Seat At The Roundtable: Interview With @BlackBeardNellz

(Conducted by @TrueGodImmortal)
1. First and foremost, introduce yourself to the people.
Nellz: What’s good? I’m Blackbeard Nellz, 1/5 of Hip Hop At The Roundtable Radio. I'm just a regular dude that loves hip hop and battle rap. I was just blessed with the opportunity to let my voice and opinions be heard. Make sure y’all tune in every Monday and Friday 516 418 5712, 10pm – 12am, call in and chop it up with the team.
2. You're a big fan of battle rap, just like myself. When did you first get into battle rap?
Nellz: My first encounters with battle rap was the Smack DVD era, 106 & Park Freestyle Friday, and Fight Klub. Poster Boy, Jin and Avalanche really stood out to me on Freestyle Friday, after that I was hooked. The competitive nature of these dudes really caught my attention and they had the bars to match. I honestly miss that hunger in the battle rap culture. That was before all the shine and money was involved. I honestly miss that shit, but its good to see these battlers finally getting the love and exposure they deserve.
3. What's your top 3 all time favorite battles?
Nellz: Ars vs Con
JC vs Chilla
Tsu Surf vs Big T
It’s plenty of other battles I can throw in that list, its hard to just pick 3. If you ask me this next week I might have 3 different battles in there.
4. Now, you're one of the hosts of the Hip Hop At The Roundtable radio show, how did that show come about?
Nellz: My bro and fellow co-host Black Sinatra hit me up and asked if I would be interested in doing the show. I was hesitant at first cause I’m not the most talkative dude, but I rock with the culture so much that I decided I had nothing to lose and Sinatra came at me correct with much respect. We all got on the phone and just talked battle rap for hours. And we just took off from there. The team besides myself is Black Sinatra, Linkx, Hip Hop, and Poe. We all have very different personalities and it's evident on the show, which is why it’s so entertaining.  
5. With various other shows(mainly Angry Fan) out here, how are you able to bring a fresh perspective for the culture?
Nellz: We pretty much just focus on doing us, and not focus on what the other shows do. But shoutout to PSA Radio and War Report, they show us love so its only right I show love back. Salute to them, real shit.
6. Do you have a favorite battle league? Or are you just a fan of the battlers in general?
Nellz: I’m just a battle rap fan in general, I go to all types of events and show love to different leagues. Spit Dat Heat puts together great events down here in ATL. Gotta throw that in there. Every event of theirs I’ve been to they had fire battles. RBE also has been stepping up lately. Unorthodox matchups, but they end up coming out very dope. But with that being said, its nothing like that URL feel. That’s the best battle league on the planet in my eyes.
7.You had a recent exchange with LushOne, that I somehow got involved in, which led to him being on the show. What's your opinion of Lush and his role in the culture?
Nellz: Ahhh man this was a funny day. This was when Lush and one of our co-host Hip Hop were going back and forth on twitter. Hop is the youngin guy on the team so I felt like I had to come and put I my 2 cents. Tweets were exchanged but then me and Lush chopped it up and he showed love and came on the show. Shout Out to Lush One, real shit. He didn’t have to come on our show but he did. And he gave us the exclusive of Charlie Clips vs Pass going down in Boston. Yea we got the exclusive on that HHRT.
8. With the huge Charlie Clips vs Hollow Da Don battle on tap, who would you pick to win and why?
Nellz: This is a battle we all have been waiting for. I honestly don’t care who wins as long as it’s a classic battle. But I got Hollow 2-1. I just feel like he’s more versatile than Clips. Don’t get me wrong clips can most definitely beat Hollow, but if I have to go with anyone, gotta be Hollow.
9. Who are your all time top 5 battlers?
Nellz: Clips, Hollow,Tay Roc, Tsu Surf, Goodz... I can’t wait to get the backlash for my list. Y’all know where to find me, though: @blackbeardnellz on Twitter
10. Random question, but who do you see as the sexiest women in battle rap?
Nellz: Bonnie Godiva. Boy, that chocolate goddess can get...nevermind. Let me chill. But yeah, I gotta go with Bonnie on this one.
11. Any chance that we'll ever see Nellz out here in the battle ring?
Nellz: No sir, I’mma just stay in my lane as a fan and enjoy the bars with the rest of y’all.
12. What's the plan in 2015 for Hip Hop At The Roundtable?
Nellz: We just plan on continuing to do us, we’re not in competition with anyone. We just plan to give y’all real honest opinions on battle rap and hip hop in general.
13. Any final remarks, shout outs?
Nellz: I got to shoutout @truegodimmortal for reaching out to interview me, you have an honorary chair at the Roundtable anytime you want, my G. Make sure y’all tune in every Monday and Friday 516-418-5712, 10pm – 12am. Follow the Twitter page @hhrt2k14. Big shoutout to my brothers at the table Black Sinatra (@flyboy8797), Hip Hop (@iamhiphop716), Linkx (@Linkxsob24), and Poe( @RoundtablePoe). I also want shout out a few people involved in the culture who personally rocked with me and I’ve been able to build with these brothers. Jimz, Heavy Bagz (15 mofe), Timbo (PSA Radio) and the homie Mickey Factz. BlackBeard Nellz signing out. Hip Hop At The Roundtable, make sure y’all rock with us.


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