DAR Films: 6 Important Superhero Movie Villains

By @TrueGodImmortal

Superhero movies and comic book movies have been crucial in the film world over the last few years. They have always existed, but just not on the grand scale that they are now. With Infinity War crushing box office records, we figured it would be a good time to take a look a several important villains in the superhero movie world. Who are some of the better superhero movie villains and the pros and cons of each? Let's take a look.

(Marvel Cinematic 
Universe, Avengers: Infinity War)

-We finally get to see the power of Thanos in the newest Marvel film, and his power is beyond measure. While searching for the Infinity Stones to harness the power he desires, Thanos encounters many on his quest. We saw previews of what was to come from Thanos through the previous movies, but nothing could have prepared us for what he would bring in Infinity War. Death. Destruction. Chaos. Finality. After opening the movie with two very important kills, Thanos sets out on a journey with plans to fulfill destiny. He would end up accomplishing his goal, and the results of that would end up rocking the foundation of the entire MCU. If you haven't seen Infinity War, I will not spoil it for you, but Thanos unleashed his power and now the question becomes, how does one defeat such a powerful villain? The answer to that? You don't. You let such a powerful villain defeat himself internally before you finish the job. Will that be the case going forward? I'm not sure, but with the movie version of his story having its own little spin, it is entirely possible that the one way Thanos could be defeated is through himself. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until Avengers 4 to find out if that is the case.

(X-Men Saga, X2 United, X-Men: Days Of Future Past, etc) 

-Magneto is a legend in his own right and while seen as a villain, his ideology doesn't seem as villainous as some would want it to. He knows what the world thinks of mutants and how they would treat them. He rejects that treatment and wants to preserve the life of the mutants who the world seems to hate. Ian McKellen was excellent as Magneto, but Michael Fassbender has also been very good as the lead antagonist in this film series. While the X-Men movies have been hit or miss throughout their long run, one of the things they managed to actually get right was Magneto. I will say that Fassbender as Magneto is a bit too sympathetic and understanding to be as sinister of a villain that McKellen's turn as Magneto is, so if I had to choose one of them as the selection, McKellen as Magneto wins out every time.

*The Joker
(Batman Saga, The Dark Knight)

-So, Jared Leto not withstanding, The Joker is the greatest Batman villain ever. It is that simple. He has lived in the head of Batman throughout the comics and the films, and despite Batman being able to vanquish all of his prior foes, the dichotomy between Batman and The Joker will always be interesting. Jack Nicholson was great as The Joker, as he brought a bit more of the comedic side to his turn, but of course, the Heath Ledger role is what made The Joker a true legend in many ways. Because we knew The Joker, he didn't require origins for The Dark Knight, what he required was our full attention. A man who just wants to see the world burn, The Joker causes chaos wherever he goes, and as a result, he etched himself in the history books as perhaps the all time greatest villain ever. The Heath Ledger performance is masterful. It isn't emotional. It isn't redeeming. It isn't sympathetic. It is essentially evil at the highest form, and the best turn for The Joker, because he is comedic in his own sinister dark way, but not campy. Thanos aside, The Joker is the greatest movie villain ever.

(Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther)

-I think this is an interesting villain. Depending on who you talk to, one could say that Killmonger is underrated or overrated. For me, he was an excellent villain, one that had a purpose and point, and though his methods weren't exactly the greatest, the execution of Michael B. Jordan's turn was the highlight of Black Panther. Killmonger could have probably been given a bit more time as the King of Wakanda, which seemed and felt a little rushed, but for him to overtake T'Challa and have his plan get set into motion, he seemed to fail all too quick. Still, Killmonger was right in theory for what he believed, it was the actual plan that didn't work, and might have been slightly ill-advised. Aside from the overhyped quote that came before his demise, Killmonger was full of quotable moments and he was the perfect rival for Black Panther. One wishes that Killmonger and his journey could have continued into the next film and the sequel, but his road ending as he became too drunk with power might have been the best end for a villain with this charisma.

(Batman Saga, The Dark Knight Rises)

-Was I a huge fan of The Dark Knight Rises? No. However, it was clear that the power of Bane and his destruction was undeniable. Along with the quotes that he would spew at any given moment, Bane was one of the most aggressive villains in superhero movie history, but his plan itself leaves a lot to be desired. He wants to overthrow the elite..... to destroy the city because of.... well whatever the case may be, the plan just doesn't seem to be as solid as other villains of the past. Still, this is one of the more memorable villains performances over the last 15 years for sure, mostly due to the voice and the delivery of the words from Bane. Add to that the fact that he gave Batman the worst beatdown that Batman has received, and you have a clear indication of what made Bane such a standout villain.

(Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor, The Avengers)

-The MCU has always struggled with villains it seems. With the exception of one or two names, every villain in the MCU seemed to fall short of what we expected or hoped. There are a few exceptions to every rule, and for me, Loki is one of them. The estranged brother of Thor, Loki had his sights set on pure destruction and to set this world on fire.... literally and figuratively if we are being honest. The God of Lies is one of the most charismatic villains ever, managing to steal the throne of Asgard and nearly murdering Thor, as well as helping to lead the Battle of New York. Loki has walked on the right side at times, but he seems more comfortable as a villain despite what Thor: Ragnarok hinted at. Most people believed that Loki was due to be a main fixture in the final two Avengers films..... and while that should have been the case, the truth is.... well, that won't happen. Still, Loki had an incredible run as a villain and besides Thanos, he is my favorite choice on this list.



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