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DAR Hip Hop: 8 Underrated G-Unit Mixtapes

By @TrueGodImmortal

We spent some time talking about the G-Unit mixtapes months ago. Of course, the greatest G-Unit mixtapes got a huge response, but the great ones are always discussed. The tapes that I feel deserve a little more credit are the mixtapes that slightly fly under the radar or at least feel slept on when looking at the entire G-Unit discography. With over 90 plus mixtapes under their belt as a collective, solo and otherwise, I wanted to take a look back at some of their most underrated mixtapes. I could write on at least 15 more, but today let's discuss 8 of these tapes. Which mixtapes make this list? Let's take a look.

*Return Of The Bodysnatchers: ThisIs50 Vol. 1

-This is possibly the best mixtape from the group overall, as it features mostly original tracks and a renewed hunger. 50, Banks, and Yayo dominate this tape, with Young Buck not being featured (it was around the time of his departure), it gave the mixtape an old school feel with the original trio in tact and sounding better than they had in years together. There are no songs that truly will be skipped on the project, but if I had to pick my overall favorites, I would have to say "Like A Dog", "I'm Leavin", "Paper Chaser", and "Make Me Feel Good" are the top tracks, but honestly, Bodysnatchers is one of the better mixtapes during the later years of the 2000s. 50, Banks, and Yayo took it back to the essence and the result was near perfection.

*G-Unit Radio 10: 2050 Before The Massacre 

-One of the rare mixtapes from 50 that doesn't get mentioned in his discography much at all, and I'll be honest, I'm not sure why. The tape isn't a classic, and when compared to the others in his catalog, perhaps this doesn't fully compare, but it was solid, and deserves to get discussed a bit more. 50 was in rare form on some of these tracks like the Alchemist produced "I'm An Animal", "Gotta Get Mine", "Queens PIMP", "When You Hear That", and my favorite "We Gonna  Hit Yo Ass Up", which is a classic original G-Unit song IMO (50, Banks, Yayo). While 2050 wasn't anyone's favorite mixtape I'm sure, it gave us a lot of music that seemed to be slept on..... until it resurfaced under different beats on the 50 Cent Bulletproof video game. Excellent execution by 50 on that one.

*Lloyd Banks- 4-30-09 (Happy Birthday)

-This was a double disc mixtape and it was a classic. Of all the Banks mixtapes that came after the actual run of G-Unit, I hold this in higher regard than Cold Corner or Halloween Havoc. The tape was full of artists who contributed solid verses alongside Banks from Jay Rock to Uncle Murda to Nipsey Hussle and more, while the first disc features some of the best songs with "Not Quite Right", "M.B.A.M", "Reborn", and more. The second disc is solid as well, with tracks like the classic Rick Ross diss "Officer Down", "The Raw", "Holy Matrimony", and more. Banks delivered one of his best bodies of work here and it definitely should be mentioned with the other mixtapes of his career.

*G-Unit Radio 25: Sabrina's Baby Boy

-When I first heard this tape, I was actually pretty disappointed. Not in the tape itself, but more so disappointed that 50 didn't use a majority of these tracks on the disappointing Curtis album, which would have been a smarter decision. While Curtis was more pop and commercial songs, 50 would have better music here like the solid "Family Matters", "Don't Wanna Talk About It", the G-Unit collabs "Coke Life" & "Southside", as well as the hard hitting "I'm On Some Shit", and my two favorites from the tape "Part Time Lover" and the excellent "Smile". Take off a number of the bad tracks on Curtis and replace it with some of those, and I guarantee 50 would have competed even more with Kanye for those first week sales.

*Elephant In The Sand: ThisIs50 Vol. 2

-I remember the cover for this one. Mocking Fat Joe was actually hilarious, especially since the beef felt like it was mostly over. It wasn't. Still, regardless of that, this tape featured some excellent G-Unit music, and even had Young Buck back into the fold for a brief moment. Buck appears on multiple tracks, rapping alongside 50, Banks, and Yayo on tracks like the classic "Lifetime Achievement", the hard hitting "Sunroof Open", the hilarious "I Fucked Your Bitch", and more. All in all, this tape is equal to Bodysnatchers, with tracks like "Fully Loaded" and "Confrontation" both being underrated G-Unit songs. The Unit excels at mixtapes and this was one of their actual best pieces of work, but it doesn't get nearly the credit it deserves.

*Young Buck- Welcome To The Traphouse

-Buck has a lot of solid mixtapes, with some of his best work coming in recent years. Still, his most underrated tape came at a time when the Unit wasn't on top of the world anymore. 2006 was the year and Gangsta Grillz was the popular mixtape series of the time, so DJ Drama naturally hosted this one. Buck would bring some of his best raps and his aggression to every song, with features coming from Yayo, 50, B.G., Anthony Hamilton, Pimp C, and Yo Gotti, among others. Tracks like "Work With It", "Niggas Change", "I Got Mine", and more are all highlights on a solid cohesive listen. Buck would have multiple tapes that were slept on, but to me this was his best during that period of time.

*50 Cent: War Angel LP

-Of all the mixtapes that came from 50 during his later years, this is probably the one that I enjoyed the most during his run. Essentially War Angel LP teeters the line between a classic mixtape and an original project. The music here is excellent, with a reinvigorated 50 rapping over booming productions, resulting in classics like "Talking In Codes", "Redrum (Murder)", "Get The Message", and my favorite "C.R.E.A.M. 2009". All in all, 50 delivers yet another quality project that went slept on, but did garner attention and some acclaim.

*Tony Yayo- El Chapo 2

-Many people have slept on Yayo throughout the G-Unit run, but he went through a period where he actually had some good projects, mostly during the time he was more so separated from the rest of the Unit. This mixtape was the second in a series for him, and it doesn't feature many guest appearances, which allows the listener to hear and identify with Yayo and his plight. Tracks like the Mobb Deep featured "Body Bag", the booming "Thousand Grams", and "Queens Anthem" help round a solid effort from an artist that hasn't been given his proper respect.


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