DAR Films: 8 Video Game Movies

By @TrueGodImmortal

We love video games for providing the entertainment that other forms of art cannot. When we sit and play through a game, whether it be exhibition or story based, we always find it to be extreme fun for various reasons. However, translating the parameters of a video game into television or film doesn't sound or seem like it would be the best idea honestly. While for the most part, that is true, there are a few select instances where a video game was adapted to film and it wasn't that bad. Of course, the bad outweighs the good and that's the legacy of video game movies. Today, I wanted to look at the best and the worst of video game movies and what made them decent or just downright awful. Let's get into it.

*Mortal Kombat (1995)

-I don't hate this movie as much as I remember. When the film first released, I'll admit, I wasn't the biggest fan, and even today, I still haven't been able to sit through it in its entirety again, but it was cool to see this brought to life. The costumes and characters were pretty fun to watch and the action in the film kept it interesting. One of the most memorable scenes in the movie is when Scorpion removes his mask, and that's probably the best part of the movie. Some could point to the Goro and Johnny Cage fight, or even the Subzero and Liu Kang battle as a highlight as well. Still, one could assume a movie like this could be better handled in present day where CGI and advanced special effects could make their fights and fatalities much better than what we witnessed here. However, please don't ever make another Mortal Kombat movie. Please. I beg of you.

*Super Mario Bros (1993)

-I mean, we know all about this one. It was noted that Super Mario is the greatest video game character ever so surely they would get his movie done right.... right? Wrong. There was so much wrong with this movie that I can't even begin to list it all. It wasn't exciting. It wasn't fun. Luigi and Mario looked like the washed versions of each character years and years later. The villain in this film was awful, the heroes in the film were awful, there doesn't need to be much said on this movie really.... It was that bad. I almost feel bad that they even attempted this, because on a revisit of the movie, this might be the worst of them all.

*Doom (2005)

-This game was pretty fun for most gamers years ago. It worked well, yet I don't think anyone was really thinking that a movie was needed. Of course, The Rock stars in this. Years before The Rock answered yes to every film offer that came his way, he would take a number of roles that didn't advance his film career. This was definitely one of those roles. As Sarge, Rock plays a surprising role of the villain, which we learn by the end of the movie. Karl Urban is Reaper and is decent, but the pacing of the film and how it was made really seemed to be subpar and not fun at all. It didn't have as many direct links to the game as it should either, another issue I had with it. If you want to see The Rock transform piece by piece into a monster however before impending death then this is at least good for that.

*Street Fighter (1994)

-This is one of the classics. Not for me personally, but to many. The movie itself is done well enough as far as the costumes are concerned and that is pretty much the highlight of the entire film. The dialogue was actually pretty good here, or at least memorable, but aside from that, this movie has some of the most forgettable fight scenes of any video game adaption. It does feature an excellent performance from Raul Julia as Bison, but otherwise, this movie isn't much more than that. Still, it was cool to see Street Fighter brought to life despite how subpar this movie was.

*Max Payne (2008)

-Okay.... two things. One, Mark Wahlberg was a decent choice for Max Payne. Two, Mark Wahlberg is not a good or believable actor. In fact, he's the Great Value version of John Cena, which may seem like a slight to him and Cena, but.... well actually, it is. Regardless, this film just doesn't do it for me and I was a fan of the Max Payne games. What I will say the film does positively is the visual end of things. The visuals here are the sole highlight and the action sequences are crafted pretty well in spurts. The film has a weird pace along with a subpar ending, so those are the biggest knocks against the film IMO. As a standalone action film, this isn't bad, but considering the source material and the fact that it is a video game film, it disappoints highly.

*Resident Evil (2002)

-There have been far too many movies made within this series, but regardless, Resident Evil is a hugely successful franchise whether film or video game. However, the first film is probably the strangest, in the sense that it takes very little from the game in terms of narrative and makes a fairly decent movie. It puts a spin on what the game itself was about, allowing for those who don't consider themselves gamers to enjoy the movie without needing to know much of the source material. Of all the films on the list, this might be the best, but of course it still has its own shortcomings.

*Hitman (2007)

-Two things prevented this film from being special: casting and execution. For one, Agent 47 doesn't need to be humanized or even made into a character that you want to identify with. This film takes the chance and attempts to do so, and it doesn't work. Also, the casting of Timothy Olyphant as Agent 47 is just a bad idea and the quality of the movie takes a hit for the most part because of this. Timothy is a good actor, but he was not suited to play this role. Still, the action in the movie is fun, which is essentially the saving grace of most video game movies even if they suck.

*Assassin's Creed (2016)

-The most recent and confusing of all. Visually, this movie isn't bad at all. It's actually a fun movie in some ways. The Leap of Faith is always fun, and to see it in movie form was pretty good, but I'll be honest, everything else about this movie just didn't work for me. Michael Fassbender is a great actor, and he was solid here in his role during this film at times, but the dialogue was poor and the execution of this film itself was poor. The movie was delayed was so long and got such bad reviews that it bombed at the box office as expected by many, but I still think that this movie had potential. Of course, it just seems as if the directors gave it a very lackluster effort, and as a result, a visually engaging film has nothing extra to it.



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