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DAR TV: The 10 Best Characters On The Office

By @TrueGodImmortal 

For me, The Office is the 2nd funniest sitcom of all time. It was a show that I never expected to actually like, but from the moment I first watched the show, I was hooked. I missed the first season of the show, but started watching when the second season began and I've been hooked ever since. Over 9 hilarious seasons, The Office brought us so many hilarious moments, but most of all, iconic characters. Today, we look at the 10 best characters from the show. Let's get into it.

10. Darryl Philbin 
(Seasons 1-9)

-While many don't really appreciate what Darryl brought to the show, I think he's one of the best characters by far. More than Ryan, more than Kelly, and definitely more than Toby (the worst), Darryl came with dry comedic timing along with enough balance to keep you laughing but also keep you engaged. His moments with Kelly when they were dating honestly were some of my favorite on the show and his interactions with Michael are honestly what makes him such a memorable character. Darryl was a pretty chill guy, but every time he had to deal with Michael, his dry reactions to everything Michael did was just simply hilarious. Though Darryl didn't become more of a central character until later on in the series, he's still one of the best and a personal favorite of mine.

9. Holly Flax
(Seasons 4, 5, and 7)

-When Michael Scott was with Jan, it seemed as if they were stuck together in some way. However, when the Michael and Jan story came to a close, you thought that Michael was destined to have horrible dating luck. Enter Holly Flax. Though her duration on the show was very short, she makes this list because she brought with her something that not many on the show could: The answer to calm down Michael Scott. That's right. While some might have wanted Kevin (only possible exception), Meredith (no way), Ryan (terrible), Kelly, Phyllis (come on now), Oscar (be serious), Gabe, or even Erin (why) on this list, Holly Flax is here because her arrival on the show signaled a whole new era for it in a way. As close to a female version of Michael Scott as you can get, she would make an impact in a short time on the show and erase most of your memories of Michael and Carol, and even Michael and Jan (minus the Dinner Party and their first Chili's incident). That's a feat in itself.

8. Angela Martin 
(Seasons 1-9)

-Most people might be shocked to see Angela here so high, but I always found her character to be one of the funniest despite her lack of depth. In a sitcom, you don't get too much depth as is, and the lack of it for Angela worked perfectly. She would start a romance with Dwight, that would last mostly during the entire duration of the show, even during her other relationships with Andy and Robert Lipton, who was just a bad move in general for her. Her remarks to the cameras are what made me a fan of her, as her dry humor worked well and when she and Dwight got together, they bounced off each other perfectly.  She was the head of accounting in Dunder Mifflin, but she was also the most hilariously judgmental person on the entire show. Her distaste for Pam spawned a number of hilarious moments on the show. Love her or hate her, Angela was a hem on this sitcom.

7. Creed Bratton 
(Seasons 1-9)

-If there was ever a character that summed up the odd employee in an office setting, Creed was that. Creed was hilarious for all the right and wrong reasons. You knew absolutely nothing about him, and when the camera was on him, he would have hysterical with the ridiculous things he said. You watched him hint at doing illegal things, talk about the most random shit, and hilariously explain his understanding of the Kama Sutra, but my favorite moments of Creed come from when the branch seemed to be closing and he was making quick sales to get rid of the equipment and make a quick buck. If Creed isn't one of the best characters on the show to you, then perhaps you just don't know greatness when you see it.

6. Andy Bernard 
(Seasons 3-9)

-The Nard Dog was a character that grew on me as time went by and eventually I realized I was honestly just sleeping on his hilarity. Sure, Andy Bernard is annoying. Sure, he's a bit loud and a bit of a jackass. But, that's also what his appeal is on the show. He's all over the place at times, with the most random comments, and some of the dumbest moments on the show, but that's what makes him the Nard Dog. First off, someone who calls him "Boner Champ" is literally the biggest idiot ever, but also the most hilarious idiot ever. The humor that the show utilized with Andy was the typical snobby insecure character who brads about the school he went to (Cornell) and can't take being second place in anything. What was different about that execution is that beneath all, Andy was really just a dude who had been living up to high expectations his entire life. From his penchant for randomly singing in a high pitch to his infamous episode where he annoyed Michael Scott with his "friendship", Andy had nothing but classic and hilarious moments to speak of on this show, for better or worse.

5. Stanley Hudson 
(Seasons 1-9)

-One thing that I liked about the Office is that the dynamics of Dunder Mifflin were truly relatable, despite being a bit over the top. There were certain elements of the show that we could relate to and the most relatable has to be Stanley Hudson. The black employee who does his job, but is really just there for the paycheck and to pay his bills. Though the show writers might have exaggerated the apathy that Stanley felt daily while at work, there is no denying that he was responsible for some hilarious moments. His remarks to the documentary cameras also made for some great deadpan comedy and anytime I hear the phrase "Did I Stutter", no matter what the context, I think of Stanley and his infamous facial expressions at just about everything Michael does remains one of my favorite things about the show.

4. Pam Beesly-Halpert 
(Seasons 1-9)

-Many people felt that Pam was the most likable character on the show. I disagree completely. She was essentially the receptionist who ended up having a lot of filtration with one of the salesmen and was "stuck" (I use that term sarcastically) in a bad relationship. Regardless, Pam had a lot of faults and weird quirks about herself that made some people dislike her, and to be honest, I can see why. However, if there's one love story on television that truly made sense and felt about as real as a TV romance could, it was Jim and Pam. There's really no way to have one without the other on the show, and although Pam didn't provide many laugh out loud moments, she was the perfect comedic partner for many of Dwight and Michael's ridiculous moments. In addition, Pam and Jim are honestly one of the greatest couples in sitcom history (another article for another day), and without Pam, the interesting dynamic of it all would be lost. Plus, the awkward interactions devoid of chemistry with Pam and Roy wouldn't have given us the same buildup to the eventual Pam and Jim relationship. Overall, Pam was a centerpiece of this show and easily one of the most important pieces to the puzzle.

3. Jim Halpert
(Seasons 1-9)

-I don't even know exactly how to describe Jim Halpert. I'll just say he's the most relatable character overall on the show. He's a fairly simple guy, comes to work, flirts with the receptionist, and ends up dating a number of girls he works with and other women during the first few seasons. Jim wasn't the greatest guy, and at times he seemed to be an asshole, but that's honestly what his character needed on the show. The way Jim and Karen went was pretty hilarious and showcased that Jim could be as much of an idiot as Michael during some interesting scenes on the show (the scene where they went to the office Karen was working at is a classic scene). In addition to that, Jim manages to have great comedic chemistry with every other character, including Dwight (who he gives a hard time and vice versa), as well as Andy Bernard (who christened Jim with the name "Big Tuna"), Jim is one of the most vital parts of Dunder Mifflin and the sitcom in general.

2. Dwight Schrute
(Seasons 1-9) 

-Many could argue that Dwight is the greatest character the show has ever seen. They aren't exactly wrong, and if you wanted Dwight at the no. 1 spot, I couldn't necessarily blame you. Dwight is responsible for many of the show's greatest moments and quotes, and when we speak of great characters in sitcom history, he would generally be on many lists. His love of beets, staying on farms, his relationship with Angela, his departure from the office and working at Staples, to his hatred of Andy Bernard, his idolization of Michael Scott, and of course his love-hate friendships with Jim and Paul are all reasons why Dwight is one of the most important characters and clearly one of the best. Every scene that Dwight Schrute was in showcased what made him so special. I mean, I could go on and on about the reasons why Dwight Schrute is one of the greatest television characters ever, because the reasons are endless. A former Sheriff's deputy who still think he's on the law's side, Dwight does surveillance when he feels he needs to, runs into issues with just about every worker at Dunder Mifflin due to his personality and overbearing sense, and he literally does it all, including using weapons, which isn't good or bad, it's just who Dwight is. His relationships with everyone inside the office makes for hilarity and truly classic scenes. One of my favorite moments of Dwight is when he asks who is "Justice Beaver", as he doesn't know who Justin Bieber is. That about explains how Dwight is and it's a moment I'll always laugh at. Dwight Schrute was a great man and he is easily the 2nd best character on The Office, no debate.

1. Michael Scott 
(Seasons 1-7)

-I mean come on man. Who else would be the choice? Sure, Dwight is close (not too close though), but Michael Scott is honestly one of the greatest characters I've ever watched on television. There's two reasons for that: one, Steve Carell is honestly one of the funniest men in the world to me, and two, the Michael Scott character is so outlandish and oblivious to the world around him that it simply resonates with us all. Over the course of the first 7 seasons of the show, Michael Scott managed to get himself into a ton of crazy situations as the Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin, a job that at first glance, you have no idea how he got it in the first place. Soon, we learn that Michael Scott is resourceful, smart, a bit quirky, a bit of an asshole, but he's the best man for the job to keep the crazy bunch in Scranton under control. His romances with Carol, Jan, Donna, and other women are all interesting and go hilariously terrible, but once he meets his match in Holly Flax, his life changes for the better in some ways. Michael and Holly are a truly great couple, and she makes him a much better person in a way because she begins to understand him, which is all Michael ever really needed.

In addition to being in love with Holly, Michael also cares about his employees and wants to be friends with a number of them, especially Jim and Pam. He goes out of his way to look out for his employees as well as his friends, and Michael Scott is really one of a kind in sitcom history. The list of great moments and scenes that Michael brought to the show is endless from his weird attempts at flirting with Pam, his attempts to be as cool as Jim, his back and forth with Dwight, his hilarious up and down love with Jan, his interactions with Stanley, Dwight, Andy, and who could forget the hilarious moment when it's revealed that Oscar is gay. Or how about Prison Mike and his ridiculous scene with the rest of the new hires? Or his attempt at starting up the Michael Scott Paper Company? I mean, the list goes on and on, but Michael Scott is the best character on The Office and it's not a debate or even close. Michael Scott is the GOAT. Simple as that.


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