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DAR Games: 7 Underrated Wrestling Games

By @TrueGodImmortal

As you may all know, I've been a wrestling fan for the better part of 20 plus years (I started VERY early as a fan), and one thing that I've always been a fan of is of course, video games. Over the years, I've played numerous wrestling related video games, and there are so many classics that are often discussed, but I wanted to take some time to look back at some underrated gems over the years and some forgotten games that were pretty good for their time. Let's take a look at seven underrated wrestling games.

*WCW Superbrawl Wrestling (1994)

-Years ago, WCW had something worth enjoying and paying attention to. It was hard to tell at times due to their product, but for the most part, I'll be honest, I really enjoyed the WCW video games when they dropped. My first WCW game was this one, and it was actually pretty fun. With a roster of twelve WCW wrestlers, the game allowed you to control legends like Sting, Big Van Vader, Rick Rude, Ric Flair, and more. The gameplay was a bit different, but still fun to play overall, and I only wish we could get a PS4 version of a throwback WCW game now.

*WWF RAW (1994)

-I used to think this game wasn't anything special and while that might be accurate, it definitely had some fun elements to it. It was one of those games that you reflect on and realize that perhaps this was better than memory served. I haven't revisited this much since 1995, but due to a gaming store that sells SEGA and other nostalgia products, I have played it a few times in the last 5 years and though it doesn't hold up to the other classics of this time, it's probably the best of the bunch before the PlayStation era. With Owen Hart, Lex Luger, Shawn Michaels, Diesel, and others on this game, WWF RAW gave the New Generation fans a gaming experience that many didn't forget.

*WWF In Your House (1996)

-I absolutely love this game. It's a classic honestly, but it rarely gets mentioned due to the arcade like style of gameplay it possessed. It was a bit out there in that regard and compared to the realism of other WWF games like Smackdown and Attitude, it doesn't really hold up well in some regards. However, on the fun factor, this game has them all defeated. It features some of the top wrestlers in the WWF at the time, including Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson, The Ultimate Warrior, and more. It embodied the playful and almost cartoon like characterization of the WWF and the gameplay was more so Mortal Kombat style fighting than regular grappling mechanics, but that makes the game even better IMO.

*WCW vs NWO: World Tour (1997)

-Every WCW game, in a way, is a classic in its own right. While Nitro and Backstage Assault are classically bad, games like WCW vs The World, WCW vs NWO Revenge, and others such as this one were classics and just a lot of fun to play. To me, the best feature on the game was including the Japanese style tournaments which gave the game an extra element outside of the standard exhibition matches. In addition to the WCW and NWO members, the game includes some Japanese wrestlers under different names due to copyrights. I like this game just as much as WCW/NWO Revenge, maybe slightly more.

*WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role (2000)

-The initial Smackdown series is legendary in its own right, and while many people reference Here Comes The Pain or Shut Your Mouth, I've always had an affinity for the second edition of the game. While this is purely nostalgia talking, of the entire Smackdown series (including the SD vs RAW games), this is my third favorite after the two aforementioned games. With the titantron playing as the theme music hits and the wrestler makes their entrance, this is one small thing about the game that I loved. The gameplay was standard, but the roster and season mode put it over the top. The season mode was my favorite piece of this honestly, as playing through the storylines were more fun than having to create your own. Smackdown 2 wasn't the best game overall, but it is certainly underrated in the Smackdown series.

*WWE Day Of Reckoning (2004)

-I will be honest. The GameCube WWE games were mostly hit or miss, with miss being the norm (remember Wrestlemania XIX? No?), but they would finally get it right with this game. Day Of Reckoning was smooth as far as the mechanics and gameplay, and I actually found the grappling system to be one of the best in a WWE game. The game modes were also enjoyable, especially the single player mode where you decide between RAW and Smackdown. Choosing RAW lands you a spot in Evolution, while joining Smackdown lands you in The Undertaker's New Ministry. All in all, Day of Reckoning was a breath of fresh air for the GameCube in terms of wrestling games.

*WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2009 (2008)

-This is a turning point in the Smackdown vs RAW franchise that many people might not even recognize. Essentially, this game altered the way tag team wrestling was handled in video gaming, and although the game itself was pretty standard minus a few add-ons, it was an improvement over what I felt were less than enjoyable editions of Smackdown vs RAW in 2007 and 2008. One thing I enjoyed from this game was the ability to import wrestlers onto the later released WWE Legends of Wrestlemania. While Legends of Wrestlemania wasn't that great by itself, the ability to add the Smackdown vs RAW 2009 into the game made it slightly better. Another excellent addition to the series was the infamous Road To Wrestlemania mode, which made its debut in this game. All in all, SVR 2009 is a pretty good game that should get just a little more credit.



  1. Sense we are talking Underrated and under Appreciated WRESTLING Games I Have to Throw WCW Nitro PLAYSTATION Version WCW THUNDER And WCW MAYHEM PLAYSTATION Into the ring these games captured the spirit and Authentic WCW Atmosphere more than any other WCW Games and are qite fun to play once you learn the Controls they have great graphics awsome Rosters and Tons of Great Unlockables

  2. And you Couldn't be more Wrong about Wrestlemania XIX It's the best in the Series REVENGE MODE WAS Crazy Fun and Wrestlemania XIX IS QUITE POPULAR On Youtube these days not only is it Remembered it's ben getting a lot of let's play Revenge mode Series WRESTLEMANIA XIX Was the closest to WWF NO MERCY Out of all of them and it's Awsome

  3. FINAL Comment None of the games in your list are underrated with the exception of WWF IN Your House the rest of them are known and quite well Remembered

  4. SHOWDOWN LEGENDS OF Wrestling Now that's Underrated I KNOW I Said the last Comment was my last Comment But I Just remembered SHOWDOWN

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