DAR Games: 5 Classic Video Game Trilogies

By @TrueGodImmortal

Video Game Trilogies have been important to the history of gaming over the decades. For many franchises, crafting a perfect trilogy is one of the most elusive things ever, as so many have tried and still managed to fail. However, today, we get to look back at just a few of those instances where the trilogy works. We wanted to narrow it down a little bit, so missing from the list are some excellent trilogies like Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid, Fable, Fallout, God of War, the Batman Arkham trilogy, and a few others. Today, we look back at 5 classic trilogies in gaming. Which trilogies do we highlight? Let's take a look.

*Gears Of War
(GOW 1, 2, 3)

-For many, the Gears of War series sits very high on the video game trilogy ladder and with good reason. It is story based, with enough solid gameplay, mechanics, and heartbreaking moments to capture every gamer. I played this game a few times, and I'm partial to the second game personally over the other two, but this was a legendary trilogy that ends off with one of the more devastating character deaths in gaming history and the dialogue in most of these games were cheesy but so memorable and hilarious at times. Gears of War is definitely a trilogy that has longevity and you can still enjoy these games today.

(Halo 1, 2, 3)

-I remember trying to get into this series and I was honestly not sold. While a solid game, I didn't think the first one had much to offer me in terms of my style of gaming. Essentially, this game was a risk in some ways and it paid off. The franchise would  really be a vital piece in revolutionizing modern day multiplayer gameplay. Not since Goldeneye had there been such an emphasis on multiplayer gameplay in a first person shooter, but of course, the story is what furthered this trilogy. Most people will point to the first three Halo games as some of the best games ever, and that alone makes it a classic trilogy. The story of Master Chief and The Covenant was important to the gaming world and as such, Halo is one of the biggest and highest selling trilogies ever in gaming.

*Grand Theft Auto
(GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas)

-Of course, this is one of those trilogies that has to be discussed. Grand Theft Auto had yet to reach that level of success and anticipation that it has now, as many weren't big fans of the series before the third edition. The third edition took the franchise to new heights, while Vice City would take it slightly over the top, but the franchise hit the apex of their run with the San Andreas edition. The stories in each game were hit or miss at times, but what made this trilogy so important was how it impacted gaming. Many have attempted to utilize the open world gaming field like GTA perfected though many haven't been able to come close. Hours upon hours of gameplay alongside entertaining characters made the GTA trilogy quite possibly the best and most lucrative in the history of gaming. If only GTA IV, V, and the eventual VI could pull that off, but it's unlikely they can rival the original trilogy in impact. Still to this day, people love the original GTA breakthrough trilogy and what it represents to the gaming world.

*Mass Effect
(ME 1, 2, 3)

-I was never the biggest Mass Effect fan, but I'll be the first to admit that I have a lot of respect for the Mass Effect trilogy and what it represents for this era of gaming. The graphics, the mechanics, and the gameplay all made each game alluring, but many have said the ending of the trilogy deterred them from ranking it as such. While the official ending of the trilogy and your opinion it is solely up to you, the reality that catches me is that Mass Effect brought gamers into the world and made them somehow identify with and believe in it. Each game does that in its own right and that is what made Mass Effect such a special franchise. 

*Super Mario Bros.
(SM 1, 2, 3)

-Consistency is the thing and the Mario franchise is the most consistent in the history of gaming. Since the inception of the franchise, Mario has remained the most iconic figure in the history of gaming and there is no better example of why than the original Mario trilogy. With the first game becoming a major hit, the second following up on the classic nature of the first, and the third becoming a legendary game in history as well, there isn't really a trilogy that holds as much cultural impact on gaming other than Super Mario Bros. Perhaps that's nostalgia taking over, but there really hasn't been a worldwide phenomenon to touch the gaming world and the casual gamers quite like this initial trilogy. The fact that Mario is still one of the most lucrative characters in gaming says it all in reality. Super Mario Bros has the greatest and most important trilogy period.



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