The Year In Film: 2005

Introduction By @TrueGodImmortal -As always, with our year in film article, we wanted to take a look at a year that could possibly be seen as a disappointment. It's never easy to pinpoint how the quality of a year in film is until you break it down 100%, but that's part of the challenge here. With so many years that we have already discussed, I picked a year that could end up being an in the middle year. That year is 2005. There were some interesting blockbusters and huge films on the year, some interesting black films, and some horrible movies of course. You can reference some films like King Kong and the surprise hit War Of The Worlds as big event movies, while franchises were in full motion, as Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire debuted this year as well. In terms of franchise, there was the end of the new Star Wars trilogy with Revenge Of The Sith, which is a personal favorite of mine on the year. Those are just a few of the big movies on the year, but they wouldn't be the only ones. Let's take a look at the rest of the films in 2005.

2005 was interesting honestly. Hustle & Flow were notable turning points in both Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson's careers. He plays a pimp and she plays a prostitute. He's tired of his way of life and wants to fulfill his dream of becoming a rapper. They end up making a few hits in a studio built for his house. It came full circle for them hooking back up all 10 years later for similar roles in the popular TV series Empire. Not that Empire is exactly the same, but there are stark similarities. Hustle & Flow was a good movie though. Sin City was about a city where criminals cross paths and nothing good comes from it. The cinematography is great, the film is black and white, plus it is beautifully shot. It was the first I've ever seen like this. Lord of War is one of my favorite Nicolas Cage movies. He's an arms dealer selling weapons to whoever has the money while evading Interpol.

Wedding Crashers was about 2 friends who spend their time crashing down strangers' weddings and prowling for vulnerable women. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are hilarious in this, amd this is a slept on comedy gem. Hostel was a slick horror film about backpacking tourists and their fun being cut short by getting kidnapped, robbed and used for torture games by rich participants. This film definitely will make you be weary about traveling aboard. V For Vendetta is where a masked vigilante commits terrorist acts against the oppressive government who has them in a police state. The movie would end up being responsible for the imagery of a lot of revolutionaries in this era we live in. This film is definitely important.

Aeon Flux was set in a post apocalyptic world with only 5 million ppl remaining including  Aeon Flux, who was a rebel badass that must destroy the oppressive government. Charlize Theron played this role well and it was interesting because recently she just released another role with her being a badass in Atomic Blonde. I like her in this genre. In that same realm, we have the classic The 40 Year Old Virgin about a 40 year old man who has never had sex and his co-worker friends try their best to get him some ass. One of the funniest films ever hands down.

Other films I found enjoyable:
The Island
The Amityville Horror
Exorcism of Emily Rose
Coach Carter
Four Brothers
Red Eye
Wolf Creek
The Skeleton Key
The Ring Two
Hide and Seek

2005 to me was a very uneventful year for movies. While it did provide us with movies such as Star Wars Episode III and Batman Begins, it lacked movies that were must see or made you want to get out the house at watch it at the theater. Now I will say that 2005 did have some pretty good movies, but they were in smaller quantity. The first one that comes to mind is Four Brothers, which is an instant classic. This was a movie I couldn’t help but to stop and watch when it comes on. Coach Carter is another movie that was pretty good. Based on a true story about the Richmond High Oilers out of Richmond, CA, this was definitely enjoyable. The comedy was also pretty high in this movie as well. Then you have comedies like 40 Year Old Virgin and Wedding Crashers were pretty funny, not to mention the remake of The Longest Yard. Who could forget Hustle and Flow (ironically many believe there’s a connection to that and the TV series Empire) as well?

The underrated movie of this year goes to Lords of Dogtown which documented a group of skateboarders that revolutionized skateboarding in Venice, California. This is a movie that doesn’t get enough love. Be Cool also falls under this category. It wasn’t perceived well by many movie critics and others but oh well, I loved it. For the few movies that are listed there are many that just overwhelm the good. 2005 was more of a meh year in movies when you look back at it.

Let me just start by saying this, honestly 2005 has a whole lot of good movies and was honestly a good year. Let’s start with my list and a quick review of the movies that I enjoyed, I'll list 5 that I enjoyed. First, my top movie is Four Brothers and this movie is honestly one of my favorite movies of all time, maybe top 10. Mark Wahlberg is honestly one of the best actors to me (definitely a terrible rapper but amazing actor) and he was great here. This movie is pretty lit with a bunch of emotion in it that it has you feeling the actors and their pain as well as feeling everything  going on in the movie. It's a classic. My second movie choice would definitely have to be Batman Begins. Christian Bale was honestly a really good Batman. I love this movie because it shows the start of the current Batman. Batman and Iron Man will forever be my favorite superheroes so that fact might make me a little biased about the movie, but oh well. It is hard to choose some other movies but if I had to pick my third favorite, I would probably go with Hitch, juat because it’s pretty damn funny with a great story, and of course, it's Will Smith. I’ll be honest with you, I feel like almost everything Will Smith acts in is a classic. The Longest Yard is my fourth pick and truly one of my favorite movies because it’s Adam Sandler, who I am a big fan of. For the longest, to me, he had the same status as Will Smith with the comedies that were all classics, until he started doing these Netflix specials, which aren't good. My favorite thing about this movie besides it being an Adam Sandler movie is that it’s honestly hilarious and it has some of my favorite childhood wrestlers. It also has a good storyline and I think it's a solid remake of the original, but funnier of course.

The fifth choice on my list has to be Walk the Line, because I love a good movie or show about an artist/player/actor that I enjoy. I always listened to Johnny Cash as I grew up, even though I’m a hip hop head and pretty much obsessed with hip hop/rap. I don’t care for other genres of music like that but Johnny Cash is definitely someone I can make an exception for. This movie showed some of the struggles that he had while trying to be a successful artist and it’s just awesome seeing how he overcomes everything that hits him just so he can be with June (his wife). Again, like I said this is honestly a good year in film so I have to add a few more movies in a honorable mention list:

1. Jarhead
2. 40 Year Old Virgin
3. Wedding Crashers
4. Chronicles of Narnia
5. Star Wars Episode 3

Outro By @TrueGodImmortal
-For me, two of my favorite movies on the year are comedies. Of course, those are 40 Year Old Virgin and Hitch, both of which featured two of my favorite comedic actors at the time, Steve Carell and Will Smith. 40 Year Old Virgin is one of the funniest movies ever and features a hilarious scene between Romany Malco and Kevin Hart that is cinematic gold. Hitch is just a funny, sort of romantic comedy, but it has more comedy than actual romance, which is why it's a fun watch for me. There were a lot of interesting yet poorly executed movies this year, from the horror White Noise to the Jennifer Garner led Elektra, all the way down to the Ice Cube family film, Are We There Yet. Family films seemed to be the way for black actors this year, as Martin Lawrence took the plunge to the saddest level with the absolutely terrible Rebound. It might be one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life. If you're a Tyler Perry fan (I'm sorry if you are), you'll notice his Diary Of A Mad Black Woman film debuted this year and kicked off his streak of successful movies. Long before The Rock made Disney movies, his "big brother in film" Vin Diesel took that route in The Pacifier. I have no idea why they put these guys in these roles, but regardless, this movie was horrible and I haven't watched more than 20 minutes of it. There are some things you just know.

Speaking of The Rock, he would have two big roles, one of which was the horrible Doom, the other is a solid role in a film titled Be Cool, the apparent sequel to Get Shorty, which featured appearances from a number of big names, including one of my favorite rappers Andre 3000. Speaking of Andre 3000, he would star in another favorite movie of mine this year, Four Brothers alongside Tyrese, Mark Wahlberg, Terrence Howard, and others. Speaking of Terrence Howard (you get how this is going now), he would have a huge role, perhaps his breakout role, with Hustle And Flow. The movie would feature Ludacris in a small role, Elise Neal, Taraji P. Henson, and Anthony Anderson in what I consider to be a very entertaining movie. Anthony Anderson would stay busy, having a starring role in King's Ransom, which falls into the "bad movie" pile, but on the plus side, it featured Regina Hall, who is always funny. It seems Regina had a rough year in general with film, as she would star alongside Cedric The Entertainer, Mike Epps, and Gabrielle Union in another bad movie, The Honeymooners.

Overall, the year 2005 had some interesting films, some good films, some great films, and a number of bad films. For me, after my favorites 40 Year Old Virgin, Four Brothers, and Hitch, there are others I really enjoyed like Batman Begins, the aforementioned Star Wars Episode 3, the Oscar winning Crash, the 50 Cent biopic Get Rich Or Die Tryin, the solid Roll Bounce, and a few more. One of the funniest movies I've ever watched is The Gospel, which featured Boris Kodjoe with hair and lip-synching the entire movie. It wasn't intended to be a comedy, but it was hilarious for all the wrong reasons so it's a favorite for me in a way. For the Oscar winning crowd, maybe you enjoyed Brokeback Mountain or Memoirs of A Geisha, but neither movie really seemed enjoyable to me (never watched Brokeback, never will). 2005 wasn't a great year in film, but it had enough solid movies to be enjoyable at least, which is better than some of the years we've covered. Here's to you, 2005.



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