DAR Sports: The Greatest NBA Three Point Shooters

By @TrueGodImmortal 

In the NBA today, three point shooting is probably the most popular it has ever been. Despite always being vital to the game of basketball, it wasn't until the Golden State Warriors showed that a "jump shooting team" can win a championship that the style of play began changing. Now, bigger guys and usually players that dominate in the post are shooting threes, and some of the most aggressive players are exchanging a drive in place of a contested or ill advised three. Is the three point shot being overused these days? I'd say yes, but before it was as popular as it has become (40 three point attempts a game is normal now... which is unreal), there were players who excelled from behind the arc. Today, we take a look back at these players and the players of today that are the best when it comes to three point shooting. Let's get into it.

*Jason Terry 

-He has a knack to pull up and drain a big time three or just shoot your lights out in a big time game (word to the 2011 NBA Finals). He's currently no. 3 on the all time 3 point shooting list, which is easily enough to earn him a spot here. One has to wonder what the future will hold for Terry, as it seems his career is coming to an end, but make no mistake about it, Jason is one of the all time great shooters.

*Brent Barry

-Known for dunking and three point shooting, Brent was fierce from behind the line. With almost 1400 threes made in his career and a solid shooting %, Brent could hit the dagger to win the game for his team or hit a succession of threes to put the game out of reach.

*Rashard Lewis 

-He was recently passed on the all time list for three pointers made, but his size made the fact that he could hit a bunch of threes even more amazing. With over 1700 threes made, and some clutch shots in his history, Rashard was certainly one of the best shooters we witnessed from behind the arc.

*Chauncey Billups 

-He's one of the players on the all time list for most three pointers made ever, but Billups has one of the best careers behind the arc. With over 1800 threes made in his career, he's certainly one of the greatest and though his shooting % wasn't the best comparably speaking to some of the other top shooters, he had much better shot selection when it counted. His shots were vital to the big win for Detroit in 2004.

*Peja Stojakovic 

-One of the snipers from that solid Sacramento Kings team, Stojakovic was deadly from behind the 3 point line. At any given moment, he could get open and drain a smooth three, or take a defender to task and knock a three down contested. Peja was really fun to watch in his prime and his shot was deadly, much like most on this list. With over 1700 threes to his name, it'd be ridiculous to not include him on this list.

*Dale Ellis 

-One of the best to shoot the long ball has to be Dale Ellis. He was the first player to hit 1,000 three pointers made and he was efficient from behind the arc. Through his career, he was one of the premier shooters, and though he isn't remembered as one of the all time great players, he is certainly one of the greatest three point shooters in the game's history.

*Steve Kerr 

-The coach of the Golden State Warriors is also one of the best three pointers in the history of the game, so it comes as no surprise the Warriors are such a solid three point shooting team. He didn't attempt a large amount of threes, but Kerr is more of a case of accuracy and precision with his shot, which is likely a reason why he leads a team that possesses two of the greatest three point shooters ever.

*Kyle Korver 

-The recent acquisition of the Cleveland Cavaliers is easily one of the most crisp shooters in the history of basketball. He picks his shots perfectly and his shooting % is one of the highest ever witnessed. He isn't the same player now, but his shot is still efficient and with a team like the Cavs, he will add to his total of three pointers made, pushing him up the ranks of the top 10.

*Klay Thompson 

-His career is really just hitting the prime years, but Klay is no doubt one of the best to ever do it. He hit 276 threes in a season once and is on pace to break 200 threes yet again. He's caught fire at times, hitting over 10 threes in a game in the playoffs. Watching Klay shoot is something special that will be remembered when he's finished. His rank on the all time list will likely be top 10 of all time when he is done with his career, maybe top 5, another reason why he is one of the greatest.

*Ray Allen

-The arguable greatest to ever do it. He's the leader in terms of all time made 3 pointers (for now), and probably the most clutch shooter I've witnessed in my life. Ray was lethal and has made one of the most infamous threes in NBA Finals history with his big shot at the end of game 6 for the Heat against the Spurs. Ray is my personal pick for the the 2nd greatest shooter ever, as I'm sure you know who my no. 1 choice is.

*Steve Nash 

-One of the best PGs ever was also a superb three point shooter. He was more of a facilitator in the game, but would end up in the top 20 list of the most three pointers made, showing that he definitely deserves to be mentioned amongst the greats. His shooting % is another thing that earns him a spot on the list.

*Glen Rice

-One of the more underrated players in the 90s, Glen Rice was a shooter. He would hit vital shots in his career a number of teams from behind the arc, and he was vital with his three point shooting for the Lakers, during their first Kobe and Shaq championship. Glen could pull up and shoot your lights out, and he had length, which made his shot even more deadly.

*Larry Bird 

-His shooting % wasn't necessarily the greatest by definition, but Bird was able to drain the three ball at any given time, another attribute to his already advanced game. He won three straight 3 point contests at All Star weekend, and despite not having a large amount of threes made in his career (under 700), he was quick with the shot and able to bring his team back into the game with the long ball.

*Reggie Miller

-If there was ever a player who could hit a dagger three point shot, it was Reggie. He is no. 2 on the all time 3 point list, and he's infamous for his big shots over his career. Reggie was my favorite three point shooter growing up and with over 2500 threes to his name, how could any deny Reggie Miller? Just go back to the Garden and you'll know Reggie was deadly.

*Stephen Curry 

-He is the greatest shooter in the history of the NBA, and he's only about 8 seasons in. He's already in the top 15 of three pointers made, and he could end up in the top 10 by the end of this current season. The son of Dell Curry (also on this list), Steph surpassed his father in stride. As the only player with over 400 three pointers, and he holds the top records for most three pointers in a season as well. It's a no brainer.



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