DAR Wrestling: Dev's Top 5 WWE MVPs Of 2020

By Dev

With COVID bringing a lot of uncertainty to many of our lives, one thing that has remained consistent is WWE producing hours and HOURS of content (seriously guys, take a break). The infamous phrase “The show must go on” has rung true throughout 2020 as ‘Rona hasn’t stopped the sheer volume of content produced by the company. Although they took a major hit at the start by being forced to have their biggest show of the year in the Performance Center with no crowd, I think they’ve found their footing in this new pandemic era of wrestling. With a slew of firings and others with nothing to do, who has found a place and kept it? Also, which wrestlers have rejuvenated their careers in a time we’d never have expected? Well I can’t speak for you, but here’s the list of my top 5 MVP’s of the WWE in this pandemic era. 


*Drew McIntyre

-Drew’s place in Honorable mention has more to do with circumstance as opposed to anything he’s done himself. His year started off incredibly well with a Royal Rumble win which included a landmark elimination over then-WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. His momentum was stifled when COVID hit and he had his big crowning moment in an empty training facility. Tough luck. Now I have very little negative to say about the run Drew is currently on, but I feel the lack of crowd has severely effected what the run could have been. The jaded WWE fan in me thinks the run we’ve gotten is exactly what would’ve happened with a crowd so I can’t put him higher than this.

*Jey Uso 

-I have to give props where it’s due. Jey Uso has had a breakout 2nd half of 2020 and I honestly didn’t think he had it in him. He gets a spot in the honorable mention because we don’t get the run Roman Reigns is currently on without him. I didn’t place him higher because, while the family storyline has been interesting, Jey Uso has been jobbed out in the regular both on Smackdown and PPVs.

The Top 5

5. Sami Zayn


-This year has caused everything to go topsy turvy clearly as I have Sami Zayn on a top 5 MVP list?! I’ve never disliked his work, but was also never a fan. His run as Intercontintental champion since returning in August has been fire. Whether he’s winning in impressive fashion using handcuffs at Clash of Champions or losing hilariously at Survivor Series against Bobby Lashley, he’s been utilized very well since returning . With a World Title run likely not in his future, I’m hoping they use the momentum he has to get some else over. Maybe Big E? Hmmm..

4. Finn Balor  

-With NXT simply being a 3rd brand at this point, I felt it was only right to include at least member from the black and yellow roster. Why not the current NXT champion, Finn Balor. Finn made his return to NXT post-Survivor Series 2019 and in my opinion, he’s been one of the most consistently booked wrestlers in the company. There have been no signs of the demon or folk tales his mudder and fadder used to tell. He's just been a guy who cuts promos about whooping ass and then goes on to do it in the ring. Simple right? Now I do enjoy Finn’s run, but at some point he’s going to have to have storylines in NXT besides “we haven’t been formally introduced”. Maybe we could see the demon make a return in the near future with that adult presence the USA network is seeking.

3. MVP

-How could I have an MVP list in 2020 without mentioning Smackdown’s biggest signee in history, Montel Vontavious Porter? Surprise Rumble entrants are a tradition at this point, so no one expected MVP to stick around. Especially after he said he was retiring on the Raw after the Rumble, but lil' baby Jesus had better plans. MVP and his antics with the US title made those early pandemic Raw episodes bearable for me and his formation of the Hurt Business has had me watching Raw (on Hulu, but still) almost weekly. For that alone, MVP deserves a spot on this list, but even moreso for being the face of the Hurt Business. I’m not going to go on a huge diatribe on representation in wrestling, but it’s good to see black folks who can wrestle in position to show off their skills. 

2. Asuka 

-I’m a little biased as Asuka is one of my favorite wrestlers currently, but I think she’s earned this spot. The Women and Tag divisions have been stretched thin between Raw and Smackdown for a while now and COVID didn’t make matters much better. Matters got even worse for the women’s roster when on the Raw after Money in The Bank, "The Man" Becky Lynch announces her pregnancy and obviously her forced hiatus (congrats Becky!). Also, not too long after, Charlotte Flair would disappear for chest reasons after NXT: In Your House. Fortunately, one of these losses would be redeemed in a major way when Becky Lynch would crown Asuka as the new Raw Women’s Champion after her Money In The Bank Ladder Match win. As I stated earlier, the Women’s division in WWE is stretched thin these days, so I don’t expect every segment to be enjoyable, but I will say every time Asuka is on TV, she puts forth effort no matter how ridiculous it may be and for that I think she belongs at the #2 spot. 

1. The "Tribal Chief" Roman Reigns 

-2020 has been a WILD year when Roman makes the top of my MVP list, but it’s well deserved. Since returning and taking out Braun Strowman for the Universal Championship, I’ve been reeled in to watch Smackdown weekly to see what the Tribal Chief is up to. What makes this annoying for me is how simple it was for him to ingratiate himself with the fans. You can tell he’s being scripted way less and he’s benefitted greatly for it. I’ll even go as far as saying he hasn’t needed Paul Heyman as a mouthpiece. I know I’m not the only one who thought Roman could have this depth of character, but it’s about damn time!

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