Jeff Axel(Black Ax)- Chronicles of A 410 Savage Mixtape Review

JEFF AXEL (yes, you have to capitalize the whole name) is back with his latest mixtape “Chronicles of a 410 Savage” so let's get into the track by track breakdown

*The 410 Savage Intro-  Black Ax coming right out the gate with his trademark “WOOO” and energetic style, and of course it never hurts to hear “I got a pocket full of stones” on a track. Nice production and solid track showcasing his unique flow and lyrics.

*Deadly Combination Feat Quiet Boy Millz- The Maryland to Mississippi Connection hits hard on this track. Ax finds his rhythm on this track and nails it. Quiet Boy Millz comes in after an aggressive lead-in from AXEL and lays down a solid verse. Both artists fit the beat perfect and the beat itself is sure to blow out a speaker or two at the right volume.

*Flexin...Can You Dig It- Look...if you follow AXEL on twitter @DirtyLungsAXEL , then nothing on this track will surprise you. If not, then just sit back and let the unique shit talk flow. Smooth beat and AXEL at his craziest and most outrageous.

*Axel Luck- Ax jumping on a beat telling us a story about his perpetually terrible luck. Again, if you follow him online or know him in person, this IS AXEL. This stuff really happens to him. Production continues to be solid to this point and Ax's lyrics will get a laugh. He's never shied away from the things that go on with him and this is no exception.

*Out Here Coolin Feat True God- First track on the tape with a feature from True God and the chemistry between him and AXEL on a track is evident, they both hold each other up well. Just a cool track to ride to.

*Massacre Feat Poetik Genius- Another Smooth beat and both artists let it rip on this one, this is the first time I've heard anything from Poetik Genius and I was highly impressed with his verse. Dope track all around.

*Isolated- This track  marks the halfway point of the mixtape and features Ax lamenting on his relationships or lack of relationships. One of those songs where the beat matches the lyrics perfectly and Ax is starting to hit his stride at this point

*Sober's Non Existent- It wouldn't be a JEFF AXEL experience if he didn't have a track talking about not even being close to sober. This track to this point though, has Ax's best flow and he has the best hold on the beat he's had so far. Ax closes out the track with some more classic Black Ax shit talk.

*Washed Up Bitties Feat EZ- AXEL getting on the beat speaking on washed up, used up females with EZ talking his shit in the background. Pure comedy throughout the track as both of them call out the females that they know aren't worth a damn. Cool track to just sit back and listen to the trash talk going back and forth.

*Shoot Da Fair Ones Feat Quiet Boy Millz- The shit talk continues on this track with Quiet Boy Millz returning for another verse and they both get aggressive on the track. The streak of solid production continues and Quiet Boy Millz does his thing on this track as usual. If I had to pick between this track and “Deadly Combination” I think this one still comes in second but it's pretty close.

*Spazzin nd Harassin- AXEL living up to the name of the track and spazzing on it, the second half of this mixtape has been stronger lyrically for Ax as if he need the first half to knock the rust off. Flow wise, he continues to stay on point throughout this latter half of the tape.

*Colorblind- Ax seems to be at his best when just speaking on real life topics and this track is no exception. The beat matches the aggressive flow perfectly and allows him to deliver his point without taking away from it. Definitely one of the top tracks on the tape.

*Niggas Sleep Feat True God- Call the track “Niggas Sleep”, give us a smooth beat but have AXEL's trademark growl, nobody sleeping here. Perfect marriage of beat and flow for Ax, and True God comes in with a dope verse to close the track out.

*Fork In The Road- This might be in the top 3 tracks on the tape as far as production is concerned. Again Ax just speaking on real life topics and the hook adds to the message he's trying to get out. Solid track.

*Unfulfilled Daydreams- THIS is the best produced track on the mixtape, dope sample, haunting sound that again fits AXEL's lyrics and subject matter, strong close out track and continues Ax's strong second half run.

Overall Score: 3.75 out of 5. JEFF AXEL definitely has a unique style that takes some time to get used to or most but once this tape gets going, its a strong showing from Black Ax. The second half of the tape is where he finds his stride and offers his best lyrics and subject matter. The strong guest features and production serve to enhance the last half. Overall solid mixtape from Jeff AXEL.

3 Favorite Tracks- Deadly Combination, Massacre, and Colorblind

Download/Stream the mixtape here

Written by: @Peagle05


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