The DAR Elite Experience: A Recap

Introduction By True God

DAR Elite. A collective full of ecletic artists and brilliant minds. The inception of the DAR Elite experience began officially in September 2019, but that had been brewing for some time. Myself (True God) and Elite member J Pegs The Legend had been fans of each other's work and he reached out to me to work together with him back in 2017/2018. We created two songs, one of which revolved around freedom of speech and the other was centered around the concept of music sounding better when the two of us are at our best. 4 years later, I think that still applies. After that initial collaboration, I ended up coming in contact with D'onco The Don through Twitter, probably with sports, music, or wrestling. After realizing that he was an artist as well, we worked together on a track on my early 2018 album The Miserable Beauty, titled "Life Of A Heel". At that point, the seeds had been planted for collaboration, but I would have never guessed it would grow to where it has now. In the summer of 2019, I had begun to think of a group idea based around the concept of only the most elite MCs joining forces. In the DAR camp, we had previously had a four man collective with myself, Shokus Apollo, Black Ax, and Speed On The Beat, but life took Ax in other directions and Speed at the time wasn't as active. Thus, it was up to Apollo and I to carry the flag for DAR and that we did. However, as things started to come together, DAR needed more voices, more personalities, more names. The Elite idea originated with Speed, Apollo, and I but as time went on, I knew we needed more troops. Thus, after a lot of communication, a large group chat that still exists, and countless projects, the DAR Elite brand is as strong as ever. With the addition of J Pegs The Legend, Blxck Shxggy, D'onco The Don, along with the occasional appearances from Terrance Amiri and Hab Rich, we've created something special. (See albums below)

Melodic Sphere

Land Of Love 

Vol. 3

Vol. 2

Black Diamonds


Black Fatherhood


Elite Reloaded

Vol. 1

My first memory of the DAR Elite run starts at the SiR sampled, Speed On The Beat produced track "Gotta Fall Back". It was our first official group track, and I was unsure of where to put it at first. With just about the entire team on this track, it really showcases what we do to the best of our ability. Every verse is precise and cohesive, and it was the perfect introduction to DAR Elite. I put a few more of our posse tracks onto my return album Before The Revival, which was intended to introduce the audience to what was coming. The Elite Gang was being built and before coming forth with an entire album out the blue, we needed to be properly introduced. The songs on Before The Revival did just that and helped build more chemistry amongst the group. The release of DAR Elite Vol. 1 in November 2019 sparked a change and official arrival, and it is one of the most listened to projects we've released (our second most listened to album... I'll reveal the first later). Following up DAR Elite Vol. 1 with a reloaded re-release, the team began branching off into other side projects with one another, showing even more versatility. From the combination of Pegs, Shxggy, and Apollo (PSA) to Pegs and Apollo crafting multiple albums to myself and Pegs releasing an album to Apollo and Shxggy currently working on a new, even Pegs and Hab have projects together as well. In DAR, the egos get checked at the door and the music comes from. We are artists who live for the art and creation, not the fame or the money. That drives us to create the best possible project and make something special every time. 

Speaking of which, the last thing I want to mention before I pass it over to the team is that we have created some special music since 2020 began and into 2021 that hasn't stopped. While hip hop is our basis and will never change, the last 12 months witnessed the team branch out and dip into new unchartered territory and genres. Starting with the 90s inspired G-Funk Sessions album, DAR Elite went forth with trying our hardest to create something that would resonate with fans of that specific time. The end result turned out pretty well. After releasing Vol. 2 of the DAR Elite series, the time came for the crew to experiment musically again and we didn't disappoint. Released almost back to back, The Land Of Love and Melodic Sphere are odes to the various genres we love as well as a daring moment for us as artists and as a collective. The amount of trust it requires in a group to create an album like Melodic Sphere all from separate locations is paramount. We trusted each other to dip into new genres for us like country, soft rock, New Jack Swing, Heavy Metal, and more. With this, it shows the ability to branch out for us and there is more to come, as a Melodic Sphere 2 is on the way very soon. 

This DAR Elite run from an artist standpoint has been rewarding for me and it has allowed me to work with guys who influence each other, mesh well, and build chemistry on records. The only thing missing from DAR Elite is perhaps a female singer, which could possibly happen soon. Regardless, as the captain of the ship, I appreciate all the talent I'm surrounded by and this run has been one of the most creatively rewarding periods of my life. Cheers to DAR Elite and many more albums to come. 

Words From The Elite Team

… has it been that long?

I’ll be the first to admit it, DAR Elite is far from the most conventional, or even identifiable, groups out there. Even though we mostly are known for rap music, we might branch out and

sing on hooks or verses whenever we feel like it. Hell, we did a bluegrass song for no reason other than we thought it’d be fun! But one thing we are is unpredictable, and I think that’s what makes our group dynamic so interesting. The ability to move into one another’s comfort zones with ease is a lost art, and an art we’ve perfected. As great as we each are individually, some of our brightest moments are with each other. In the past year and a half alone, we’ve done at least EIGHT group albums, not even counting solo albums and endless side projects with one another. Among those, the classic DAR Elite trilogy, PSA (Pegs, Shxggy, Apollo), Melodic Sphere and of course The G-Funk Sessions (my personal favorite) are clear standouts, but everything is unique and holds its own space in the vast and ever-growing DAR universe. Perhaps my favorite aspect of being a part of DAR Elite is that throughout all the music we make, we always remember to have fun with our music and with one another. We’re not just a musical collective, we’re all genuine friends who enjoy and look out for one each other. Therefore, every time we link up for more music, it’s a joy and a privilege as opposed to an obligation. So here’s to us, and to all of the classics we’ll make from here on out. Elite Gang for life! 

- J-Pegs the Legend

It’s probably been a little less than a year since Pegs introduced me to the squad, but I love how easy it was to fit in with this bunch of guys I’ve never met simply through the love of the music. Anyone who knows me knows I would never have branched out through the various subgenres we have, if not for this group. That’s trust in the process and trust in the artists I’m surrounded by. I give them all the love in the world for bringing me in without any real prior knowledge of who I was outside of what may have been shared by Pegs. It isn’t lost on me that the group calling themselves “elite” felt I belonged amongst them and as much shit as I talk, it truly is humbling. As far as favorite projects go, I just love it when it’s a duo project or someone’s solo work and I’m called upon for a feature. Seeing “feat. Blxck Shxggy” in the title to me means they had the faith in me to not fuck up their creation and knew I could deliver. This is the third “rap group” I’ve been in but really the first one I’ve felt I actually belonged in. It isn’t a competition, it’s just a group of dudes who love to make music, making music with each other. And that’s my favorite type of shit. Looking forward to what’s next.

- Blxck Shxggy

What a run, what a run. This was very special for all of us of course. But for me, it was a very soul searching and amazing time. And through the music I really got to know and find the real me. Alongside a group of illustrious artists who believed in me enough to want me to be apart of something great with the main construct being True. We met talking about ball or either wrestling on Twitter. And he gave me a listen and we been making music ever since. Shoutout to you, G. 

Shoutout to all of my DAR Elite fam. And I thank y’all for bringing some of the best out of me. Now, we have a great collection of music. But if I had to choose my most favorites to record and listen to:


Stay Off

EastSide WestSide


Faded Memory

Anita Baker

And of course the one that brought it all together, Gotta Fall Back. 

We honestly have hits for days..

Until next time.

Y’all enjoy these albums


-D’onco The Don

This collective is truly special. We have pushed the envelope in this game by being outside the box. We can touch any genre as seen in our various projects. Some of my favorites are The Land of Love, Higher Standard, CS2 and V3.  All showcasing our various styles and gifts. We blend effortlessly and it shows, there is musical trust amongst the team. Proud to be apart of it.

-Shokus Apollo

Elite works, to me, because people leave their egos at the door and just make good music that’s unlike anything out there. I also think that there’s something to be said about a group of underdogs making music that’s next-level. And no, it’s not just that “oh hey, us Elite folks are legendary in our own right.” Elite makes music that attempts to--and often does--transcend genre or definition. What started as a group of brothers became a collective of folks who aren’t bogged down by what’s expected of us. Each release pushes the boundaries more and more, from solo releases to group efforts. 

If you would’ve told me back in 2016, after Leviticus, that I’d be auto-tuning the beejeezus out of my voice and singing songs like “Lover’s Land,” I’d first check to see if you were drinking. Once I saw there was no bottle, I’d question your sanity. What I mean to say is this: I wouldn’t have expected it. But, that’s the nature of the beast known as music. Those who evolve can never be held down or held back. DAR continues to evolve with each release to the point that what we were even just last year, we’ve surpassed that and moved into a new stratosphere. 

Are we the best out? That’s for fans and listeners to decide. Everyone here’s had some semblance of a stake to that claim in their own way. However, I feel that the Elite team is full of some of the hardest-working people I’ve ever had the chance to work with. Hard work trumps just sitting on talent because you’re scared any day of the week. 

-Speed On The Beat

Check out DAR Elite's music on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon, and other music platforms, as well as all the solo work from the members (Click those links at the top of the article). You will not be disappointed. 

-DAR Elite 


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