DAR Hip Hop: 11 Underrated Big Boi Verses

By @TrueGodImmortal

Big Boi is probably the most underrated southern MC ever. Sure, he is a part of the greatest hip hop duo ever, yet he doesn't get mentioned enough by fans in terms of his musical prowess and what he can do on the mic. We've discussed how Big Boi as a solo artist and in the duo has been something special, and today, we wanted to take a look at some of his most underrated verses in his catalog. Which verses do we discuss? Let's take a look.

*Hootie Hoo
(Verse 1 From Southernplaylisticadillacmuzik)
-This is one of his best verses ever and also one of his most slept on verses honestly. Big was in a different zone kicking this track off the right way, with one of his most quotable opening lines ever. The hunger from the duo in their early days is very evident here and Big has one of his best showings on their debut album.

"I be thinkin about the good ol' days when I was a
Used to try to get a kiss, but now it be them draws I'm after/
I'm just a Southernplayalistic pimp/ 
I used to slang a fat rock, but now I'm serving hemp/
I never even smoke that crumba crap but yo, I'm dope/
But doper than a junky or a pooky cuz it's on/
So each one, teach one, I be claimin true/ 
Two weeks born in College Park and the things I used to do/
Around ATL, home of the pimps and the money makers/
Club niggas, Magic City and them Southern playas/
I never said I was a gangsta but I will do ya/
So Hallelujah, Hallelujah/
One for the playas at the crib, dank and dranks/
And two is for the sound, Hootie Hoo that I make/"

(Verse 1 from ATLiens)
-Another classic verse from Big, this was a gem from their classic sophomore album, with Big and Dre both delivering some of their best work. I hear a lot of praise for other verses from Big on this album, but I really enjoyed his work here and think his verse was one of the best on the entire album.

"Peep what I say/
The sun sets just like clockwork/
Put the glock to work/
And puttin the body to standstlls
Man it kills me, taking that life is like taking a shit/
Hit or miss/
Niggas are playing God
Trying to rob and steal/
That's why ya gotta guard ya grill/
Like a barbecue/
Cause them harming you/
Are just like honeybees swarming you/
Vocally arming you/
Was my responsibility/
It's killing me/
Thinking that all these niggas
See they fly shit, thinking they Steven Seagal and/
Falling to the wayside when ya try to call em/
I've fallen/
When we was little nappy headed niggas in the projects/
But now they carjacks, wait on income tax and unsafe sex/
Still yet they tend to flex/
Like solo for the lo-lo/
Smoke same thing no-no/
Not this time/
Niggas around my way can rhyme/
So fuck that country shit/
We done a bunch of shit/
And yes ya heard of this/
Out of this world like E.T./
Coming across ya T.V./
Straight from ATL/"

(Verse 2 from Aquemini)
-I think this might be a top 5 verse from Big on Aquemini and it is certainly one of my favorites. Outside of the classic hook and the booming production, the featured guests do a pretty good job, but it is Big once again who has the best verse on the song, proving that he was at the top of his game on Aquemini.

"Shit, cops and robbers, niggas be bound to get them dollars and cents/
They get in a slump like baseball players when they short on they rent/
Anything goin', you ain't knowin' how much money you spent/
But in the real world you surrounded by these ladies and gents/
Who hang around you 'cause you be buyin' all the weed and all the chicken/
Feedin' everybody, smokin' 'em out, when you was broke though they was missin'/
Now you ridin' 'bout fo' deep, startin' to tear up your suspension/
And your baby momma on child support, my fault, forget to mention/
You don't even have a checking account wasn't thinking about no pension/
I used to work at Steak 'N' Ale, Old Gold off in the kitchen/
Had determination and graduated/ 
Now I got the whole rap world fascinated/
I wanted a piece of the pie for me and my family so I made it/
Continue to sell dope, it's payin' the bills so you gon' do it/
But legislation got this new policy, three strikes and you're ruined/
Now where your crew at?/"

*Throw Your Hands Up
(8Ball and MJG featuring Outkast on In My Lifetime)
-Big Boi has been a part of a number of guest features, but anytime you take two of the three greatest southern rap duos ever and put them on a track together, you're guaranteed to get something special. I think each verse on this track is special, but Big has my favorite here, as his energy is always hard to top and his flow here is deadly.

"How many flows can I compose?/
I drop this slang like lyrical 'bows/
Stickin' out just like an OUTKAST or a thorn from stem of rose/
Like nachos, the lyrics are crispy, crackin' when y'all bite/
Been had a Coke and a smile, now I'm trippin off Yak & Sprite/
Y'all just might see the skunk guy/ 
With a girl who chunked thighed/
Below the Mason-Dixon line, real niggas know what I'm talkin' about/
From Texas, Atlanta/
Oh man, Alabama, Savannah/
The deeper, the darker, the Dirty South is what I'm after/
No laughter/ 
The content of the rhyme may be contagious/
The Space Age is pimpin this, players comin' major/
They shot the sucka, sprayed ya, cut ya wife and played her/
The player the B-I-G B-O-I, dope boy rhyme maker/
Beats, rhymes, and layers of music right here to please you/
And if you hate the Dirty, then patna, see we don't need you/
You know I'm talkin 'bout?
OutKast, Eightball, MJG on y'all punk motherfuckers!"

*We Luv Deez Hoes
(Verse 1 off Stankonia)
-One of the funnier and less serious songs from Stankonia, this song features Big entirely in control of the flow, the lyrics, and the pace of the song. It's one of my favorite verses from him on the album that doesn't get mentioned as much as his work on other songs that might be more popular. Still, his verse is the highlight.

"Don't lie you love them, If you don't you like them hoes a whole lot/
Just like your mama Sunday cookin', turkey necks in the pot/
You ready to drop your load like prop planes/
Be dumpin' that cocaine/
You ready to turn your 'fro, from natural straight to a cold wave/
Dat hoe name Betty Big Shoez, She wore them Herman Munster heels/
Popped a pill/ 
Now she's in your Coupe De Ville/
Passenger seat, I made her eat my meat while I was rubbin' her coochie/
Injection in her top and bottom lip straight from her booty/
So Do Re, blow me, Fa So La Ti Da Ha, I'm tellin' the truth/
You suckin' your tooth/
You treatin' her like a star boy, from a Figueroa to a herringbone/
From droppin' her off to takin' her home/
She tried to pull my rubber off with her pussy muscles that was wrong/
The bitch is no good like lesbians with no tongues/
You fucked around and knocked her up and now you say she the one/
Nigga you dumb, you should have pulled it out and squirted on her eyelash/
And let her face be holdin' the baby, now she after yo ass!/
...Yeah, I told y'all niggas about goddamn takin' them hoes to the Cheesecake Factory
Lettin' them hoez order strawberry lemonade and popcorn shrimps, yhey ain't goin' do nuthin', but try to take all your motherfuckin' cheese!"

*Funkin' Around
(Verse 2 From Big Boi And Dre Presents...)
-The greatest hits compilation that should have been their next album or even an EP. The Whole World and Movin' Cool showed signs of where they could go next as a group and I always felt like we were definitely robbed of another Outkast album with this sound and style. Live instrumentation, resounding horns, and great performances from Andre, Sleepy Brown, and Big Boi make this song a classic. Andre's set the tone and Big brings it on home for another Outkast gem.

"While Scotty is beamin'/
Lil' Pookie 'nem schemin'/
What's the use of living, my nigga? While you snoozing, I'm dreamin'/
I'm Tylenol PM/
You amount to the same thing every day like per diem/
Never tryin' to be nothing but a damn "What you're being"/
One nation under the cool should be the rule/
Whether young man or young lady begins or starts grade school/
Silence before violence/
Nine times out of ten times, the quietest is the livest/
Fumblin' through your privates/
Daddy Fat Sax, can they have your back? Naw!/
Ooh! You're such a playa, Ooh! Your Southern drawl/
Got me sprawled out/
In your black book, my name was crossed out/
Went from starting to second-string, now in the doghouse/
The party you was missing/
Instead of arguments, you think about the hugs and kisses/
If this is something hard for you to take/
You better bounce, rock, roller-skate/"

*Tomb Of The Boom
(Verse 6 from Speakerboxxx)
-A posse track on Big's first official solo album is actually a gem as well. Big Gipp shined as well as Ludacris on the track, but the real highlight was Big Boi, as he stole the show with yet another charismatic verse and performance. I think this is in my top 5 verses of his off Speakerboxxx, and it's one of my favorites because of his rhyme scheme, flow, and overall vibe with this one.

"Fourth and goal, should I take the three point field goal/
For the score, or should I roll/ Around and take the ball
Up the middle, the gut, the what, the hole/
Cranium overload, overthrowed/ Now we got seven more/
Points on the board, fa sho/
B-I-G B-O-I, me oh my, I think He's blessing me/
Excelling in harmonious melody/ boy we got the recipe/
Like Ragu, it's in there, giving you some of the best of me/
Playa pimp gangsta poet/
We gon spit it, we gon show it/
To yo ass/
You're a champion, were my dad's last words before he passed/
But I know one day we will once more cross paths/
They say, Big Boi, can you pull it off without your nigga Dre/
I say, people, stop the madness cause me and Dre, we okay/
OutKast, Cell Therapy to cell division/
We done split it down the middle so you can see both the visions/
Been spittin it damn near 10 years, why the fuck would we be quittin?/"

*The Train
(Verse 2 off Idlewild)
-A gem off the much slept on Idlewild album showcases Big taking listeners on a career retrospective of sorts, as he looks back at the run that he and Dre went on and everything that came with it. The second verse is the most telling in a way, as he covers loss, the hunger, and everything surrounding this certain period of his life and career. A true classic.

"Welcome to my life, I think its time I take it back/
I got to give you all the facts so you can see what type of cat/
That you dealing with/
Now on ATLiens, we was killing it/
And then my auntie passed, she was like my mother, I was feeling it/
The first person close to me to die, I needed healing/
But I see her as an angel when I look up at the ceiling/
Like my daddy and granddaddy on both shoulders steady chilling/
So you got to keep on living like each day is the beginning/
It's your birthday, even on your worst day/
Live it like the first day, I'm Antwan Andre/
Or General Patton if you know 'bout Purple Ribbon or Got Purp/
I, I be on that kryptonite, that means I can't be hurt/"

*Fo Yo Sorrows
(Verse 3 Off Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty)
-His solo albums are often overlooked, and this one is no different. His first official solo, or second if we count Speakerboxxx showcases Big much more confident in his flow and lyricism. Of all the songs to choose, there are many but this verse is actually very well put together and one of the smoothest on the project thus the selection.

"Just to let you know that everything is straight/
I say stank you very much 'cause we appreciate the hate/
Now go get yourself a handgun, you fuckin' with a great/
Put it your mouth and squeeze it like your morning toothpaste/
Kill yo'self like Sean Kingston, suicidal for a title/
My recitals are vital and maybe needed for survival/
Like the Bible or any other good book that you read/
Why are seventy five percent of our youth readin' magazines?/
Cause they used to fantasy, and that's what they do to dream/
Call it fiction addiction 'cause the truth is a heavy thing!/
'Member when the levee scream/ made the folks evacua-ezz, yeah, I'm still speakin' about it 'cause New Orleans ain't clean/
When we shout Dirty South, I don't think that is what we mean/
I mean, it mean the rough, the tough, the dangerous, we reign supreme/
Can slaughter entire teams with the ink that my pen bleeds/
B-I-G, B-O-I nigga, please!/"

*Apple Of My Eye
(Verse 1 Off Vicious, Lies, and Dangerous Rumors)
-Another slept on solo gem from Big Boi's solo catalog comes from his second solo project. I had a lot of options to choose from as this album was actually pretty good, but this verse has some imagery and touches on interesting topics. This isn't my favorite verse from the album, but it is a gem that deserves more discussion.

"In the beginning they say Eve bit it/
They're still sinning/
Cause they letting every Tom, Dick and Steve hit it/
Therefore I'm quick to not believe in it/
Like the weed with the seeds in it/
Now proceed like a G pimping/
And some of the things you've probably seen in your life/
Made you think a certain kinda way about finding your wife/
Or your better half, it's better to love and to hold/
Than to never have it at all and ball on these hoes/
Make your stock go up, my Apple stock split/
Took a gamble caught it at forty and now it's over six/
I'm rich trick and that's in hundos/
So overseas you might catch us eating Nando's/"

*Order Of Operations
(Verse 2 Off Boomiverse)
-Working alongside Eric Bellinger could craft a solid track and this was no different. Boomiverse was actually a verse slept on album, and this track was a highlight, as Big seamlessly flows through the production and delivers great lyrics throughout. I chose the second verse because I think it's the best verse of the song of course. You'll see why.

"I took advantage of my shot and now it's raining/
Bucket just like Mo Williams, fuck your cancer vaccinations/
Plantation mentality/
Making a laughable salary/
That'll never be me but that's you in actual reality/
I'm King Cole like Natalie and her daddy be/
My thing swole, pole dancers, shit, they be adding me/
On IG, they gon' DM/ 
We gon' act like we don't see them/
They just follow us, follow me, follow us, nobody's leading/
But everybody eating, or acting like they full/
I'm blessed and highly favored, learned the game when I was lil'/
I guess it's time to stake my claim and conquer every hood/
Help my partners get this number too by sponsoring the juug/"

There are countless Big Boi verses to choose from, these are just 11 of my personal favorites that don't get mentioned enough when we talk about his career and what he has done musically. Big Boi is a legend and one of the greatest to pick up a microphone. Let's recognize greatness.



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