DAR Games: The 5 Best NBA 2K Games

By @TrueGodImmortal

NBA 2K is the king of basketball video games at the moment. It has been for quite some time. Since overtaking NBA Live, NBA 2K has given us true to life graphics, efficient gameplay, and realistic shots. Though it can sometimes be frustrating with how accurate it is or how outlandish it can be at times, no sports game elicits the emotional reactions that NBA 2K does. Today, I wanted to take a look at the best editions of the most popular sport game in the world. What makes the list? What doesn't? Let's take a look.

5. NBA 2K16 

-Now, hear me out on this one. You might be surprised to see me list this one here and you might even dare to disagree, but make no mistake about it, NBA 2K16 is one of the best games in the series for two big reasons: the much more realistic gameplay and the classic teams that they added to the roster. Who wouldn't want to play as the 2000 Toronto Raptors with Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady, or Kevin Garnett and his MVP year with the 2004 Timberwolves, or even the 2013 Miami Heat team that came back from the dead against the Spurs in the Finals? That's what makes this entire thing so much fun to play, it has dimensions and of course, the story of Freq is actually well executed, despite being a bit corny and outlandish. The truth is, 2K16 is a step up in graphics, detail, gameplay, and mechanics, which is what earns it the title of one of the best 2K games.

4. NBA 2K13 

-I remember this game and thinking it was a fun one to play, and on a revisit of this game, I am reminded why I couldn't put it down years ago. The thing about this game that made it stick out to me the most is that it was an actual improvement over NBA 2K12, which was a solid game in its own right. While it was missing the Jordan challenges, the gameplay and the on court experience on the game was top notch and compared to 2K14 and 2K15, I would say this is the best of the last 5 years. NBA 2K13 wasn't perfect, but it was a top tier edition of the game, which earns a spot on this list (NBA 2K9 was in the running for a spot here as well, but game bugs made it tougher to give it a spot in the top 5).

3. NBA 2K7

-The game that seemingly changed the fortunes of the franchise. As NBA Live 06 and NBA 2K6 were virtually neck and neck in quality, 2K7 was the game that took the franchise over the top and there was no denying who the new king on the block was. With Shaq gracing the cover, this game was a step up from the last two editions and a step into the right direction. The graphics, the gameplay, everything signaled the arrival of the new generation for basketball games.

2. ESPN NBA Basketball (2K4)

-In the original series, where Iverson was the cover athlete every time, this was my favorite of the first couple of editions. You could see that the brand was growing to challenge NBA Live and this game was the turning point to me. This was the first game to have realistic facial designs and for the time, it was groundbreaking. This game was the final one to feature Iverson on the cover and they went out with a bang. Aside from some rebounding difficulty, this game had better graphics, much better gameplay and the amazing 24/7 mode that was special enough to deserve its own separate game honestly. This game was no slouch, and it was the moment where you could feel 2K inching closer and closer and perhaps surpassing Live.

1. NBA 2K11

-The undisputed GOAT.  There's not a single basketball game out there today that is better than NBA 2K11. When NBA Live began to falter through their NBA Live 10 and NBA Elite debacle, 2K stepped up and deliver the greatest game with the greatest athlete to play the game of basketball. Imagine, better graphics, better gameplay, and a chance to relive the career of Michael Jordan. What could be better? You got to play through the greatest moments of Jordan's career, which gave gamers a chance to go through the moments and times we remember as legendary. The classic teams on this game is what made it stick out for me, as playing as the 1998 Utah Jazz, the 1986 Boston Celtics, the Blazers, and many more made this game even so much fun. Make no mistake about it, NBA 2K11 is the 2K game king. I doubt any game tops it anytime soon.



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