DAR Films: The 7 Greatest Jamie Foxx Roles

By @TrueGodImmortal

Make no mistake about it, Jamie Foxx is one of the best black actors of our time and one of the most underrated comedians to come along. While his movies have been hit or miss at different times, the roles that he picked over the years have added to his legacy. From a star making turn in Any Given Sunday to an Oscar winning performance in Ray, Jamie gives it all in every performance that he has. Today, I wanted to take a look at and rank his 7 best roles over the years. He has plenty of roles to chose from, with a number of popular starring roles over the last 10 to 15 years, but perhaps some of his smaller roles make this list? Read on and find out.

7. Drew "Bundini" Brown

-I was always a fan of this role for Jamie. In many ways, it was a mix of comedic and emotional, but it was one of the first roles to showcase Jamie in a much different light. In the role of the assistant trainer and cornerman for Muhammad Ali, Jamie executed perfectly as he weaved through the demons and the issues that Bundini faced over the years while Ali was going through his ups and downs throughout his career. Jamie would win awards for this performance, showing that he had what it takes to be nominated or considered for an Oscar winning role. We would soon find out just how fast that would come.

6. Dean "Motherfucker" Jones
(Horrible Bosses)

-You would have never guessed such a small role would be so special, but Jamie was actually funny and just all around engaging as this ridiculous character. In a comedic role that wasn't completely straightforward comedy, Jamie plays Motherfucker Jones, an ex-con who will assist the trio of disgruntled workers as their murder consultant. The most hilarious part of his performance is the fact that Jamie doesn't play a killer or even a hardened criminal, he was really arrested for bootlegging a movie. That adds a hilarious dimension to the movie that I didn't see coming for the most part and it showcases that Jamie can still be hilarious even after all of his successful serious roles.

5. Django Freeman
(Django Unchained)

-Let me say one thing first. I hate this movie. I watched it once and honestly didn't find it to be anything special and the premise, much like other films that have a similar style was actually boring to me. However, the only bright spot in that film was Jamie. As the titular character D'jango, he plays a former slave who seeks revenge on those who put him through hell and put others through it as well. This leads to a crazy series of events over an exhausting length of a movie, but every scene that Jamie was in, he took over the screen and made the movie somewhat watchable. If there was anyone else in this role, I have a hard time believing this movie would have been the success it was. That's how powerful Jamie is as an actor.

4. Nathaniel Ayers
(The Soloist)

-I will forever say that this is the most underrated performance in Jamie's career. While In some ways, I found the movie itself to be a bit boring and even laughable, Jamie was actually good in this role. It was a challenge for Jamie in a way, as he wasn't playing a legendary musician, a cab driver, or even a cop, instead he played a musician that develop schizophrenia and becomes homeless. The story goes through various changes and ups and downs, but the one thing that never seems to change is the power in Jamie's acting and his conviction in a tough to pull off role.

3. Max

-One of the better and more serious performances in his career came alongside two great performances from both Jada Pinkett and Tom Cruise. Jamie stars as Max, a cab driver who is basically taken hostage by Cruise's character and has to drive him around. The progression of the story shows Max getting frustrated with having to drive Cruise's character Vincent around, especially once he learns what it is Vincent actually does. The final stand between Max and Vincent and the breakdown of their entire run was actually excellent to watch and I thought Jamie showed the perfect amount of poise and emotion in this role as the frustration built. While the ending was interesting for a few reasons, Jamie would receive a ton of critical acclaim for this role, including several award nominations, easily making this a huge role in his career.

2. Willie Beaman
(Any Given Sunday)

-So, you might not agree with how high this is ranked, but that's not my problem. Willie Beaman would have been no. 1 if not for the fact that Jamie took his acting career to the next level with Ray. As the brash and cocky quarterback Willie Beaman, Jamie shined in a role that didn't feel much like acting for him. He seemed comfortable in this role, and as the star of a growing team in the movie, he would be the driving force behind it. While the film had Dennis Quaid, Cameron Diaz, and Al Pacino, among others, the performance that sticks out the most in this movie is Jamie, who at the time was mostly just known for In Living Color and his sitcom. While Ray took his career to a new height, to me, it was this performance that really put all eyes on Jamie. I actually find it surprising that he was never nominated for a Supporting Actor award in this film, because he definitely deserved some credit and recognition for stealing the show.

1. Ray Charles

-This was a no brainer and obvious. Jamie was out of this world as Ray Charles and this was the role that would take his actor respect to another level. He owned this role and brought a sense of comfort with him, as you almost felt as if he was Ray Charles in the flesh. From the way Ray Charles used to find and decide on the woman he dated to the drug problems he faced to his ups and downs musically, Jamie brought all of that life in a major way and the results changed his career forever. While the movie wasn't the biggest commercial or even critical success as a whole, Jamie's role is one that is considered one of the greatest of all time. It took him from being a big name to a truly household name in special company. Only a select few have managed to win Oscars and other numerous awards and Jamie is in that class because of this role. Simply put, this role is the greatest of Jamie's career and it's not even close.



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