DAR TV: 8 Of The Greatest Cartoon Network Shows

By @TrueGodImmortal

In the television world, there are some networks that make an impact that is hard to define. One of those networks would have to be the Cartoon Network. The network came with engaging programming that enticed us as children and some of which still entices us as adults. The network is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary and what better way to pay homage to the network than by discussing some of the best programs they've aired? Today, I wanted to take a look at 8 of their greatest shows, in no order, and help to showcase how important the network is to television. Let's get into it.

*Teen Titans
(5 Seasons, 65 Episodes)

-One of the more infamous and popular shows on the network, Teen Titans is a favorite for many people. It was critically acclaimed with credit being given for their character development and the themes within the episodes. It was only expected to last 4 seasons, but the popularity of the show managed to garner one more season. The concept of the show centers around younger superheroes Robin (yes, Batman's sidekick Robin), Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy. They are a team that works together to fight against all manners of crime activity while still managing their everyday lives also struggling with adolescence and limitations. Their enemy Slade is a suitable villain and overall, the show keeps you engaged throughout every season. Teen Titans Go hasn't been able to give us the feel of the original and that's why this show makes the list. It is a special show in its own right.

*Johnny Bravo
(4 Seasons, 65 Episodes)

-I was always a huge fan of Johnny Bravo. I felt as if the show was one of the more hilarious animated shows of our time, and the character of Johnny Bravo is iconic. The muscular titular character was a bit full of himself and was seemingly inspired and based on Elvis but with a more self centered kick. One of the funniest elements of the show was watching Johnny Bravo fail at his attempts to gain the affection of women. It would usually end in a hilarious manner and it was one of the most entertaining parts of the show. Add to that the celebrity guest appearances and the adventures he experienced with Suzy, Johnny Bravo had everything you could want and more. The character would permeate pop culture and become a bit of an animated icon and for that, this show most definitely deserves to be on this list.

*Adventure Time
(9 Seasons, 270 Episodes)

-There is much to be said about Adventure Time. While this isn't my personal favorite show on the network, it has something that not many animated shows have and that's longevity. The show is still popular and still going, with 9 seasons under their belt, but this is rumored to be their final year. The show is derived a number of sources, the most prevalent being Dungeons and Dragons and video games, and the result presents an interesting dynamic for the most part. Centered around Finn and his dog Jake (who can shape shift), the two go on adventures while living in the post apocalyptic world of Land of Ooo. The show is a mix of fun and darkness, as any show that takes place in a post apocalyptic world has a underlying dark feel to it. Adventure Time has maintained a solid fanbase over the years and if this is the final season, it's been one hell of a run.

*Ed, Edd, And Eddy
(6 Seasons, 70 Episodes)

-I remember the first episode of this show that I watched. I wasn't expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised by how well put together the program was. This was probably 3 years after the show actually debuted. Over the years, I would get to know more about the show and watch more episodes, and the animation style along with the characters all made it an engaging watch. The story of the three titular outcast preteens who share variations of the same name but have different personalities takes us on a journey literally every episode as the trio try to scam and obtain jawbreakers. As silly as that sounds, it leads us to some hilarious moments and that's what kept the show on for so long, making it one of the longest tenured programs in the network's history, which instantly earned it a spot on this list.

*The PowerPuff Girls
(6 Seasons, 78 Episodes)

-Let me say this first. I have always hated this show. There is nothing about this show that would encourage me to watch it, but I will be honest and admit that the impact of the Powerpuff Girls is hard to deny. They were a part of pop culture, gaining more and more viewers and fans that wanted to be just like them (for whatever reason). While I'm not fond of the show, the fact that so many girls were invested in the Powerpuff Girls showed that it reached the demographic they were going for without issue. The super powered trio of Bubbles, Buttercup, and Blossom were young kindergarten heroes that set out to protect Townsville from the vile villains around. It was an adorable premise on the surface, especially as the superheroes of the town went through things like losing teeth, sibling rivalries, and security blanket. The show isn't one I watched, but for the success and worldwide adoration of the program, it is without a doubt deserving a spot on this list.

*Cow And Chicken
(4 Seasons, 52 Episodes)

-There are some shows that catch you off guard and become your favorite unexpectedly and that's exactly what occurred with Cow and Chicken. The premise of this show was hilarious, as a cow and chicken are unlikely siblings who seemingly have human parents. It was silly, sure, but that's when cartoons are usually at their best. Cow was the big hearted sister of the siblings who just loved the family environment, while Chicken was more snarky and a bit more cynical overall. This made for a great contrast and hilarious scenarios, including run ins with Red Guy, who was a devil that would dress up from time to time to try and scam the siblings. The mix of humor for adults and children kept the show fresh and the characters were unique enough in their own right to keep you engaged. The show would become influential for other Cartoon Network programs down the road, and that's just another reason why this show needs to be on the list.

*Samurai Jack 
(5 Seasons, 62 Episodes)

-I was late to the party on this one personally. However, when I finally got into this show, I realized that I was missing out on something important. Voiced by Phil LaMarr (a legend in voice acting), this show takes us through the journey of a young prince in Japan whose father possesses a magic katana that was used to defeat a supernatural demon Aku. Years later? Aku resurfaced and starts a whole new battle, this time with the prince. A time portal created by Aku sends the prince into a retro futuristic world where he adopts the name Jack. The entire premise of the show is rooted in Jack getting back to his time and defeating Aku, but that proves tougher and tougher on each episode, no matter how he close he gets. Samurai Jack is one of those shows that sets out an end goal at the beginning and allows you to watch with the hope Jack finally overcomes. There wasn't a heavy emphasis on dialogue here either, which was another solid element of the show. Overall, Samurai Jack is one of the best shows from the network and one of the most important.

*Dexter's Laboratory
(4 Seasons, 78 Episodes)

-Shows that have "villains" or geniuses and their plans usually are entertaining and if I had to pick my favorite show on the network, this would be it. The show was initially slept on as it would only have 2 seasons in the beginning before being revived for a second run. All in all, this show became immensely popular due to the premise and the lead character. Dexter was a boy genius who seemingly had plans to help save the world.... or so he thought. He has a nemesis, Mandark, and he has an annoying sister Dee Dee who ruins almost every experiment he attempts, but it all makes for a fun watch of course. His secret laboratory is the focus here, and of course, Dexter's parents aren't aware of what their child is up to. To me, the best part of the show was allowing Dexter to be the genius he was, but making sure he did have careless mistakes and choices, which were a result of his youth and over excitement. All in all, Dexter's Laboratory is a top tier show in the lineage of Cartoon Network, and much like the rest of the shows on this list, it's vital to their success and a classic.



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