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DAR Nostalgia Hour: Nelly's Peak (2000-2005)

  By True God When you think of hip hop/rap and locations where people are well represented, St. Louis doesn't usually come to mind. Prior to the year 2000, the Midwest had been represented mostly by Chicago and Detroit natives, with the occasional outlier in other states. Rarely, if ever, does that outlier make such an impact that alter history or stamp their legacies in the fiber of the genre. Even more rare is someone with a distinct style that stands out breaking through if they aren't from a hip hop hub. A journey can take you different places, with the possibility of life changing in an instant being very real. Nelly's career in someway embodies the concept of your life changing in an instant, as all it took was one song to put him squarely in the driver's seat for his next move and budding success. While to the general public, it may seem like the man born Cornell Haynes arrived on the scene out of nowhere, those who knew his story saw this was a long journey wit

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