DAR TV: The 5 Greatest Seasons Of Family Guy

By @TrueGodImmortal

Once upon a time, Family Guy might have been the funniest show on television. While it still has its moments now, it's pretty clear that today's society cannot stomach or fathom the comedy and hilarity the show still brings. Although that's rather unfortunate, it's also a result of the show taking a slight dip in quality. With a 16th season underway, sometimes you run into a creative wall, and that's expected for such a successful and long tenured show. However, the fact remains that Seth MacFarlane has created one of the most important animated shows in the history of television and over the years, they've hit it out of the park with some of their seasons. Today, that's why I'm here. To discuss the best seasons of Family Guy, their top 5. It's hard to narrow it down to just five, but that's a part of the fun. What are the five greatest Family Guy seasons? Let's take a look.

5. Season 2
(21 Episodes)

-This was the beginning of the initial end essentially. Family Guy had suffered low ratings after season 1 and hadn't quite taken off in season 2, so the show was initially canceled following this year before being brought back for season 3. However, it's a shock that season 2 wasn't a more successful year ratings wise, because it has some great episodes. This was the season we learned about Brian's unnatural fascination with Lois ("Brian in Love"), and the hilarity between Stewie and Brian on that particular episode was top notch. Another great episode on this season saw Peter declare himself to be dead..... only to get a visit from Death himself ("Death Is A Bitch"). What follows this visit is an injury to Death (how is this possible) that renders him unable to complete his job, so Peter ascends to the level of being the new grim reaper. The hilarity that ensues from that is top notch, and is probably my favorite episode from this season. Season 2 wasn't perfect, but over 21 episodes, there were a lot of hilarious moments that are memorable in this season, which earns it a spot in the top 5.

4. Season 8
(21 Episodes)

-Once Family Guy came back on the air, it had a nice run of two seasons where we witnessed some great moments, but when we got to seasons 6 and 7, the show took a bit of a decline. Season 8 managed to get things back on track and it started with the season premiere, which is probably the best episode of the season. The episode, titled "Road To The Multiverse", shows Brian and Stewie going to a parallel universe where things are much different than what they're used to in Quahog. The episode is full of comedic moments and it leads off what I think is one of the more controversial seasons for the show. They have a number of episodes that tackle some interesting thoughts, including one that paints Miley Cyrus as an android ("Hannah Banana"), which in a way, might not have been too far from the reality. There was an episode centered around Quagmire having an illegitimate child ("Quagmire's Baby"), and another gem with Peter trying to replace Cleveland in their friend group ("Jerome Is The New Black"), which takes on a life of its own, as Brian tries to befriend Quagmire after finding out he doesn't like him. The scene that closes out this hilarious story is one of the best ever and Quagmire killing Brian verbally is one of the most hilarious things I've seen on the show. This season is quite possibly the most underrated of them all and also features the often debated episode with Brian and Stewie trapped in a bank vault ("Brian & Stewie"), another reason why this season makes the list.

3. Season 5
(18 Episodes)

-A little bit shorter than most of the Family Guy seasons, the 5th season managed to keep the hilarity of the 4th season and continue the comedy success. Season 5 only featured 18 episodes, but this allowed the writers to not have the season get too stale at any point, and this season would feature some of the most critically acclaimed episodes of the program. For me, the best episodes this season were the season premiere ("Stewie Loves Lois"), as it showcased a whole different side of the Stewie and Lois dichotomy, along with the ridiculous episode that features Stewie falling in love and Peter attempting to make his own version of a chick flick ("Chick Cancer") after being forced to watch one with Lois. Another classic episode this season features the mistake of Brian selling off Stewie's favorite toy Rupert ("Road To Rupert"), and both Brian and Stewie go on a long journey to acquire Rupert back. Overall, season 5 has a lot of great moments stuffed in a shorter season, and it works extremely well. Season 5 is slightly ahead of seasons 2 and 8, which is why it makes the top 3. The greatest period of Family Guy came from seasons 2 through 5, and that's the apex of the show.

2. Season 4
(30 Episodes)

-It was tough to really decide on which season to include at the no. 2 spot, but I was already sure of which two would be the in the top two. After a long hiatus, this show was brought back due to the viewers asking for it to return. This season was masterfully done, as Seth came back with three years of material to knock the rest of the audience out, and he came out swinging. The first episode of the revival is an all time classic, as they led off with a story centered around Mel Gibson and his unnecessary need to make horrible movies ("North By North Quahog"), which results in quite possibly one of the funniest scenes in Family Guy history, as they create a trailer for a sequel of The Passion Of The Christ, with Chris Tucker and white Jesus as a Rush Hour style tandem. Other episodes on the season showcase Quagmire having an affair with Cleveland's wife ("The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire"), Peter begins to think he's slower than usual ("Petarded"), Brian looks to find love ("Brian The Bachelor"), and James Woods even makes an appearance randomly ("Peter's Got Woods"), the hilarious return of Brian to school ("Brian Goes To College"), among other great episodes. This season is almost as flawless as it can get for Family Guy, and season 4 is easily one of the top two seasons for the show.

1. Season 3
(22 Episodes)

-Were you expecting any other season? You shouldn't have. Simply put, Season 3 of Family Guy is one of the greatest animated sitcom seasons ever, and it's honestly the reason why the show was even brought back. Seasons 1 and 2 were both funny in their own way, but Season 3 is where Family Guy finally struck comedic gold. It was this season that would get me into the show a lot more after it was canceled, as the reruns on Adult Swim always made me laugh out loud. It was a season that literally didn't miss once, starting with a hilarious season premiere that featured Brian becoming a police sniffer dog ("The Thin White Line"), then follows up with another classic episode that shows Brian moving to LA ("Brian Does Hollywood"), and one of the funniest moments on the show when Stewie goes on Kids Say The Darndest Things, and the Bill Cosby impression still makes me laugh today. Peter runs into Death again ("Death Lives"), Stewie tries to stop Lois and Peter from having another baby ("Emissions Impossible"), Peter finds out he might be black, but the best episode in the history of Family Guy has to be the one that etched Herbert the Old Man as one of the funniest characters on the show ("To Live And Die In Dixie"). This season just had far too many laughs and classic episodes to not rank it no. 1. Simply put, all five of these seasons are great, but season 3 is the best.



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