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A Look Inside AEW's Who We Are, Vol. 1

Written By True God Purchase The Album: On February 18th, the wrestling world and music world will collide for an ecletic mashup of styles and storytelling as All Elite Wrestling ventures into uncharted territory with the release of the groundbreaking album, Who We Are: A Celebration Of Excellence. The album serves as a showcase of appreciation to not only black history month and black wrestlers, but also to black artistry. With 35 artists and producers featured on this project, this album is a beacon of unity amongst artists and a chance for everyone to showcase their talents and artistic vision on a grander scale. To make it even more special, this album's proceeds will go to the Bootsy Collins foundation, a foundation with an extremely important cause that you can read more about on the website ( ). With such a grand idea in play, the collection of artists began work on a journey th

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