The Year In Film: 2007

Introduction By @TrueGodImmortal
-The year 2007 blessed us with some interesting films.... for better or worse. Every year has given us classics and of course, we've had our fair share of horrible movies in any year, but today will be an interesting discussion for sure. With 2007, we got to see some franchises continue their run, alongside some hilarious comedies, award winning drama and action films, and some enticing (and not so enticing black films). One movie from the year that most people would probably like to forget is the ending chapter to Toby Maguire as Spider-Man, with the much maligned end to the trilogy, Spider-Man 3. The movie had some elements that should worked well, but it was really just a swing and miss on so many levels from the horrible Eddie Brock/Venom narrative all the way to the Peter Parker/Jazz club cool routine that is embarrassingly cringe worthy. If I had to start with a movie that really did nothing for me, Spider-Man 3 is probably at the top of this list for the year, which is a bit disappointing because I've always liked the Spider-Man movies.

However, on the flip side, 2007 brought about some really good comedies, two of which were in similar style, but completely different premises. Superbad is now a classic and everyone seemed to really enjoy this film and the legend of McLovin was born with this film. I did enjoy this film although I'm not the biggest fan of the movie, I still think it was a very solid comedy with outlandish laughs and crazy scenarios throughout. Another funny comedy on the year was Knocked Up, where Seth Rogan and Katherine Heigi end up making a baby and the movie is all about the fallout from their random procreation. Procreation was seemingly a slight theme through films this year, as the humorous but slightly dark comedy Juno delighted some audiences. I wasn't the biggest fan of the film, but I did think it provided some laughs and although Ellen Page is annoying in most of her roles IMO, she does a decent job here, and Michael Cera plays his role well. These are three of the biggest comedies on the year.

There were some award baiting films like There Will Be Blood starring Daniel Day Lewis, and No Country For Old Men, but I wasn't the biggest fan of those either. That's not to say they aren't cinematic gems in the technical sense, but they just aren't favorites of mine. One film that I did find interesting yet slightly disturbing was another award baiting film in Zodiac. It was a disturbing premise, but I thought the performances in the film carried it throughout. Aside from the more serious films of the years, we saw some franchises continue, and some franchises begin, for better or worse. One could say that the film 300 was the start of a franchise in its own right and while it didn't produce anything more than a sequel so to speak, it's a favorite on the year for me, mostly. The start of the Transformers film franchise was this year, and I really don't know what to say about it. The first film wasn't that bad, but the later movies got progressively worse. Ocean's Thirteen seemed to close out the trilogy for this franchise, while The Bourne Ultimatum continued the saga of Jason Bourne. The Harry Potter series continued with Order Of The Phoenix film, the zombie genre got another sequel in 28 Weeks Later, the Pirates Of The Caribbean added a new chapter, and in the animated world, we were treated to Shrek The Third.

Ratatouille came along this year for the Disney crowd while other animated movies like Enchanted, Surf's Up, Meet The Robinsons, Bee Movie, and The Simpsons Movie made for some interesting cinematic adventures. All in all, 2007 had something for everyone, but I haven't scratched the surface on my favorites and the movies I really didn't like, including the black films. I'll save that for the outro. Let's take a look at a different opinion on the year 2007 in film in the meantime.

@JADBeats 2007 in film was interesting. The most enjoyable films for me that year vary, but are all great films to watch. I would have to say Superbad was my favorite of the year. Being a fan of the American Pie type movies, how could I not love this? The main characters are teenagers Seth, Evan, and of course McLovin. Who could forget McLovin and company tryjng to lose their virginity and become popular, but then things start to go left for them. By far, this movie is the most hilarious of all the other films in its lane. The Bourne Ultimatum was the 3rd installment of the Bourne series and it was filled with a ton od action as he continues his journey to figure out his past while avoiding capture. This movie was very solid.

Another good one in the comedy department was Knocked Up and it was hilarious to me. How could you go wrong with Seth Rogan's humor and him as the lead actor in a film like this? Grindhouse was an interesting movie. It was a film with 2 different stories directed by Quentin Tarantino and Alex Rodriguez, respectively. One story was a slasher story while the other was a zombie story. Both were thrillers with lots of action, stunning cinematography, and dark characters. This was pretty good IMO. 28 Weeks Later is the follow up to 28 Days Later. I am not typically a zombie movie lover, but the way these zombies were portrayed resulted in intense situations and scenarios. The zombies were intense themselves. Alpha Dog was a good movie with a dope cast. It involves troubled rebellious youth and a kidnapped teen due to his brother not paying his drug debt. RIP to Anton Yelchin.

The Hills Have Eyes 2 was an okay horror flick. It was really gruesome. It wasn't the best film of this genre as there were similar films were coming out around this time. Freedom Writers was a good movie. It reminded me of Dangerous Minds in a way. Nothing too compelling about the teacher helping troubled students angle but it was a nice story. Before the Devil Knows You're Dead was solid as well. P2 was one of those Christmas time horror movie about a woman trapped in a building who has to escape a manic obsessed with her. 

Other films that were good to me on the year:
Hostel: Part 2
Gone Baby Gone
Who's Your Caddy
This Christmas

The let down film of the year and my final choice of discussion is Fantastic Four: Rise of Silver Surfer. This movie could've been so much better. I liked some of the visuals but a lot of things didn't make sense. They could've done way more with their depiction and portrayal of Silver Surfer and Galactus. It was simply just horrible, and at the top of the list for worst films of the year.

Outro By @TrueGodImmortal
-Now, I'll close this out talking about my favorites and the films I didn't like. My first favorite film of the year that I'll discuss is American Gangster. It's my favorite movie of the entire year and one of the best performances in Denzel Washington's career. It tells the story of Frank Lucas, one of the most notorious drug dealers in history, and Denzel owns the role.
He also does a great job in the underrated film The Great Debaters, which is a favorite as well, but not in the same boat as the excellent American Gangster. Another favorite is the Chris Rock film I Think I Love My Wife, which is hilarious and has some realistic elements to it. Though I didn't think it was as good as the first two, I personally enjoyed Rush Hour 3. I think Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker have undeniable chemistry and they displayed it here as always despite a weaker story than the previous two.

In a slightly shocking turn of events, Tyler Perry created a halfway entertaining film with Why Did I Get Married, which was slightly better than it had any business being. Alicia Keys and Common had roles in the film Smokin Aces, which wasn't really a great film, but the violence alongside the sound of the now classic Common and Bilal song "Play Your Cards Right" was enough to sell me. Though I would prefer to watch and laugh at a movie like You Got Served, a lot of people enjoyed Stomp The Yard. It was the slight takeoff for the career of Columbus Short and it featured one of the shortest roles for Chris Brown and for some, a tragic death scene. I wasn't too big on the movie, but I did get my fair share of laughs off of it (Ne-Yo is hilarious intentionally and unintentionally), and seeing Meagan Good in films is never a bad thing. Speaking of Chris Brown and Columbus Short, they would work together again for one of my favorite Christmas films, the surprisingly great This Christmas. Don Cheadle was great in the underrated Talk To Me, and in my opinion, Will Smith was excellent in I Am Legend, even if a lot of people had an issue with the Hollywood style ending they gave it. I enjoyed the film. 

It's a shame that after all of those enjoyable black films or films with a black lead during this year, three of the worst films of this year happened go be black films, one from Eddie Murphy, one about holidays, and one from Tyler Perry. In order, those are Norbit, The Perfect Holiday, and Daddy's Little Girls. All three movies are awful to watch and I've only had the displeasure of watching them all once. Never again. Aside from those three, there was what might be the worst movie of the year and I'm blocked by a member of my favorite hip hop duo for expressing this opinion. Who's Your Caddy was pure trash and the movie never deserved to be made. Some studio wasted millions of dollars to make this crap and somehow Big Boi and Faizon Love got nice checks off of the stupidity of the movie studio. I'm rather indifferent to the Samuel L. Jackson movie Black Snake Moan, and the same can be said for the "old men doing things" film Wild Hogs with Martin Lawrence starring in it. It was a bad performance all around for Martin and as a longtime fan, it was sad to see him in this. Finally, if you needed a laugh for all the wrong reasons, watch the awful and forgotten Daddy Day Camp...... starring Cuba Gooding Jr.

While there were some terrible black films, they were far from the only genre to produce horrible movies. For instance, the Jim Carrey "thriller" The Number 23 was honestly one of the more confusing and utterly terrible films of the year for a number of reasons. It was hilarious and the name used through the film is really funny when said by Jim Carrey. I would say not to watch it if you were looking for a good thriller, but for an unintentional comedy, this is great. Speaking of unintentional comedy, Nicolas Cage has a movie out this year. Enough said. If you feel like laughing at his horrid reactions and an all around shit fest, watch Knowing. Or if you would like a Sandra Bullock film that rivals The Lake House in stupidity, watch Premonition. If you want to see random sexual tension teased between the never titillating Jodie Foster and Terrence Howard, watch The Brave One. I thought it was a solid film in spurts, but it's more so just a bit confusing and slow. If you like to see a scared Hilary Swank in a pretty movie, check out The Reaping, and I apologize in advance.

The fun doesn't stop there. The Rock has become a big star now in film, but once upon a time, he was making Disney movies. That's right, The Gameplan was released this year, I'm sorry to remind you. Also, if you want to see how much The Rock has changed his career for the better, take a look at Southland Tales. It's atrocious. Moving on, who could forget the Dane Cook and Jessica Alba trainwreck Good Luck Chuck? Oh, you did? Well yes, the movie starred Dane Cook, why would you ever store this in your memory bank? I hate to say this, but as much as I love Steve Carell, he was involved in two lackluster films this year. Dan In Real Life, which was solid on the first watch, but boring on all other watches, and Evan Almighty, the unnecessary sequel to Bruce Almighty, didn't really seem to show Carell and his top tier comedic talents in the right way. He was funny in the movies mostly, but the movies themselves just dragged a bit.

I could continue running down more movies like Disturbia, 1408, the awful I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, the ridiculous Lindsay Lohan film I Know Who Killed Me, a Nicolas Cage sequel for National Treasure, Awake, Beowulf, and so many more. While the year 2007 in film is an interesting year overall, it has a decent balance. There's a lot of greatness and a lot of good films, but there is also a LOT of filler and a lot of movies that miss the mark. In terms of how good the year is compared to the rest of the decade, I would say 2007 is a solid year, right in the middle quality wise. It could have been better, but in reality it could have been worse........ like this year.



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