DAR Sports: NFL Super Bowl 51 Preview

Well, we have arrived. After a long season, the Super Bowl is here. We've seen the rise and fall of the Vikings, Derek Carr go from MVP candidate to out with an injury that would stop the Raiders and their Super Bowl hopes, and we've watched Aaron Rodgers take the Packers from a team that was destined to miss the playoffs to the NFC North Division winners and one step away from the Super Bowl. The Dallas Cowboys and their rookie QB and RB were the story of the regular season, as they would have the best record in the NFC, but they had a fairly exit in the playoffs. The Kansas City Chiefs and the Pittsburgh Steelers both had good seasons, but couldn't get it done to make the Super Bowl to represent the AFC. What teams would end up making the Super Bowl? The no. 1 seed in the AFC, the Tom Brady led New England Patriots and the no. 2 seed in the NFC, the MVP Matt Ryan and Julio Jones led Atlanta Falcons. Who will end up being the winner this Sunday? That's what we are here to examine.

*Super Bowl 51
New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons 

-Matt Ryan vs Tom Brady. This is probably the most interesting QB battle that we could have for the Super Bowl, the only one that could have rivaled it would have been Aaron Rodgers vs Brady. 12 vs 12. However, I like this matchup better. The Patriots are healthy for the most part and the Falcons are healthy for the most part, so this is about as equal as you can get. I'm not a fan at all of the Patriots, and while I respect Brady as one of the greatest ever, it's definitely time for another team to get their victory and I'm predicting the Falcons will edge out a close game on the heels of that top tier offense. I'd predict the score to be around 31-24, with Matt Ryan leading the team down the field with a few minutes to go. Hopefully this isn't a blowout either way, but if it is, I'd hope it's in favor of the Falcons. Brady is one of the GOATs, but it's time for someone else to win. Someone new, so to speak. Falcons win 31-24

The Atlanta Falcons will win the Super Bowl. Matty Ice. Julio Jones. That is all I got to say about that. Fuck the Patriots!

Falcons over Patriots
At this point, it wouldn't even be the Falcon Okey Doke if they lost. But I'm still taking Atlanta. They've got enough weapons on offense to at least go toe to toe with a Belichick defense and the Atlanta defense itself has been much more aggressive this playoffs than they've been in the regular season and we all know that's the blueprint to beat New England: Hit Tom Brady.
Also because, FUCK the Patriots.

New England over Atlanta
-New England has been here before, and this is where Belichick and Brady get it done (Unless they're facing the Giants). Brady is on a mission right now to win the Lombardi trophy and so far it's been hard to stop him and the Patriots offense. You can bet on Belichick drawing up a plan to take Julio Jones out the equation, similar to what the Patriots did with Antonio Brown. Key player: Julio Jones. He had a huge game against the Packers defense. If he can do just enough against New England's defense then I can see the Falcons pulling this off.

NE vs ATL - NE
-I feel New England is going to win a very close football game, maybe by the very last second. It'd be pretty awesome to see Brady win a 5th ring, but at the same time I don't want him and the Pats to tie Dallas with 5 Super Bowl wins. However, I think NE takes it.

Patriots over Falcons
-Although I do dig the fact that the NFC South made it to the Superbowl back to back, being that the Atlanta Falcons are in my division, I can't really root for them. The Patriots beat my team (Panthers) in a Super Bowl already and I'm still kind of salty about that, so it's hard to root for them also. This will be a very close and exciting game, so if I remove my emotions from this, I'm gonna go with the Patriots winning by 10 points. I just feel like Brady will come with his A game.

Final Analysis
Who will win this game? It all depends on how the defenses show up. If the Falcons defense can manage to hold Tom Brady from scoring too much and shut down his receiver core, the Falcons can secure a win. The matchup to watch will be Malcolm Butler and Julio Jones, and I have a feeling this matchup will be the one to determine who wins. If Julio has one of those amazing games, I think it's lights out for the Patriots. This could end up being a classic Super Bowl, and with the current climate in the country right now, a great Super Bowl game is just what we need as a small distraction.



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