Introducing... TEAMDAR.... "The Genesis" Mixtape.

TEAMDAR. Defining A Revolution. The team has been in growth mode for some time now, and with the energy surrounding us, we figured what better time to drop this mixtape, "The Genesis". "The Genesis", will be released on September 21st to all major mixtape outlets. If you've been paying attention, you'll see that music has been released in a quick fashion from the members of the team in 2014, kicking off with the TEAMDAR General True God(@truegodimmortal) releasing his 4th official album on May 1st, "Three7One", then the soundtrack to his new wrestling brand "Eyes On The Ring" on July 21st. Two full length projects written and completed(and released) within a three month period. Of course, if you look, you can see that the "Eyes On The Ring" project was reviewed on this very site by a non-TEAMDAR member and someone who's just a good fan of great music. Outside of True, we have the official mixtape "Chronicles of A 410 Savage" by Jeff Axel aka The Black Ax(@DirtyLungsAxel) on July 14th. The mixtape was released to a nice bit of fanfare and continues to get some attention as well on various sites and message boards. Axel has a hit mixtape on his hands, and I'm sure in 2015, we will see another Jeff Axel solo project. Most recently, Speed On The Beat(@speedonthebeat) went ahead and released 3rd official album "Death of The King" on August 17th, his birthday. Not to mention, True's official 5th album "Pursuing Happiness" ( for details) will be released on November 3rd, the third anniversary of his debut album "Soul Revival 1". Also, the "newest" member brought back into the fold, Apollo aka Shokus Apollo(@shokusapollo) will be releasing his first solo project since coming on board with TEAMDAR, "Apollovelli" on December 19th. Lots of great solo projects in the year 2014 by TEAMDAR, but we are a unit, a team, and when we work together, it is definitely amazing. 

So, with "The Genesis", we set out to bring the most diverse group of music possible, hitting you from all angles. True's albums are usually personal and very story-orientated, which works perfect for him, but on this mixtape, fans will set a different side of True. While folks are used to the no-fi/lo-fi style of Speed, they will also a bit of a different of Speed. For those unfamiliar with Axel's style, he brings his own brand of humor, aggressiveness, and lyricism that compliments the team well. And, Apollo, of course, is versatile as an artist in his own right. Lyrically sound and probably the most relaxed flower on the team, Apollo is being re-introduced to the masses via "The Genesis". If you want to reflect on lost love, we have songs for that. If you're looking to express the emotion for the woman you're falling for? We have songs for that. If you'd like to hear some lyrical hip hop and amazing verses? As always, we have songs for that. Been scorned by folks and need an anthem to truly convey how you feel? We DEFINITELY have a song for that. This mixtape is universal. Easy to relate. Lyrically, it's head and shoulders above the competition, but there are some catchy hooks, sing-songy hooks, and even a small trip into the land of autotune. Why? Well, let's look into this. 

At the mixtape's inception, the first thought was to go in and kill everything regardless. Murder every beat. Just show that we are the best period at what we do musically. The problem with that is, we've already proven that. No one can do lo-fi rap or production like Speed. No one can craft the stories, the classics, the albums like True. No way can bring the energy, the spirit, and outrageous lyricism like Axel. No one can truly match some of the wordplay and style in Apollo's music. This is already known. The thought that came into our heads after this was "let's just have fun and create good music". No hard thought process or intricate stories told. Just fun music. And what becomes of this you ask?

We've got the first track/single dropping this week "Don't Trust Em", which is a song directed at the women of the world, who are untrustworthy, disloyal and bullshit. The beat was done by Speed, and it's in essence, a turn up track. This is a departure from the boom bap, knocking soul from True and the lo-fi heavy drum music of Speed. And that my friends(DDP!!), is a good thing. True goes in with a fire hook and a verse that calls the names of the women in particular that he says you "shouldn't trust". Apollo comes in with a tad bit shorter verse than usual, but he goes in and kicks game for everyone, while Axel ends the track with a lot of anger and aggression that definitely says "fuck these bitches". This track will debut in the next few days(from this writing) and is definitely something you want to hear in your car and/or the club. 

Now, for the hip hop heads, the True and Apollo Connection come through for you on tracks like "Talk My Shit"(which will be released before August is over), "Running Out Of Time", and the gem "Nightmares". Other tracks like "Darker Skies" and "The Dream Team(Intro) feature some of the dopest bars heard in hip hop this year. On "Darker Skies", True even calls out some of these so-called "real rappers" and takes them to task(it's been a while since we've heard True do that, it feels like). Speed pulls no punches on these tracks as well and he aims at all targets that go against the team. Axel, with his trademark aggression, sets a tone as usual, and lets no bullet go to waste. For all the hip hop heads and the folks who appreciate lyricists? We've got you covered as well. 

I know I mentioned that there was a catchy hook and sing-songy hook, and here's where we arrive at "Whatever You Like", another song to be released before the month is over. "Whatever You Like" is a true hit, perfect for the club, cars, bars, or even when you're just chilling out at the house. Lyrically, it's just fun, with True, Axel, and Apollo spitting some light hearted lyrics that flow perfectly to the song itself. There's another catchy song, which is intended for the strip clubs and twerkers, "Late Night Adventures". That song itself is something unlike anything you've heard any of us do, and that's something  you'll have to stay tuned to hear. The final song I'll tell you about is "High Off You", which samples a smooth Trey Songz track to create something nice for the ladies. Apollo, True, and Speed speak to the respective ladies they are courting for the night, and talk like sex to their particular women. For those who have heard it already, they say it's a hit and something that the ladies will love for years to come. 

There will be the official tracklisting revealed on this site. We put out a preliminary tracklist via Twitter, but that has slightly changed a bit. Now, the mixtape will have 18 songs in total. Apollo, Speed, and Axel all have a solo track on the mixtape. Why doesn't True have a solo track on the mixtape? He made the decision in the beginning that he wanted the focus to be on the team and its members. True is definitely present on the mixtape with a great amount of verses, BUT, the focus here is on the team. We are united as one and this mixtape showcases everyone's individual talent through an amazing group effort. September 21st is not that far away. Stay tuned for more details, parties, tours, and music. The Genesis Of A Revolution is here. 



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