Discography Check: Snoop Dogg

By @TrueGodImmortal 

In the West Coast, many of the legends have great albums and lengthy discographies, but very few have the legacy that Snoop Dogg does. Since 1992, Snoop has been in the game, entertaining fans left and right with albums that border on G-Funk, melodic hip hop, funky soul, and straight up West Coast gangsta music. With 14 solo albums to his name, Snoop is one of the most revered artist ever from the West. Today, we look at his discography and his albums from the very beginning. Let's get into it.

*Doggystyle (1993)

-The debut album from Snoop remains his greatest creation. The way he flawlessly executed G-Funk on this album cannot be slept on. The gangsta rhythms to the funky soul sounds all combine to make an amazing listen and each song has its own personality. The low riding funk sounds of "Gin and Juice" to the posse cut "Ain't No Fun (If The Homies Can't None)", and the bounce of "Who Am I (What's My Name)", Snoop does what he does best here. The album would sell over 7 million copies in the US and 11 million copies worldwide, making it an all time classic sales wise as well and one of the largest selling hip hop debuts ever. If I was doing a list of the all time greatest hip hop albums of all time, this definitely would be on there. Despite the change in sound over the years in hip hop, this album still sounds perfect years later. Plus, Nate Dogg's verse on "Ain't No Fun" is one of my all time favorite verses ever. EVER.

Top 3 Songs 
"Ain't No Fun (If The Homies Can't Have None)"
"Pump Pump"
"Gin and Juice"

*Murder Was The Case (1994)

-More so a soundtrack than an actual album, this compilation of music showcases Snoop and company doing what they do best: presenting their brand of West Coast murder music with a R&B twist. Jodeci makes an appearance and Nate Dogg kills it with his solo contribution to the album "One More Day". Snoop doesn't disappoint either and I think this project is super underrated in terms of Snoop and his career.

Top 3 Songs 
"One More Day"
"Who Got Some Gangsta Shit"
"What Would U Do"

*The Doggfather (1996)

-Often criticized as being lackluster, I think this album had the same issues of many Death Row releases near the end of the heyday, and that's lack of passion behind the music. What we heard on the first few projects that Snoop contributed to was passion, hunger, and a drive to make the best music possible. This album sounded like Snoop got rich and decided he was cool to coast by on the sounds of the past. The production is a bit weak here and Snoop doesn't seem like he's really invested in a majority of the songs, but it still works a few times on "Up Jump Tha Boogie", "Gold Rush", and my favorite "Groupie". Though an uneven album, it has its share of dope moments.

Top 3 Songs 
"Up Jump Tha Boogie"

*Da Game Is To Be Sold, Not To Be Told (1998)

-I'm not sure why Snoop went to No Limit exactly, but whatever the case, this was a case of everything going wrong that could musically. I don't think the sound change here really worked well for Snoop, as the No Limit influence was a bit too much here, especially on songs like "Woof", and the lazy retreads of "Gin and Juice" and "Nothin But A G Thang", titled "Gin and Juice 2" and "Still A G Thang". Also, like many No Limit releases, this suffers from having far too many tracks, with 21 songs. Cutting it down to around 12 or 13 would have made it slightly better. Still, this is one of the worst albums personally in the discography because Snoop sounds lost most of this album, although it sold very well and ended up moving almost 4 million copies in total.

Top 3 Songs
"Show Me Love"
"Snoop World"
"20 Dollars To My Name"

*No Limit Top Dogg (1999)

-Snoop began to get more comfortable in his role in No Limit with this album, a big improvement from his work on the last project before. He reunited with Dr. Dre, teamed up with Nate Dogg again, and even had a guest feature from Warren G to bring that West Coast sound in. It was the perfect blend of the West sound and the No Limit sound, something that Snoop began to learn would help his albums and career going forward: balance.

Top 3 Songs 
"Bitch Please"
"Ghetto Symphony"
"Just Dippin"

*Tha Last Meal (2000)

-I love this album. It's a top 5 Snoop album in his discography, and it was the album that restored my hope in Snoop's music. There was very little No Limit influence in the music here, or at least it felt like it wasn't. Dr. Dre had a bigger role in this album and produced multiple tracks and even had an appearance (no rap verses, just an intro on one song) vocally. Still, the album feels very West Coast and was the equivalent of 2000s G Funk music from the Dr. Dre boom of "Lay Low" to the Timbaland produced tracks "Snoop Dogg (What's My Name Pt. 2)" and "Set It Off. Kokane makes a number of appearances and kills every hook and verse he was a part of. My favorite songs here feature Nate Dogg or Kokane, because they provided the perfect complement to Snoop on each track that they get involved in.

Top 3 Songs 
"Lay Low"
"Wrong Idea"
"Brake Fluid (Biiittch Pump Yo Brakes)"

*Paid Tha Cost To Be The Bo$$ (2002)

-This album was a very interesting listen and one of the better albums of Snoop's career, but I'd be lying if I said it's one of my favorite. To many, it was a return to form of sorts for Snoop, as he added more humor back into his music, but also more melody courtesy of his newfound partnership musically with the Neptunes. His best songs on the album are oddly centered on females, and the huge single "Beautiful" revitalized Snoop from a commercial standpoint. He also kept it gangsta on some songs here, going hard against Suge Knight on the lethal diss "Pimp Slapp'd", and that's the darkest moment on the album, but it is welcome. Snoop shows why he was considered a boss during this time and made good music in the process, seemingly entering an era of consistency he missed the mark on earlier in his career.

Top 3 Songs 
"I Believe In You"
"You Got What I Want"

*R&G (Rhythm and Gangsta): The Masterpiece (2004)

-Aside from Doggystyle, this is my favorite Snoop album and it's not even a debate to me. Snoop came along and created what I think is his only modern classic album, and even with the long tracklist, I only dislike one or two songs here. Snoop works extensively with the Neptunes here, but he also utilizes the best producers he can find here, and they create a nearly flawless and very melodic album with some gangsta elements thrown in there as well. From the Bee Gees sampled "Ups & Downs" to the Pharrell and Keyshia Cole hooked "Let's Get Blown" or the hilarious yet smooth "Fresh Pair of Panties On", Snoop executed this album to perfection just about. Everything we love about Snoop is included in this album and it was exactly what he needed.

Top 3 Songs 
"Let's Get Blown"
"Drop It Like It's Hot"
"Ups & Downs"

*Tha Blue Carpet Treatment (2006)

-I really was unsure of how to feel about this album upon first review years ago, but revisiting now, I realize this was a very solid project. Snoop coasts lyrically and he utilizes some solid production throughout, hitting hard with some gangsta West Coast sound, some reggae inspired sound, and even the Bay area style of music was featured here. Not to mention, Snoop managed to get D'Angelo on a track years after many thought he was done. That makes this album much more important than it would be without it.

Top 3 Songs 
"That's That Shit"

*Ego Trippin (2008)

-I remember being unsure about this album when it dropped, but I knew one thing: the first single was too good to ignore. The smooth sounds of the radio hit "Sensual Seduction" gave way to the more explicit album version "Sexual Eruption", which took the growing autotune trend and gave it a throwback feel. Other songs on the album like the Raphael Saadiq assisted "Waste of Time", and the Too Short and Mistah F.A.B. assisted "Life of the Party" were solid as well, making this a pleasant surprise quality wise.

Top 3 Songs 
"Sexual Eruption"
"Sets Up"
"Waste of Time"

*Malice N Wonderland (2009)

-For some reason, I just can't get into this album. I wanted to like it, but it just missed the mark for me. He brought Teddy Riley in for this album, which was a nice throwback, and Kokane dropping a hook is always welcome, but it felt like Snoop was trying to appeal to the newer crowd a bit too much with the Soulja Boy and The-Dream collabs and the outdated Lil Jon collab and production. Still, his work here with the Neptunes and Battlecat are the standout songs on this album, along with the moderate hit "I Wanna Rock", which was a throwback track in itself.

Top 3 Songs 
"I Wanna Rock" 

*More Malice (2010)

-A short EP and an extension of the previous album, there isn't much here to discuss that is new.  With the "I Wanna Rock" remix and a decent verse from Jay-Z on it, along with the Butch Cassidy assisted "So Gangsta" and the Kid Cudi featured "That Tree", this isn't necessarily the best collection of Snoop music, but because it's such a short play, it doesn't tire out too soon like some albums previously.

Top 3 Songs 
"So Gangsta"
"That Tree"

*Doggumentary (2011)

-This is an example of Snoop trying to do too much at once within one album. I was hoping this would turn out to be a great album, and while it has its moments, for the most part, it's overdone. He gets solid production from Jake One, Battlecat, Mr. Porter, and more, but the songs themselves lacked something. I didn't understand why he made the single "Wet", as it was just a terrible song and the beat was your usual generic commercial track. Snoop excels here when he brings melody and smooth production together or the pure gangsta music. He loses when he tries to blend everything together too much.

Top 3 Songs 
"Peer Pressure"
"My Own Way"
"Cold Game"

*Mac and Devin Go to High School (2011)

-This soundtrack to the strange movie of two stoners is a solid listen if you enjoy both Snoop and Wiz. If you like one and not the other, it might be tough to get through. One of the biggest songs of both men's careers comes with the Bruno Mars assisted "Young, Wild, and Free", but there's other dope music here like "Let's Go Study", "6:30", and "I Get Lifted". Overall, it's a decent soundtrack, but not top tier in his catalog.

Top 3 Songs 
"Let's Go Study"
"Young, Wild, and Free"

*Reincarnated (2013)

-For some reason, Snoop decided he wanted to do a reggae album and call himself Snoop Lion. No idea why or what the reason could be, but this album is just weird. Snoop isn't Jamaican, he has no experience in making reggae music and it really felt like he made the album because he smokes a lot of weed. Some of the songs here are decent, but this is a really tough listen and one of the worst, actually the worst album Snoop has in his discography. I almost decided not to cover it.

Top 3 Songs 
"Rebel Way"
"Here Comes The King"
"Smoke The Weed"

*Bush (2015)

-Snoop hadn't had an album fully produced by The Neptunes yet, so why not go for it this late in his career? Surprisingly, this album is really damn good, and with the production having the perfect vibe and melody, it works well. It's funky, laid back, and bristling with groove in it. Though it's a short tracklist, that helps the album in the long run. Just about every song here is enjoyable and I'd honestly place it in the top 5 of his extensive discography. Besides Dr. Dre, Snoop has more chemistry with the Neptunes than every other producer he's worked with.

Top 3 Songs 
"California Roll"
"I'm Ya Dogg"

*COOLAID (2016)

-This album is one that I didn't expect to enjoy and while it isn't a great listen, there's some really good songs. I think the biggest issue here might be the production. It was supposed to be a return to his roots, as there is a lot of G-Funk and Gangsta music within the new age production, but some of the beats miss the mark. I do enjoy the guest appearances and my favorite songs here are the Suga Free assisted "What If" and the booming "Ten Toes Down". Otherwise, the songs are either passable or not that enjoyable. This would be in the bottom half of his discography, but it's still a decent listen.

Top 3 Songs 
"Ten Toes Down"
"Super Crip"
"What If"

Snoop has an interesting discography, but manages enough consistency to keep his name as a legend musically. His albums are either decent, good, or classic. He rarely misses with a truly bad album and after 25 years in the game, that's a pretty good feat. Now, if you'll excuse me, let me turn up some more of this Snoop music.



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