DAR Sports: 8 Of The Greatest Steph Curry Performances

By @TrueGodImmortal

Stephen Curry is the most important player in the NBA and the most important player of this era. He has changed the way the game is played, and with that, he has seen a level of success that hasn't been duplicated in the NBA. Leading his team to 67 wins three times in a row along with three straight trips to the NBA Finals and two NBA Titles (along with two MVP awards, including the first ever Unanimous MVP), Steph is making his way up the ladder for greatest point guards of all time, and he's still a top 3 player in the league today without question. His consistency is nearly unmatched and the fact remains, Steph is very much a legend that's still writing his chapters. With his recent return from an injury that kept him out 11 games, I wanted to take a look at some of his best performances throughout his career. Steph has a LOT of performances to choose from, so there are a few that will miss my list, but these are some of my personal favorites and one I just couldn't leave off. Let's get into it.

*37 Points
(Vs Cleveland Cavaliers, Game 5, 2015 NBA Finals, 13-23 FG, 7-13 3PT)

-I will forever say that Steph was robbed of the 2015 Finals MVP because.... he was. Iguodala was a great second option and played amazing defense, but the engine of this team was Steph and it was abundantly clear. Steph would put up what I consider to be his best game in the Finals, and he did it at a time where the narrative was that he wasn't stepping up as much in the Finals. While that wasn't true at all, you can't beat the media forced narratives, but Steph definitely tried his hardest. This game would see the Cavs fighting to stay in it, and they were close in the 4th quarter, but Steph would hit the dagger to seal their fate and put the Warriors up 3-2 in the Finals. For me, this was a pivotal game in his career, as it silenced all the doubters about his ability to close games in the Finals, what he can do, and it essentially was the game that won the series and the championship for the Warriors. That's what MVPs do.

*38 Points
(Vs Memphis Grizzlies, 12/30/17, 13-17, 10-13 3PT, Return From Injury, Only Plays 25 Minutes)

-I would be wrong to not include this one on the list. Imagine, your first game back from an ankle injury, after missing 11 games, and you return like this. Steph was explosive and in limited time, he showed just exactly why he is one of the best. There was a lot of talk about him possibly having rust, but there was none of that in this game. Steph would shoot at an efficient rate, having his best game of the season after missing three and a half weeks. If this is a sign of things to come, then opposing teams should be scared. Steph would set the season record so far for most threes in a game, becoming the only man this season to hit 10 threes. He would also register his 16th career game with 30 points in under 30 minutes. He leads the league in those and when I say the league, I don't just mean current players, I mean the entire league in history. The three closest players to him for this stat? George Gervin, Michael Jordan, and Kobe Bryant. Steph is just getting started, and he already owns that record. That is amazing. Welcome back, Steph.

*43 Points
(Vs Los Angeles Clippers, 1/28/17, 15-23 FG, 9-15 3PT, 9 Rebounds, 6 Assists, 29 Minutes Played)

-I remember this game vividly. Steph always seems to kill the Clippers, and this game was no different apparently. He would catch fire from three, and lead the Warriors to a huge 144-98 blowout victory, which is one of the worst blowouts I've ever personally watched. Steph would cap off his amazing night with a huge half court three pointer to close out the first half, a sign of what was to come. The 3rd quarter is when the Warriors blew the doors off and they would do so with Steph leading the way. What's more impressive about this performance is that he did so in less than 30 minutes played. To put up 40 plus points on a highly efficient night in less than 30 minutes is such a rarity in the NBA, but Steph pulled it off here and because of that, this is one of his greatest games period.

*46 Points
(Vs Oklahoma City Thunder, 2/27/16, 12-16 3PT, Game Winner in OT)

-As far as Steph and his best games go.... This is by far my favorite. I remember watching this game like it was yesterday. Before Durant left OKC, I'll admit, the Warriors vs Thunder battles had a rivalry feel to them for sure. The Thunder seemingly had the upper hand throughout this game, and Steph even left the game briefly with a minor injury, but he would soon return and put on a show. Steph would help push the game to OT, and then he would take over. All of this would lead to what I consider the greatest Steph Curry moment ever. The game was tied 118-118 and the Thunder had what could have been the last shot. As the Thunder missed a shot, Steph would get the ball and bring it up court for one final attempt. What the Thunder didn't expect was Steph pulling up from just below the half court area and draining a shot that for almost anyone else in the NBA would be impossible. The shot heard around the world goes in and makes it 121-118. Steph celebrates and dances on the court after hitting the shot. This is honestly one of the most disrespectful shots in NBA history and a top 5 favorite shot for me personally. Steph hitting that three and then dancing on the OKC floor is still an all time great moment.

*46 Points
(Vs New Orleans Pelicans, 13-17 3PT, Breaks Single Game Record)

-All good things must come to an end right? Well, for Steph, his streak of games with a three pointer ended in a horrible performance against the Lakers and the next thing you know, Steph comes back with a record shattering performance of his own. While the Warriors struggled a bit against the Pelicans throughout the game, it would be Steph would put the team on his back and close this game out. The defensive prowess of the team would lead to stops on the opposite end of the floor, while Steph would hit clutch threes to help them pull away. The biggest thing about this game for me was watching the final three go in, as Steph now owns the highest record for threes made in a game with 13. That moment is iconic and honestly, it's only a footnote to the career of Steph. He not only holds the top 3 records for the most threes made in an entire season, he also holds the record for the most threes made in a single game, which solidifies him as the greatest shooter of all time.

*51 Points (Vs Orlando Magic, 2/25/16, 7 Rebounds, 8 Assists, 10-15 3PT)

-I remember when I saw the highlights of this game, I knew I had to watch it back and I'm glad I did. This game is Steph at his very best, weaving through the Orlando defense and shooting at will. Truthfully, Steph is so much fun to watch that this game seemed normal, when in actuality, a 50 point game is NEVER normal. The Warriors were down 63-59 to start the 2nd half, and then Steph exploded in the third quarter and it was over from there. He would finish with an extremely efficient night, going 10-15 from three and leading the Warriors to a huge 130-114 victory.

*53 Points
(Vs New Orleans Pelicans, 10/31/15, 17-27 FG, 28 PT Third Quarter, 9 Assists, 4 Rebounds)

-It was Halloween. It was a rematch between the Pelicans and the Warriors after the Warriors beat the Pelicans on opening night. Steph had dropped 40 on the Pelicans on opening night, and he would embarrass the Pelicans even more so just four days later. This game was close for the most part in the first half, with the Pelicans leading by one at halftime. However, the third quarter rush from Steph would seal the deal as he would drop 28 points in the third. The Warriors would win this game 134-120 and this would be the notice that Steph was about to have a career year.

*54 Points
(Vs New York Knicks, 2/27/13, 18-28 FG, 11-13 3PT, Career-High)

-This is his greatest scoring performance of all time, and it came before he was seen as a top 3 player in the game. There are stars who make sure to leave their mark on Madison Square Garden, and Steph did just that with this game. Although the Warriors lost, Steph had to walk away from this game feeling great about how he performed. Hitting 11 three pointers, Steph would dazzle a MSG crowd that didn't seem to know the power of Curry. After keeping the Warriors in the game the whole way through, the Knicks pulled away with a win, but Steph left his mark on the Garden, adding his name to a list of legends and stars who have iconic performances in MSG. While this isn't my favorite Steph game, it is his career high scoring, but.... with the way he plays and the level he is now, there might be a game sooner than later where he surpasses this career high. Time will tell.



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