#DARBusiness: An Interview with @MO_The_General

Mo the General's approach to music is, in some ways, similar to that of Team DAR. So, it comes as no surprise that Mo and DAR had to link up to drop some knowledge in this interview. This interview, as many on DefineARevolution.com was conducted by True.

True: First and foremost, tell the people about you and what you represent.

Mo: Peace, Peace. I go by the name Mo The General, boombap lyricist from Jersey. And I represent positivity, reality, and lyricism in rap.

What influenced you to start making hip hop music? 

Well, I always been a fan of hip hop since high school, but I wasn't really into being rapper, I played ball and had hoop dreams like every other inner city kid. But, once that dream fizzled and my cousin invested money in some studio equipment, I decided to give rap a try, and I've been rhyming ever since.

Who are your all time favorite top five rappers? 

Nas, Pac, Prodigy of Mobb Deep, Big Pun, & Biggie.

If you could make an album with only three producers on it, who would you choose and why?

Imma say Premo, Havoc of Mobb Deep, and Apollo Brown. I say Premo because his loops and vocal scratches in the hooks are legendary, Hav because of those dark gritty street beats, and Apollo Brown because of his soulful sound and he's one the newer generation producers I like.

You have to choose 5 rappers to make your perfect posse track, who do you choose?

Gotta go with Nas and AZ, Rae and Ghost and O.C. from D.I.T.C.

You've released a few EPs, what's been the most fun project for you to work on so far? 

Probably a mixtape I did with my DJ, Fes One, called New Jerusalem Live. We had a lot of funny negative skits about New Jersey on their since people tend to talk negative about Jerz, so that was a fun project to create.

What projects are you currently working on? 

Well I have a EP with DJ 456 called Last of The Boombap that's out now and you can pick that up on Bandcamp and iTunes, and I'm working on a few other EPs. But I don't have a release date for them yet.

You're an avid sports fan. Who are your favorite teams in each sport?
NBA, Celtics. NFL, Colts. MLB, Twins. I don't watch too much hockey, but when I do? The Penguins (laughs).

What's your NBA Finals prediction? 

Spurs and Cavs, and I have the Spurs winning in 6 games.

What do you want your legacy to be? 

I want to be remembered for being humble and always staying true to what I believe in, and that's that authentic hip hop.

Any last words or shout outs?

Yeah of course, shout out to all my supporters, and the whole Cypha Music Group worldwide, Team DAR for the interview and make sure y'all go get that Last of The Boombap peace!!


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