DAR Games: The 5 Greatest RPG Games

By @Peagle05

For most gamers, RPG games provide one of the most intricate experiences in gaming period. There have been a number of great and legendary RPG games in video game history, too many to list honestly. However, when we get to the cream of the crop, what sets the top tier games apart is their legacy, their gameplay, and their stories. Today, I wanted to take a look at my 5 greatest RPG games ever. Let's get into this list.

5. Mass Effect 2

-Not the first one (Too buggy) and not the third one (FUCK that ending), 2 was perfect. The gameplay was tight, the powers were perfect and the story? My GAWD, the story. On my first and real play through, I lost EVERYONE. It was a game that rewarded exploration, though the planet stuff was tedious I'll admit. However, do it enough and you get upgrades for your ship that will keep more than a few crew members around. And that ending sequence after the last boss battle? Probably one of the most well done scenes in gaming.

4. Super Mario RPG

-*Dave Chappelle voice* OHHH SURPRISE... yeah this shit for me is top 5. I don't know what it is about Nintendo and RPGs, but they tend to get it right (though Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door are not among my favorites). Add the Mario formula, not what Square can do with the RPG format, and you're almost guaranteed to get some greatness. I loved the story and the gameplay just seemed to fit. Damn shame we don't get more traditional RPGs from Nintendo.

3. Final Fantasy 7

-Yeah I know, a lot (and I mean A LOT) of gamers will say 9 is better and I wouldn't blame them or be mad..but this is my list so stop crapping your chocobo underroos. For me? The story and characters did it for me (THERE'S A BLACK GUY), but the cutscenes were amazing and the intro to the game is still stuck in my head years later. I don't fall in that section of gamers that lost their shit when Aeris bit the big one but hey, in gaming, a moment is a moment and that was a moment. For memorability and admittedly a bit of nostalgia, this makes my list.

2. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

-One of the largest RPGs ever, this game took everything that Oblivion did, expanded it and did it better. The leveling system  and shouts added an exciting layer to combat and the world itself was so expansive, it almost discouraged fast travel. I don't know how Bethesda is gonna top this, but it'll be exciting to see.

1. Chrono Trigger

-In my opinion, the greatest RPG ever. I didn't get to play this on the first go around, but when it came out on the DS, I was absolutely hooked. The story, the music, the battle/tech system, it was all perfect. On top of that, the character models were made by Akira Toriyama, AKA the Gawd of Dragon Ball. I'm still holding out hope for either one more in the series or an updated port for the PS4 or Switch.

And that's my top five. There are others that came close but didn't make it: Secret of Mana and  Tales of Symphonia are among them, but this speaks to the strength of the genre. It's hard to come up with a truly concrete list and all you're really left with at the end is opinion. Got a different one? Let us know.



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