DAR Films: 11 Top Films Of 2018

By @TrueGodImmortal

2018 was an interesting year for movies to say the least. We would see a number of films released that would shock the world with its success or lack of it, as well as some surefire hits. There were a lot of movies this year that surprised us, disappointed us, and today, I wanted to take a look at 11 of those movies. Which movies are on this list? Read on and find out.

*Black Panther

-I hate to say this, but man has this movie become so ridiculously overhyped and forced in some ways that it bothers me. The movie itself is fun, entertaining, and it looks amazing. I want to let it be known that I have nothing bad to say about the movie in regards to the presentation. It does have a few glaring flaws and mishaps, with some spotty acting at times and the poorly executed accents, but for the most part, Black Panther is enjoyable. Michael B. Jordan is decent as Killmonger, the villain of the film, though at times it does feel like he is overacting. The film would gross over 700 million in the US alone along with about 1.4 billion worldwide making the movie one of the biggest of the year and with the award nominations piling up, it is definitely earning high status in the film world.

*A Quiet Place 

-So, the sleeper hit of the year was this film. Starring the man known as Jim Halpert (John Krasinski), this film took horror to a different level, by featuring an interesting concept that worked very well. The movie was a huge success grossing over 340 million dollars at the box office, which is an amazing run for an original film. There is of course a sequel supposedly in the works sadly, which might be hard to pull off, but that's the rumor. Still, this film about sightless creatures who move on sound and attack is one that takes desperation and fear to a whole different level. It is a solid watch for the most part.

*Ready Player One

-I wasn't sure of what to expect when I saw this movie, but I enjoyed it, that's for sure. I went in expecting a movie about something entirely different, but by the end of this film, I was thoroughly entertained. While some aspects of the movie teetered on corny and a bit cheesy as expected, the story brings you in and you find yourself cheering on Wade Watts. The film takes place in 2045, where virtual reality is king and living life in a game is essentially the way. The film marked a triumphant moment for legendary director Steven Spielberg, as it would gross almost 600 million worldwide.

*Avengers: Infinity War

-So, this is my favorite movie of the last few years, quite possibly since Winter Soldier. Marvel knew what it had to do after 10 years of movies and countless films. They knew. They were about to introduce a villain that would have all the fans raving and dreading his presence at the same time. Losses were coming. Defeat was inevitable. The Avengers would be destroyed in more ways than one. They were no longer a united front, torn apart by past events, and in this film, while they were fighting as always, the true star and victor of this movie was Thanos. After small hints in previous movies, Thanos arrives quick and early, making his presence felt as he is on his journey to collect stones for his Infinity Gauntlet. Once Thanos collects all the stones, things will never be the same again. This movie is epic, from the way they bring in every character to the battle scenes to Thanos in general. I love watching this movie and it should be the Marvel movie nominated for every award, not Black Panther. Regardless, this movie is the culmination of so many years and films and the starting point for the end of this Marvel journey that will be completed in 4 months with Endgame.

*Deadpool 2

-I may be in the minority, but I thoroughly enjoyed Deadpool 2. As someone who watched the first a little later than most, I found the sequel to have a bit of an appeal and charm to it that was almost unexpected. While diehard Deadpool fans might look to this film and choose the first one, for me, the comedy in this second one was as rich as the first and I thought the small use of X-Force was hilarious, especially with the comedic value it brought along. Still, Ryan Reynolds has found the role of his lifetime with Deadpool and it seems as if Josh Brolin loves any and every superhero movie that he can get a role in. He is solid as Cable here and a highlight for a film that was one of the top releases of the year.

*Incredibles 2

-So, sequels are important in any movie year now and this one was no different. The follow-up to a Disney classic was one of the biggest movies of the year of course, grossing over 600 million here in the US while over 1 billion worldwide. Disney had an amazing year here and this was yet another reason why. The story centers around Helen (Elastigirl) this time, as Bob (Mr. Incredible) has to take care of their kids until an enemy too big comes into play. Is Incredibles 2 one of the greatest animated movies ever? It certainly is one of the highest grossing.

*Sorry To Bother You

-So, I'm just going to come out and say it. LaKeith Stanfield is a weird dude. I'm not referring to his characters in movies or TV, though they are weird too, but just him in general. His interviews and Twitter account showcase that easily. So, this role is no surprise. Starring as Cassius Green, he is solid on the screen, but the role is a strange one. This movie, directed by Boots Riley, follows the story of Cassius as he tries to evade corporate greed and material glory before falling under the spell of his new job's CEO Steve Lift. The early part of the movie is intriguing, but once the plot twist is revealed, the movie loses most of its luster.

*Antman And The Wasp

-So, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has so many important pieces to the puzzle and surprisingly, Antman is a huge piece even if you thought he wouldn't be. While I barely say through the first, I went into this sequel ready to enjoy the movie and I did. Sure, this film isn't on the level of a Winter Soldier or Civil War, but for an Antman film, this is highly entertaining. Paul Rudd has found his path as the Antman character and with all the implications of how important this is to the MCU and the tie-ins to both Infinity War and Endgame, this movie is a must see.


-So, I didn't dislike this film. It was enjoyable. I think Spike has lost his touch a little bit and that's fine, but this movie is a return to form in some way. Spike Lee is an icon director, and any movie he releases will likely receive fanfare, and this movie did just that. The film runs almost two and a half hours long, but it features an excellent performance from the son of the legend Denzel, John David Washington. Adam Driver has a great role and I always enjoy seeing Laura Harrier on my screen as well. Based on a true story of Ron Stallworth and his mission to infiltrate the KKK, this movie goes through some ups and downs, all while keeping a clear message in tact even when you're not too sure of the character's motives. Still, this is a solid movie, but the ending leaves you a bit dissatisfied, which was probably the point of it all in the first place.


-Well, the critics were wrong about this one, at least if you believe the box office. I watched Venom a few weeks ago, on my laptop in the comfort of my home, and while I foumd myself feeling disengaged during some of it, on the latter half of the movie, I was intrigued. The pacing of the film is a bit of an issue, but for the most part, this movie does its best to entertain the viewer. Tom Hardy is decent as Eddie Brock/Venom, and if you are familiar with the villain, you will likely enjoy the moments where Venom feasts on victims. What is a slight stretch however is seeing Venom as a bit of a protagonist, but it works in spurts here. The acting and the dialogue leave you a bit disappointed, but aside from some small flaws, Venom is your typical "grab some popcorn and watch" movie.

*Creed II

-So, I just recently saw this movie and I feel as if it was a lot better than I expected, but also still not quite as solid as the first one. Michael B. Jordan returns as Adonis Creed, son of Apollo, while Sylvester Stallone is back as Rocky Balboa in this sequel. This film ties in the story from Rocky IV as Ivan Drago and his son are looking to earn their way back through the US boxing ranks. The story sets up a match between Adonis and Drago's son, some years after the deadly bout between Apollo and Ivan. Adonis is out for retribution and to avenge the loss and death of his father, while also preparing for a life of his own. The boxing in this movie is enjoyable and there is an attempt to add more to the story than just wins and losses this time, and all in all, Creed II is a fun watch. I will say however, Michael B. Jordan at times loses me as an actor because he seems to lack emotional range in this regard, but luckily for him, this role doesn't call for a whole lot of scenes with a ton of emotion. I recommend checking out this movie if you haven't.



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