DAR Games: The Gex Series

By @Peagle05

The 90’s was the era of the action platformer and specifically the era of the mascot in video games. And of course, there was the Nintendo/Sega feud coming down to Mario vs Sonic and whoever else Sega could throw at them (remember Bubsy?). We saw Vectorman, Toe Jam and Earl, as well as the actually successful and fairly fun to play Spyro. However, there was one in particular that I felt was overlooked and that was Gex.

Gex was a platformer from Crystal Dynamics and featured a talking, anthropomorphic Gecko named Gex. What made this character and this particular series so special was its ability to parody pop culture throughout the entire game in what was similar to a Lizard version of Deadpool, but just not as graphic. The Gex series gave us some of the most entertaining parodies in gaming including a Looney Tunes themed level as well a WWE style boss fight. The entire series was based around cracking on TV culture and it did so successfully. What contributed to this was the writing, Gex’s jokes were tailored perfectly for that style and hearing the titular gecko spout off one-liners related to the theme of the level was absolutely hilarious.

The level design was incredibly clever as well and featured some of the more difficult jump sequences that I can remember when it comes to collecting some of the more obscure pick ups in the game. What I remember the most about the game was the amount of care and detail that was put in to each parody to make sure that not only was it quickly understood, but that there was a clear originality to it as well.

Now it’s been a long time since I’ve played the games so I’d have to imagine that there are many aspects of it that didn’t age well, specifically control wise, but I’ve been looking around for the last two games of the series just to see for myself. As for the future of the series? Square Enix DID announce that they would allow revisits of older Eidos IPs. Now will this mean I get a new Gex game? I seriously doubt it. But it’s nice knowing the door is open for it.



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