in the paint and post, and he also can pull off the Dream Shake like no one else we've seen since Hakeem himself. Joel is destined for greatness.

*Jabari Parker 

-Though he isn't as gifted as Giannis (who just missed this list because he came into the NBA in 2013), this former Duke player is really showing and proving this year. He's having a pretty solid year so far for the Bucks and have the Bucks actually in contention yet again for a playoff spot and if he continues this level of play, he could be a star for this new era we are entering.

*D'Angelo Russell 

-The Lakers guard has some minor issues with staying healthy, but nothing that has stunted his growth. He needs to make better decisions and tighten up a little on defense, but his potential is honestly through the roof. I wanted to give Brandon Ingram a spot on this list, but he definitely doesn't deserve it yet. D'Angelo is really in position to become the leader of this new Lakers team and if his game continues to get better, in the next 2 or 3 years, he could very well be a force.

*Kristaps Porzingis

-He's probably no. 2 or 3 in terms of best young players in the game. You can see that Porzingis is really improving and has the ability to become what Dirk was for the Mavericks, for the Knicks. Alongside Derrick Rose and Carmelo, Porzingis doesn't shine AS much as he could, but he seems to be the key to the future for the Knicks honestly now that Melo is winding down and no longer in prime shape. The Knicks can be future playoff contenders for years to come if they focus on building around Porzingis and let him continue to grow.

*Myles Turner

-The Pacers big man is showing and proving that he can step up and provide what they need to win. The Pacers this year have been up and down, but Myles has been solid all the way through, and if he can continue to improve on his game also, the Pacers have a big man for years to come to depend on.

*Devin Booker 

-The guard for the Phoenix Suns was a shock last year and despite the disappointing season for the Suns so far this year, he's honestly showing and proving himself as a big option for the team. Alongside players like Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight, Devin could very well turn the Suns into a playoff team in a few years, but I personally think the future of the Suns runs through Devin. He has the tools to be the no. 1 player on this team and he's a hell of a scorer. If he keeps improving, he could truly become a force in the coming years, much like the rest of the players on this list. The key to all of these young players sustaining their potential and ability? Consistency and improvement. That's it.



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