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Accountability: CM Punk and AEW

By Jay Stringer  It’s August 27th, 2023. I’m in Wembley Stadium. Through a combination of events, my purchased seat next to the wrestler’s entrance isn’t available. As a result, the floor manager has given me permission to stand at the back, near the entrance to the staff-only section and photographers. (Sidenote: Samoa Joe’s pyro almost took my eyebrows off. The Young Bucks pyro almost reduced me to ash and bone.)  It’s just before kick-off time for the main show. I’ve watched a car drive in next to me, Hook and Jack Perry have had a wee kerfuffle that seemed a bit like a match, and then the ground crew have been hard at work getting everything ready for the PPV. On cue, a whole bunch of staff in AEW T-Shirts go running through the curtain to the back and make a joke to someone next to me that Punk’s probably hit the Elite again.        It wasn’t the Elite .       A few moments later, the show kicks off and I get to see CM Punk and Samoa Joe wrestle a fun match in front of the biggest

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