DAR TV: 5 Important Sports Networks

By @TrueGodImmortal

If you aren't aware, sports is probably the most important thing to me outside of my personal life. When I'm not focusing on things, I am embedded in sports. Whether on my phone, tablet, or television, sports remains on my screen. With that being said, I know a lot of us are aware that there are a ton of sports networks in the television land. Today, that's why I'm here. I wanted to look at the top sports networks and why they are the top dogs in the sports network world. Let's get into it.


-Although they are declining in many ways as a network, ESPN is still king overall. They have so much content that it's impossible to make this list and not include them. ESPN features a number of opinion based shows on the network with a lot of good debate, but honestly, the network has slowly started to run its course. Whether you're watching Around The Horn, Sportscenter, E:60, First Take (I advise against it), Pardon The Interruption, SportsNation, or my personal favorite, the excellent documentary series 30 For 30, ESPN still has enough compelling sports content to entice all of the viewers.


-My favorite of all the networks on this list. Easily. I love the NBA. I find that NBA TV can be a bit biased to certain players, but honestly, it's fine. What makes NBA TV so much fun to watch is that they employ numerous former players to discuss the game and while sometimes they aren't always accurate (shoutout to Chris Webber, Kevin McHale, and Isiah Thomas), for the most part, it is always an entertaining watch. For me, there's so much to actually watch from NBA GameTime, to classic games being replayed (the best part of the network really), along with current NBA G-League or WNBA games, NBA TV never seems to run out of solid content. As a longtime basketball fan, it was fun to see Inside Stuff on here in present day with Grant Hill involved as well. While I'm not a big fan of The Starters or 10 Before Tip, Open Court and the Players Only franchise make for a good watch, as Dennis Scott has owned his role as the Players Only correspondent at the games. All in all, NBA TV is full of entertainment and knowledgeable basketball programming. For that alone, it is my favorite network overall. 

*NFL Network 

-Their potential legal issues for some of their hosts notwithstanding, this is your one stop for all things football and it is amazing. If you are a hardcore football fan, the NFL Network has everything for you. They have a number of solid programs that discuss football to the highest power and most of the analysts actually know what they're talking about surprisingly. With Michael Irvin, Kurt Warner and other legends from the NFL contributing, the live broadcast shows offer real time opinions. Replays of recent games, as well as Thursday Night Football makes the network a lot of good fun to watch in the morning or at night. It doesn't have a ton of extra content, but it doesn't need it. It's a straightforward channel that showcases the NFL from top to bottom and allows you to hear informed thoughts on the sport.

*NHL Network 

-You would be shocked to find out how popular hockey is here. Of course, when I say that, I'm referring to myself and my interest in watching hockey and the NHL Network. Since I'm not a big golf or baseball fan, the physical sport of hockey is a good watch and this network deserves a mention. The network showcases most of the weekly games during the hockey season, but there are more programs on the network to entice the viewer like NHL On The Fly, NHL Now, Frozen In Time, along with Vintage Games, and a look at Classic Series. If you are a huge fan of hockey, this is the network for you without a doubt.

*FOX Sports 1

-I never expected to be a fan of a network that had Nick Wright and Skip Bayless, but I'll be honest, FS1 has some solid programming. It features a ton of different sporting events, and I would almost say that it has surpassed ESPN in that regard. Whether college or professional sports, FS1 provides a vast array of content, and though they don't broadcast NBA or NFL games, they definitely have baseball games on, and they even brought along the Ice Cube league Big 3, which was moderately successful. They've brought boxing to the network, FIFA, golf, horse racing, and so much more, but what gains the network the most attention comes in the form of their opinion based shows like First Things First, The Herd, and Speak For Yourself, but no program on this network is as important as the Skip and Shannon Sharpe vehicle, Undisputed. Undisputed has become the premier opinion sports show IMO due to Shannon Sharpe, as he entertains most of America with his antics. All in all, FS1 is a pivotal network for sports, just like the others listed. Check them all out from time to time.



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