Discography Check: Hypnotize Minds (1995-2005)

By @TrueGodImmortal

The Memphis music scene has always been full of some unique talent, probably none more unique than the Hypnotize Mind posse that featured such artists as the Three 6 Mafia, Tear Da Club Up Thugs, Gangsta Boo, La Chat, Project Pat, Crunchy Black, and many more. This crew would begin their own label, one that would turn southern music upside down in a way. From the mid 90s to the mid 2000s, Hypnotize Minds would become a big force in the game and set themselves a legacy that will never die. Today, we look back at their run from 1995 until 2005, right before Three 6 won the Oscar and things changed drastically. The run was a storied one. Let's get into it.

*Three 6 Mafia- Mystic Stylez (1995)

-Though released on Prophet Entertainment instead of Hypnotize Minds, this debut album from Three 6 definitely has to get mentioned for its importance. This was during the time that Three 6 got into beef with Bone Thugs and released their diss "Live By Yo Rep", which is a near classic track IMO and a top southern diss record. This would see the group gain more popularity and begin to shape their journey more.

Top 5 Songs 
"Live By Yo Rep"
"Long Nite"
"Back Against The Wall"
"Tear Da Club Up (Da Real)"
"Mystic Stylez"

*Three 6 Mafia- Chapter 1: The End (1996)

-Another Prophet release, this album would serve as the true precursor to the Three 6 rise and showcase the group at their horrorcore sounding best. The inclusion of the smooth track "Late Night Tip" only takes a slight bit of the edge off, as the booming aggressive sound is the dominant feel of the album. Overall, this is a very solid project, with the right amount of signature Three 6 horrorcore and aggression.

Top 5 Songs 
"Late Night Tip"
"Where Da Killas Hang"
"Body Parts"
"Walk Up 2 Yo House"
"I Ain't Goin"

*Three 6 Mafia- Chapter 2: World Domination (1997)

-My personal favorite in the Three 6 discography due to the way the album was sequenced and the reprises of a few of my favorite songs from the group. "Late Night Tip" gets slightly altered and reprised here and it's my favorite Three 6 song ever, along with other tracks like "Hit A Muthafucka", which incited riots at the parties back in the day. Three 6 made music to ride to, fight to, and this is the album they executed that better than anybody.

Top 5 Songs 
"Spill My Blood"
"Late Night Tip"
"Who Got Dem 9s"
"Tear Da Club Up 97"

*Indo G- Angel Dust (1998)

-Already known in the scene before officially working with Hypnotize Minds, Indo G releases his best album through the production and guidance of DJ Paul and Juicy J. Armed with songs that feature a Goldeneye sample, another "Break The Law" track, and a bunch of guest appearances from the Hypnotize Minds crew, this album works very well and is underrated without question.

Top 5 Songs 
"Throw Them Thangs"
"Break The Law 98"
"Remember Me Ballin"
"Dead Men Don't Talk"
"My Niggas Crazy"

*Gangsta Boo- Enquiring Minds (1998)

-The debut album from the female voice of the Three 6 click is interesting. Gangsta Boo isn't a rapper that stuck out much but her abrasive Southern nature appealed in a way and this album somehow worked. It's not a classic or close to one but it just manages to work.

Top 5 Songs 
"Don't Stand So Close"
"Oh No"
"I'll Be The Other Woman"
"Nigga Yeah Know"
"Where Dem Dollas At"

*Tear Da Club Up Thugs- CrazyNDaLazDayz (1999)

-This album is particularly special to me because it was the one that really got me into the Hypnotize Minds crew and had me going back to listen to their previous records and everything they released after. The best song on this personally to me was "Hypnotize Cash Money" as it is literally one of my favorite songs from the 90s overall. Also, check the verse from Baby/Birdman for some of the most hilarious lyrics ever. Also, the iconic "Slob On My Knob" makes a debut on this album.

Top 5 Songs 
"Smoked Out"
"Throw Your Sets"
"Hypnotize Cash Money"
"Slob On My Knob"
"Push Em Off"

*Project Pat- Ghetty Green (1999)

-The album that made Project Pat a well known name, this album is regarded as a southern classic by many and for good reason. The charisma within Pat and his hilarious lyrics are top notch along with his street stories and tales that are always entertaining. Tracks like "Choppers" and "Gold Shine" are anthems and that's essentially what Pat does better than many people: make anthems for the streets.

Top 5 Songs
"You Know The Biss"
"Gold Shine"
"Slangin Rocks"

*Three 6 Mafia- When The Smoke Clears: Sixty 6, Sixty 1 (2000)

-The pinnacle of the Three 6 run is here. This is the apex. The album that broke the glass ceiling and featured nothing but hits and anthems is the one that garnered them the first platinum plaque. Every neighborhood was playing the UGK featured "Sippin On Some Syrup" and the anthem "Tongue Ring" which spawned a large number of women getting one also. Three 6 helped to usher in some trends for better or worse with this album.

Top 5 Songs 
"Tongue Ring"
"Sippin On Some Syrup"
"Who Run It"
"Whatcha Know"
"Touched Wit It"

*Project Pat- Mista Don't Play: Everythangs Workin (2001)

-This is the album that really made me a Project Pat fan, and though I liked Ghetty Green prior to this, I found myself reciting lyric after lyric on this album. The charisma of Pat was well on display this album and with the singles like "Chickenhead" and "Don't Save Her", he would create some music that just couldn't miss. This is the only platinum plaque in Pat's solo career and is well deserved.

Top 5 Songs
"Gorilla Pimpin"
"Y'all Niggaz Ain't No Killaz, Y'all Niggaz Some Hoes"
"Don't Save Her"
"Life We Live"

*Gangsta Boo- Both Worlds 69* (2001)

-While I'm not the biggest fan of this album, as I think the concept of "good side/bad side" albums have been overdone and never work right, Gangsta Boo managed to see moderate success with this and began to get a name. This album was the culmination of that newfound fame and a sign of the run that Three 6 and Hypnotize Minds were having. There aren't too many highlights here, but the songs that work, work well enough.

Top 5 Songs
"Hard Not 2 Kill"
"Chop Shop"
"Victim Of Yo Own Shit"
"Good And Hi"
"Same Block"

*Three 6 Mafia- Choices: The Album (2001)

-When this soundtrack came out, I was a huge fan. I remember listening to it over and over for the anthems like "Baby Mama", "Mafia", and the catchy "2-Way Freak". Three 6 have never been the most creative and while nothing here falls under the creative territory, it just manages to work very well even with the rehashed topics and subject matter.

Top 5 Songs
"Baby Mama"
"2-Way Freak"
"Gangsta Niggaz"
"Dis Bitch, Dat Hoe"

*Juicy J- Chronicles Of The Juice Man (2002)

-This album was one I used to see in FYE and Sam Goody when I went to cop new music (ah, those were the days). I didn't really have an interest in this at first, but about a year after the release of the album, I listened and enjoyed it. It's more of what you'd expect, but perhaps slightly more crass than usual if that's possible. It's a straightforward project and that's what I always enjoy about the Hypnotize Minds music.

Top 5 Songs
"Gimme Sum"
"Killa Klan"
"Who Da Buckest"
"North North Pt. 2"
"Mafia Niggas"

*DJ Paul- Underground Vol. 16: For Da Summa (2002)

-This release wasn't met with much fanfare but served as a solo release for DJ Paul as Juicy J also began working on his own and putting it out. Paul is a little off in some of these songs and he misses the mark more often than not, but there's still enough good production here to give it a listen.

Top 5 Songs 
"Back Da Fuck Back"
"Glock In My Draws"
"King of Kings"
"Beatin These Hoes Down"

*Project Pat- Layin Da Smack Down (2002)

-Inspired obviously by The Rock,  this title is still hilarious just for the simple fact that he used it anyways. This album pales in comparison to the previous two, but was still enjoyable. The looming jail time for Pat could have affected the quality, but he still delivers a solid release here.

Top 5 Songs
"Weak Niggaz"
"Show Dem Golds"
"Make Dat Azz Clap (Back Clap)"
"Choose U"
"Shut Ya Mouth, Bitch"

*Da Headbussaz- Dat's How It Happen To'M  (2002)

-Anytime you get Fiend, DJ Paul and Juicy J on a project together, you'd expect something that would end up as a southern classic. This however didn't connect as I expected, but was still fun at times. I think the overall listening experience got too repetitive and the production, which is usually spot on, suffers some here, likely a product of too much material at once. Still, if Three 6 was capable of doing one thing, it's making anthems, and plenty of them are here.

Top 5 Songs
"Powder Cake"
"U See We Poe"
"Where They Hang"
"Hands On
"Crown Me"

*Lil Wyte- Doubt Me Now (2003)

-While I'm far from a big fan of white rappers, and this album didn't do much to change that, I can still vibe alongside the production. His voice wasn't really enjoyable, as it was hard to take serious, and the lyrics were the standard, but this project had the benefit of great production, supplied of course by Carlos Broady and DJ Paul & Juicy J. That makes the difference here.

Top 5 Songs
"Good Dope"
"Crash The Club (Remix)"
"Players In the Atmosphere"
"Blame It On That Bay"
"Get High To This"

*Three 6 Mafia- Da Unbreakables (2003)

-Three 6 finally returned as a collective, and with that, we got a pretty solid album. There are two appearances from Lil Flip, who was gaining popularity at the time, and this album was more of what you'd expect from the Triple Six crew. Song titles like "Put Cha Dick In Her Mouth", "Shake That Jelly", and more let you know nothing changed after the platinum success. This certified gold album has hits, but focuses more so on what made them popular in the first place: anthems.

Top 5 Songs
"Ridin Spinners"
"Wolf Wolf"
"Bin Laden"
"Like A Pimp (Remix)"
"Try Somethin"

*Frayser Boy- Gone On That Bay (2003)

-I remember laughing at the the album, and I still do now as I write this. The music however wasn't much to laugh at, as Frayser managed to deliver and paint a picture of the life he lived and it was very raw. Was this an album I would listen to over and over? Of course not, but it was enough gunplay, dope talk, and street anthems to satisfy the appetite of any Hypnotize Minds fan.

Top 5 Songs
"Pistol Playa"
"Young Niggaz"

*Lil Wyte- Phinally Phamous (2004)

-Once again, while not a fan of white rappers like that (Eminem and Paul Wall are cool), and especially not a fan of this form of music from them, this album seems to improve from his previous one. However, like most Hypnotize Minds albums, the tracklist is exhaustive and unnecessary, which makes for a tough listen at time. This album is apparently out of print and very tough to find, but there are enough guest appearances and solid production to make this a decent listen.

Top 5 Songs
"U.S. Soldier Boy"
"Static Addict"
"Bald Head Hoes"
"I Sho Will"
"Hoods Run Down"

*Frayser Boy- Me Being Me (2005)

-Now, with this hilarious cover, I didn't want to listen, and while this wasn't as solid as his previous release, it had its share of anthems and street tracks that was backed by that underrated production of DJ Paul and Juicy J of course. He managed to get a Texas assisted moderate hit single by utilizing the popular Paul Wall and Mike Jones on a track here as well, giving him more attention for this project. All in all, this was a decent album to add to the catalog. Nothing more, nothing less.

Top 5 Songs
"Its Da Summa Tyme"
"Seen Thangs"
"I Got That Drank"
"Niggas In Da Hood"
"Stay Focused"

*Three 6 Mafia- Choices II: The Setup (2005)

-I am of the belief that this sequel was not needed, but regardless, this soundtrack had some good tracks and some of those, you guessed it, street anthems that we came to know Three 6 and Hypnotize for. With features from Lil Wyte, Frayser Boy, Trillville, Youngbloodz, and more, this was a solid project that gave you more Hypnotize Minds music to ride to.

Top 5 Songs
"Its Whateva Wit Us"
"Yeah I Rob"
"Shoot Up Da Club"
"Who I Is"
"One Hitta Quitta"

*Three 6 Mafia- Most Known Unknown (2005)

-During the height of their mainstream popularity, after their work on Hustle And Flow was being praised and the Oscar nominations and awards would soon follow, Three 6 was still on top of the world. The music here stands as their last great effort, and features a number of soulful sounds and funky rhythms that work in the Three 6 signature like the first single and Tennessee posse cut "Stay Fly" as well as the Project Pat assisted "Poppin My Collar". Overall, this was a really solid effort with a few usual missteps.

Top 5 Songs
"Stay Fly"
"Poppin My Collar"
"Don't Cha Get Mad"
"Side 2 Side"

Hypnotize Minds is a vital part of southern hip hop and should always be recognized as such. Their run from this time period is legendary and will live on. RIP Lord Infamous.



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