DAR Music: 8 Underrated R&B Artists And Their Best Album

By @TrueGodImmortal

R&B music is one of the greatest forms of music ever. Often, we listen for superb vocals and harmony and stumble up on a new favorite artist or an artist we instantly become a fan of. Today, I wanted to talk about 8 artists in the genre of music that have captivated our ears but don't get enough credit. Along with that, I wanted to also discuss their best albums and the impact that album had on their careers. Now, if you don't see an artist you consider truly underrated on here, just remember this is a short list based on one writer's opinion. Let's get into it.

*Donell Jones 
(Best Album: Where I Wanna Be)

-There aren't too many artists more underrated than Donell. He's one of the more viable singers that came along in the late 90s, but his name isn't mentioned in the same respect as some of the others. From his arrival in 1996, the smooth voiced singer has maintained a level of consistency over the years, but nothing compares to his 1999 release, Where I Wanna Be. The entire album is amazing, but the title track is enough to win over any fan of music from the guitar riff to the vocals from Donell. Where I Wanna Be is the centerpiece of the

(Best Album: Sex, Love, and Pain)

-An extremely underrated artist and songwriter, Tank has been one of the most important forces in music over the years, crafting ballads and hits for a number of artists. His own music doesn't get the credit it deserves and it's a surprise to me because his catalog is solid for the most part.  His best album to me is the 2007 release Sex, Love, And Pain, which showcases his talents at their best. While his 2001 release Force Of Nature is very solid and the introduction, his 3rd project is the best. Any album that has "Please Don't Go" on it can't be defeated.

*Raheem Devaughn
(Best Album: The Love Experience)

-The DC singer is known for a number of great things that he's done as an artist, but he's always sat in the underrated category. With soulful production, great vocals, and overall amazing sound, Raheem is one of those artists who will be appreciated more as time goes by. His best album is still his debut, which has two of my favorite songs from him "Guess Who Loves You More" and my GTA riding favorite "You". That album is one of my favorites of the 2000s and it's a great introduction to Raheem and his music.

*Brian McKnight
(Best Album: Back At One)

-Some consider Brian a legend, but he's extremely slept on for some odd reason. He's one of the better artists from the 90s and somehow doesn't get enough credit. When choosing his best album, you could flip a coin between his 1997 release Anytime and his 1999 release Back At One, but I lean towards Back At One, which is just a bit more cohesive. Overall, Brian has remained consistent through his career and his work throughout the years deserves to be praised.

(Best Album: Sketches Of A Man)

-You might be surprised to see Dwele on the list and then again, you might not. One of the best artists to walk the line between pure R&B and Neo-soul, Dwele has managed to stay consistent with solid music through the years. When looking at his catalog, it's tough picking his best project, but I think it all comes down to preference between his 2005 album Some Kinda and his 2008 near classic Sketches Of A Man. I think Sketches Of A Man is his best work and if you haven't heard that album, or Dwele in general, you need to do so now.

*Faith Evans
(Best Album: Faith)

-The woman who was known to many as Biggie's wife is a great artist in her own right. She stayed consistent through the late 90s and early 2000s, but her best work comes in the form of her self titled debut, which is one of the strongest debuts from a female artist in 90's R&B. From tracks like "Ain't Nobody" to "Soon As I Get Home", and many more, Faith delivered an album that truly hit the mark and kicked off her career the right way.

*Jon B
(Best Album: Cool Relax)

-The first thought I had when I heard this guy was that he was a ripoff version of Babyface. It didn't dawn on me back then that Babyface was writing and producing for him in 1995. I also had no idea that he was white, but that's another story. Regardless of his race and who he sounded familiar to then, Jon began to carve his own lane so to speak, and that reached the highest level when he released Cool Relax in 1997 and had the whole world singing along to "They Don't Know". Jon B was one of the artists that came out of nowhere, but delivered when he needed to.

*Deborah Cox
(Best Album: One Wish)

-There are so many artists who capture our attention with their powerful voice, and Deborah is one of the best in that regard. She packs powerful vocals into all of her songs, and in terms of her catalog, there's one album that really broke through for her, and that's the 1998 release One Wish. The world was captivated by songs like "Nobody's Supposed To Be Here" and another favorite "We Can't Be Friends". Deborah is a truly slept on force in music and this was the album that awakened us to her talent.



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