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DAR Wrestling: Everyone Loves The Acclaimed

  By True God Professional wrestling is art. In art, some of the greatest masterpieces in history represented a journey, a path, long hours of stress and work to craft something beautiful. There are moments in professional wrestling that truly captivate and are remembered forever. We can look back on moments where we KNEW a star was born, where we FELT a shifting of the tide, where everything just clicked. That's the beauty of professional wrestling. Some stories catch us off guard, providing us with the emotional attachment that we never knew we needed, or even adding excitement to something we didn't see coming. I think this could sum up the change that occurred at All Out 2022 when The Acclaimed had arguably the match of the night against the tag team champions Swerve In Our Glory. It was mildly unexpected, as the rest of the card stood out to be a bit more endearing to the average eye, but both of these teams put on star making performances that put The Acclaimed in positio

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