DAR Hip Hop: 6 Great Hip Hop Combinations

By @TrueGodImmortal

There are duos in hip hop that truly have instant chemistry that can't be denied. Over the years, two rappers with solo artists capabilities and different styles have combined for a number of classic collabs and songs, and today, I wanted to look at a few of those combinations. Some of these combinations have releases projects together, others have just worked extremely close together as artists over the years and maintained that chemistry. These aren't official groups necessarily, but a string of artists who are solo or have solo endeavors, yet work very well with another particular artist. One choice here might surprise you, but that particular combination had the chance to become one of the greatest combinations ever in hip hop if their run wasn't tragically cut short by the loss of one of the MCs. Still, all these combinations are legendary in their own right and have music out currently so you can appreciate their work and chemistry. Let's take a look at the 6 combinations selected.

*Jadakiss and Styles P

-So, Jada and Styles together are legends. They have chemistry that cannot be duplicated. I mean, sure, they are in the same group together with The LOX, but it's different. There is something special about the way Jada and Styles work together on a track and their back and forth sessions on booming production is iconic every time. For me, whether it was Jada and Styles appearing together on the Fabolous "Keepin' It Gangsta" remix, both making appearances on the Clipse's classic "I'm Not You" with memorable verses, their flip of Cam'ron and Prodigy's "Losin Weight" on "Block Work", the solid "Shootouts", or the clear favorite "We Gonna Make It", which is one of the biggest singles for both men, these two are top tier. If you ask me, I think Jada and Styles are one of the greatest duos in hip hop history and as a combination, I prefer them together than The LOX as a whole group.

*Ghostface Killah and Raekwon

-So, when we look at the Wu and their history, I guess it should come as no surprise that Ghost and Rae are the two most prolific members artist wise. Ghostface has one of the best catalogs in hip hop period and Raekwon has one of the greatest albums in the genre ever and one of the best debut solo albums. However, there is something about the two together on tracks that exceeds the amazing chemistry of everyone else in their collective. Ghost assisted Rae in making his legendary album Only Built 4 Cuban Linx and Rae has appeared on a number of tracks with Ghost on his solo albums, serving as a "co-star" on Ghost's excellent debut Ironman. Simply put, the two are responsible for so many classics that it would be impossible to name them all here. Regardless, Raekwon and Ghostface are one of the greatest hip hop combinations in the history of the genre and there are easily one of my three favorites period.

*Method Man and Redman

-Of course. This is a duo/combination that is beyond amazing. The work they put in as solo artists is well known, but as a duo, they bounce off of each other well. Whether we are looking at the work that they did on a failed FOX sitcom or a cult classic film, or even talking about their two duo albums, Meth and Red are a match made in heaven really. Over the years, they have become one essentially as they have toured together for years, made a ton of collaborations on each other's albums, and of course, they have their own duo catalog. Blackout and Blackout 2 are both solid albums and it showcases their top shelf chemistry to the maximum. When we look back on the best combinations in hip hop, there is no denying that Meth and Red are always to be mentioned.

*Nas and AZ

-I just wrote about these two not too long ago, so I will be short in discussing this, but for the most part, AZ and Nas are two of the most gifted lyricists we have ever seen. Together, their chemistry is amazing and through the roof, with each artist complementing the other while still outdoing each other at the same time. It is rather interesting to see the clash between the MCs on songs like "Life's A Bitch", "How Ya Livin", and even "The Flyest". They are both lyrically amazing, yet Nas provides a more abstract picture while AZ is more direct in his visuals and imagery. I wish we had more collaborations to speak of for these two, or even a duo album. Though it seems unlikely now, Nas and AZ together over Premo beats would have been the craziest duo album of all time. I fully believe this.

*The Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z

-So, we didn't get as many collabs as we would have liked from these two, but every song they've taken part in together has been nothing sort of greatness. For the two to only have three official songs together, it blows my mind how well these two played off each other as artists. When we look at their first true collab together on "Brooklyn's Finest" from Jay's first album Reasonable Doubt, both MCs brought their best and it would result in many debating who had the better lyrics. Then, on Biggie's double album Life After Death, the two would reconnect on "I Love The Dough", which is yet another classic that left us wondering what could come from a possible duo album of these two. I think Jay had a slightly better verse on the song, but Big was just ridiculous. The same could be said for the track both would appear on for the Puff Daddy album No Way Out titled "Young Gs", where Puffy is completely outclassed by Big and Jay. Both Biggie and Jay provide classic verses that are memorable and with the rumor of The Commission album being in the works at the time, one can wonder what that would have been like. To me, besides perhaps Beanie Sigel, Jay has no better chemistry on a record. Due to their short time together, I wanted to pay homage to the insane chemistry and collaborative spirit that existed with this combination.

*Beanie Sigel and Freeway

-So, I decided to go with these two because honestly, there is something about the synergy between these two Philly rhyme giants that just couldn't be matched. They have a number of songs together and of course they were featured together on the State Property albums. Starting from the first moment we heard Freeway on "1-900-Hustler" to current day, Beans and Free have remained tight and working together. While their most infamously known tracks together are "Roc The Mic" and "What We Do", they have so many different songs together and most of them are top tier. Beans and Freeway are a great combination and have a solidified place in the genre's history, just like every other combination mentioned here.



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